Scripting in Sansar: Metaverse Machines Showroom

The following brief YouTube video is an in-world demonstration of some automatic door scripts created by Sansar user Galen. This was shot in Galen’s experience, the Metaverse Machines Showroom. For more information about Galen’s line of Reflex brand scripts, you can visit his web site. Galen’s scripts, with the exception of his clockwork scripts,  are available for free in the Sansar Store.

Scripting in Sansar is done using the C# (C Sharp) programming language. Linden Lab has provided some useful documentation on working with scripts in Sansar.

(Note: Please excuse the jerky “gonzo” video style. I’m still learning how to best record what I see in my Oculus Rift headset. And I need to learn how to edit video properly soon!)

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