A Complete List of Every Social VR Space and Virtual World Platform I Have Written About on The RyanSchultz.com Blog

Virtual Universe 28 Apr 2018
A Scene from Virtual Universe

(Note: I will be keeping this list up-to-date as I cover both old and new platforms, as a sort of index to my website.)

Well, I figure this is pretty much the canonical listing of social VR spaces/virtual worlds. Have I missed any? It’s like Pokémon, “gotta catch ’em all”…if you have heard of one that I haven’t covered yet, please let me know in the comments, thanks!

I have not covered TheWaveVR, which seems very cool, but as a Canadian, I cannot access the service (probably due to copyright issues with the music; this is why we don’t have the Pandora streaming music service in Canada, for example). I’m going to have to leave that to some American to blog about.

(Note: I have deliberately not covered the innumerable OpenSim-based virtual worlds, it’s just too exhausting! I still do visit InWorldz and OSGrid from time to time, though.)

AW 2 11 May 2018
A Scene from Active Worlds

14 thoughts on “A Complete List of Every Social VR Space and Virtual World Platform I Have Written About on The RyanSchultz.com Blog”

  1. Great list,

    Speaking of those which are barely alive… vSide and There.
    …and the ancestor “Active Worlds” has somehow an up-to-date website.

    That said, IMVU, pictured as Second Life competitor back in 2007, even if it is more a 3D chat room, is still very much a thing, (number 1 site visited by teens in 2017). It doesn’t support VR natively tho.

    On the sandboxes side, Roblox is even more enormous. It was in beta in 2005, but lately attracted 90 millions in funding. Roblox is strong of 64 millions users monthly in 2017 ! It looks like Minecraft but you can monetize your creations like in Second Life (some come millionnaires out of it). And it is Oculus and Vive ready.

    Speaking of role playish virtual worlds, if World Adrift makes the list, I would add Dual Universe which has a down-to-voxels building tool.

    I think you forgot to mention Mozilla Hubs which you have talked about in the blog. Or may be you are not considering it as a VW which seems legit 🙂


    1. And yes, There.com! Another one that gets my vote for the stupidest virtual world name (ever try to Google “There”?) They’re still around, and their website seems pretty up-to-date too. Some of these older virtual worlds are still hanging in there!


  2. As far as I can remember THERE was all about driving buggies cars 🙂 And that’s right, “there” is an updated schedule of events! I guess the $10 a month membership is sufficient to sustain servers and CM and makes it profitable (as the technology must be amortized since long time ago 🙂


    1. I just heard about it from someone on the Active Worlds Discord server, but when I tried to sign up an account for Virtual Paradise, it confirmed my email, then told me my just-created username was invalid *shrugs* oh well…


  3. Definitely check out IMVU. It can be really busy there. I haven’t hung out there myself lately, but my sales there continue to tell me there is an active community, perhaps second only to SecondLife.

    Also, if you are ready for a bit of an experience, you might want to check out Red Light District/Utherverse. It’s definitely another world with its own set of rules. Certainly it’s different enough that you would want to be careful what sort of pictures you post from it 😉 Or at least rate your blog entry as X if you want to show all.

    Ah, there is one that uses isometric graphics called Furcadia. It’s a really interesting community, and the pixel art is quite beautiful! A lot of talented artists there.

    Some old platforms for you that don’t really exist anymore that you might want to check out on a slow week if you’re going to play at being History channel:

    -blaxxun (used VRML 3D)

    -dreamland Park



    -Moove (I think this might still be around…)


    -Friends Hangout

    -Nuvera Online



    Speaking of Atmosphere.. there is a small community of friends who used to hang out in atmosphere on facebook called Atmosphere Junkies. Someone is still running a multiplayer server, so you can actually get in there if you contact the right person and see some Atmosphere worlds that have been saved.

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      1. To help you out with Atmosphere, look for “Adobe Atmosphere”. It was discontinued in 2004. There is a wiki about it.


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