Sansar Labyrinth Contest Winners

Sansar has announced the winners of its Labyrinth Contest!

First place, and a grand prize of US$5,000, went to The Secret of Mount Shasta, by Abramelin Wolfe:

Secret of Mount Shasta.jpg

Second prize, a one year’s subscription to either Maya or Zbrush, went to Ebucezam, by Tron. Third place, with a prize of an Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers, went to Horizon Maze, by Ecne.

I do have a bone to pick with Linden Lab; they still haven’t published an official list of contest entries so we can go explore them all! The following list is courtesy of Gindipple:


Sansar Atlas Hopping, Episode 40!

Witchy's Upside Down 2 Jun 2018.png
The Crystal Cave in Witchy’s Upside Down

Today we visited the following experiences, all created by Beverly Zauberflote:

Bedouin Nights 2 2 Jun 2018.png

Bedouin Nights 2 Jun 2018.png
Bedouin Nights

Here is Drax’s livestream:

And here is Strawberry’s livestream from Twitch (she has switched to Twitch from YouTube for her livestream):

My Top Twenty Sansar Experiences

Today, I noticed that we have hit a significant milestone: One thousand published Sansar experiences in the Sansar Atlas (right now we are at 1,005):

Sansar Atlas 2 Jun 2018.png

Back in November, I presented a list of what I then considered to be the Top 16 Sansar experiences. It’s time to update that list, and here is my (purely subjective) list of the Top 20 Sansar experiences which you can visit today. (This list is in alphabetical order.)


114 Harvest 29 Nov 2017

1. 114 Harvest by Draxtor Despres and Ria Bazar is my overlooked gem, a wonderfully inviting suburban California experience with an astounding attention to detail. This is the starting point for our weekly Atlas Hopping adventures, and the scene for many events such as Drax’s birthday party. Well worth a visit to marvel at all the work Ria has done in putting this experience together.


2077 17 6 Jan 2018

2. 2077 by C3rb3rus is a simply stunning achievement. Never have I been in any VR experience that feels so much like the world of the classic sci-fi movie Blade Runner! Be sure to take the elevator to the penthouse apartment!


Accuracy Training Module 19 Nov 2017

3. Accuracy Training Module by Nebulae: This is a simply designed but addictively fun game, put together with basic scripting to keep track of scoring on both sides and declaring a winner. Nebulae demonstrated the power that is evident even in the limited set of scripting abilities we currently have in Sansar, showing us what is possible with unlimited imagination.


Drew Sturzan Gallery in Sansar.png

4. Art of Drew Struzan: The Studio Experience by the Hollywood Art Museum: Drew Struzan is an American artist known for his more than 150 movie posters, which include all the films in the Indiana JonesBack to the Future, and Star Wars film series. You’ve certainly seen his work before if you’ve ever stepped foot into a movie theatre! This is a well planned and designed museum experience, complete with a  detailed recreation of Struzan’s actual art studio, captured using a combination of laser scanning and photogrammetry.


Colossus Rising 19 Nov 2017.jpg

5. Colossus Rising by Sansar Studios: This sprawling experience really makes you feel as if you are in the game world of Riven or Myst. Animated rudimentary cable cars allow you to move from place to place as you try to solve the mystery: what happened to the occupants of this strange, windy,  desert land?


Combat Zone 6 7 May 2018

6. The Combat Zone by Gindipple the programmer and Nya Alchemi the mesh content creator is a fun, fast, first-person-shooter capture the flag game with a Desert Storm feel. HoverDerby now has some serious competition in the esports department!


Creator Academy 1 25 Nov 2017.jpg

7. The Creator Academy: The Hall of Materials by Sansar Studios is a beautifully-designed space for you to learn about rendering materials, and audio and physics materials. There are examples of all these types of materials, and interactive exhibits where you can press buttons to try out different combinations of materials and see what they look like.


Felsenmeer 19 Nov 2017.jpg

8. Felsenmeer by Silas Merlin: A good example of one person’s artistic expression, Felsenmeer is full of great sculpture and great art in a fantastic environment.


HoverDerby 4 19 Feb 2018

9. HoverDerby by the HoverDerby team (Galen, Jasmine, and Drax): A common complaint I hear about Sansar is that it’s pretty, but there isn’t a lot to do yet. Experiences like HoverDerby are going a long way to counteract the suggestion that there isn’t anything to do in Sansar! HoverDerby was the first competitive team sport in Sansar, and every Sunday you can enjoy (or participate in) a truly fun and fast-paced game!


Lilly 2 Jun 2018.png

10. Little Giant by Ria Bazar is an enchanting, childlike Sansar experience where you meet Lilly, a precious three-year-old whose world is full of magic and adventure.


HAM 5 9 Dec 2017

11. Lost Art of Star Wars by the Hollywood Art Museum is a perfect example of how to present a virtual exhibit in Sansar. It’s a wonderful gallery of many never-before-seen pieces collected by curator Greg Aronowitz. Where else can you engage and interact with such a unique collection of Hollywood history like this? Get up close to sketches and early production designs, listen to the history behind pieces, and pick up and throw an X-wing starfighter!


Rune 19 Nov 2017.jpg

12. Maxwell Graf’s series of experiences: As Maxwell himself says, “Starting with Lagnmoor, to Neptunes’ Revenge, to Rune, to AntFarm, to Respite – you go on a journey from one to the next,” so I am selecting all five of his experiences as one entry. I’m impressed at what he was able to achieve with his ship-in-a-storm scene in Neptune’s Revenge. And nobody else does landscapes better! (UPDATE June 18th: It turns out that only Rune and AntFarm remain of these five original Sansar experiences; the rest have been taken down.)


NASA Apollo Museum 19 Nov 2017

13. NASA APOLLO MUSEUM by Loot Interactive: A well planned and laid-out museum, filled with useful information, with a teleport to the surface of the first Moon landing!


Paranomral Investigation 19 Nov 2017

14. Paranormal Investigation by Abramelin Wolfe: Another good example of scripting and animations to add to the overall atmosphere of the experience. The sense of foreboding is very strong in this mysterious house. I particularly liked the Ouija board and the flying books!


Pop Loves Scotch 3 3 August 2017.png

15. Pop Loves Scotch is described by its creator, Steve, as “a VR poem, for Jon’s father and my own”.  Jon is the American spoken-word poet Jon Goode, and Steve uses Jon’s moving narrative of living with his alcoholic father to devastating effect in an absolutely outstanding Sansar art experience.


Ready Player One 12 8 Jan 2018

16. Ready Player One: Aech’s Garage by Sansar Studios is a completely faithful recreation of a scene from the Steven Spielberg movie. I understand that it took Intel, HTC Vive, Warner Brothers, and Sansar Studios of Linden Lab six weeks of work to pull all this together, and that work shows. This is a highly-detailed, mind-blowing Sansar experience, particularly in VR, and well worth your time to explore and discover all the clever references to 1980s pop culture!


The Silence 2 Jun 2018.png

17. The Silence by Omiluo is a small but exquisitely detailed Sansar experience of a Japanese barbershop with an evocative atmosphere, well worth your visit.


Naturae Virtualis 4 18 Nov 2017.jpg

18. Skye Naturae Virtualis by Alex Bader: You arrive in a shady grove of trees, with the sun shining through the branches to illuminate a trail through the woods. The dappled light effect is wonderful! You follow the path which leads between the rocks, and you will discover a small placid lake ringed by trees and fields of daisies, with a small footbridge.

Urban Art 19 Nov 2017

19. The Urban Art Experience, by Charmarley Nightfire: This experience was a great idea: create a street gathering together all the great urban art from around the world! Every time I come here I find some other work of art that I never knew about before.


Egypt Office 19 Nov 2017

20. Voyage Live: Egypt by Sansar Studios: An impressive collection of interconnected experiences, allowing you to inspect three different ancient archaelogical worksites. The main office is also carefully decorated with various curiosities.


So, what Sansar experiences did I forget to mention, that you feel should have made my Top 20 list? Please leave me a comment or send me a message in-world, thank you!

Cody LaScala and His Project

Me and Cody Lascala in Sansar 26 May 2018
Cody LaScala (right) and I in Sansar

My introduction to Cody LaScala was via Draxtor Despres’s documentary Our Digital Selves: My Avatar Is Me, where he was one of 13 individuals with differing abilities interviewed by Drax. Cody LaScala is someone who comes quite often into Sansar, and I have gotten to know him over the past few weeks as he has attended Atlas Hopping.

After today’s Atlas Hopping, Cody invited me to join him in Second Life so we could talk about his project: he wants to start up a movie studio in SL!

Cody Lascala and me 26 May 2018
Cody LaScala (right) and I in Second Life

And I have offered Cody my help in getting this project off the ground. I am a born Second Life shopper, and I can assemble a really detailed, well-put-together avatar like nobody’s business! Surely that skillset could come in handy when starting up a movie studio!

Cody’s story can be read here. He has severe cerebral palsy as the result of a near-drowning in a swimming pool when he was just one year old. But Cody is much more than just his disability!

Virtual worlds like Sansar and Second Life provide a sort of level playing field for people with disabilities like Cody, allowing them to present themselves to others as they wish. For many people with differing abilities, virtual worlds may offer them the first opportunity in their lives to be able to self-disclose their disabilities when and where they wish, rather than having people just see a disabled person first and foremost. In Sansar or Second Life, other people don’t see a wheelchair first, they just see Cody!

Picture of Cody LaScala in real life (taken from Cody LaScala’s Triumphant Story on the NAPA Center website)

So, we are embarking on a wonderful adventure. Perhaps you’d like to join Cody in his dream of founding a movie studio in Second Life? The more the merrier! Just send me a message via this blog or in-world in either Sansar or Second Life (I also told Cody I would support his project by blogging about it today). Sound off in the comments! Thanks 🙂