Inara Pey Blogs the Sansar Product Meetups of Friday, Sept. 22nd

Once again, Inara Pey has taken extensive notes of the Sansar Product Meetups held on Friday, September 22nd. Thanks Inara!


Outfit Outlay: Witch

Hallowe’en is coming soon, which is always a big deal in virtual worlds such as Second Life. Sansar will be no exception! (I do know that Hallowe’en is one of the favourite holidays of Jenn, the Lead Community Manager of both Second Life and Sansar.)

Linden Lab is helping to promote Hallowe’en in Sansar with not one but two big contests: one contest for top avatar attachments (including a best Hallowe’en attachement) and a second contest for scariest Hallowe’en experience.

So today we turn to the Sansar Store to pick out three items by Debi Baskerville that you can use to create a complete witch outfit. First there’s a witch’s hat complete with netting, selling for S$100 (about US$1.00 or CDN$1.23):

Debi Baskerville Witches Hat 24 Sept 2017

You can add to this a witch’s black cloak, also for sale for S$100:

Debi Baskerville WItches Cloak 24 Sept 2017.png

And as a finishing touch, a witch’s broom (also for S$100):

Debi Baskerville WItches Broom 24 Sept 2017.png

So for a total outfit outlay of S$300 (about US$3.00 or CDN$3.70), you can put together a look that is ready for the trick-or-treaters on Hallowe’en! Here Vanity Fair is sporting the complete witch’s outfit at the Lord Byron Vampire Village, a suitably Hallowe’eny experience! Note that the black cloak is a static attachment, and so it doesn’t move with the avatar’s body the way that a fitmesh clothing item would in Second Life.

Witches Outfit 24 Sept 2017.png

But Bjorn Laurin, Vice President of Product at Linden Lab, has apparently gone on record at last Friday’s product meetup that we can expect to see an avatar fashion market (complete with cloth physics!) before the end of 2017, which is exciting news! This is sooner than Bjorn’s original estimated delivery date of March 2018, as reported earlier. I’m eagerly looking forward to this development!

Witches Outfit 2 24 Sept 2017.png

Pick of the Day: Ortli Villa

Villa Ortli 24 Sept 2017

Ortli Villa is a Sansar Studios experience, a virtual museum exhibit of an ancient Greek excavation site in Crimea dating from the fourth or third century B.C. It would appear that the source mesh for this exhibit comes from an automatic 3D model reconstruction based on 400 photos in Agisoft PhotoScan, and published 3 years ago on Sketchfab. Regardless of where it came from, it’s an interesting exhibit and a good demonstration of how to display an archaeological site in a virtual museum setting. You can even take the stairs to the second floor to get an overview of the project!

Villa Ortli 2 24 Sept 2017

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