Sansar Atlas Hopping, Episode 44: Pride!

The theme for today’s Atlas Hopping was LGBTQ Pride—and mazes! Our band of merry Atlas Hoppers, all decked out for Pride, visited five Sansar experiences:

Maya from Sansar donated her own money for cash prizes for best dressed for Pride, as well as the best Pride-themed items in the Sansar Store. KandyBrainz won the best-dressed prize, and Nya Alchemi won first prize for her nifty neon rainbow wings that almost everybody was wearing today! Alfy won second prize for his Pride hoodie and shorts. (There were also three third prizes.) Thank you for donating the money for the cash prizes, Maya!

Pride WIngs 30 June 2018.png

Andrew took some great pictures of today’s Atlas Hopping event (please click on each photo to see it in a larger size):

Mijeka Munro also took lots of pictures, which you can see over on the Sansar Atlas Hopping with Drax and Berry photo pool on Flickr.

Here is Drax’s livestream of the event:


Sansar Pick of the Day: Horizon Maze

Horizon Maze is a maddening maze created by Ecne, a Sansar experience which won third prize in the Sansar Labyrinth Contest. The puzzle looks rather simple at first, but is actually quite difficult to solve. It consists of a two-level maze, made up of three separately rotating concentric circles:

Horizon Maze 27 June 2018.png

Your goal is to start from the perimeter of the maze, and make it all the way to the golden cup in the centre. Each of the rotating sections of the maze has openings which allow you to jump from one circle to the next at certain times. Sometimes you encounter a flight of stairs to take you up or down.

The trick is to keep the design of the maze in your head as you try to select the passages that will eventually lead to your prize. There are many dead-ends which means you need to retrace your steps. Good luck!

NOTE: You can install the Sansar software client, if you don’t already have it, at And then you can visit and explore this experience by searching for “Horizon Maze” in the Sansar Atlas, or just by clicking this link: Horizon Maze.

Sansar Pick of the Day: The Secret of Mount Shasta

Today’s pick of the day is the grand prize winning Sansar experience created by Abramelin Wolfe, called The Secret of Mount Shasta.

You start off on a snowy mountain, where the winter winds howl and a deserted campsite is found next to the entrance of a cave. A note near one of the tents describes a search to find the Lemurian Ascended Masters that live deep inside Mount Shasta, and warns of danger ahead.

Mount Shasta 3 24 June 2018.png

Inside the cave, you must navigate a labyrinth and solve cleverly constructed puzzles to get, step by step, to the goal of your quest. I regret to report that I spent an hour, but failed to get past one of the tests in the middle of the maze. With every failure, you are teleported back to the spawn point to start over again (although the previously solved puzzles seem to remain solved when you pass them a second time).

I can certainly see why the judges picked this as the winner of the US$5,000 first prize! The Secret of Mount Shasta is wonderfully fun to play and fiendishly difficult to solve. Congratulations, Abramelin!

Mount Shasta 1 24 June 2018.png

NOTE: You can install the Sansar software client, if you don’t already have it, at And then you can visit and explore this experience by searching for “Mount Shasta” in the Sansar Atlas, or just by clicking this link: The Secret of Mount Shasta.

Sansar Labyrinth Contest Winners

Sansar has announced the winners of its Labyrinth Contest!

First place, and a grand prize of US$5,000, went to The Secret of Mount Shasta, by Abramelin Wolfe:

Secret of Mount Shasta.jpg

Second prize, a one year’s subscription to either Maya or Zbrush, went to Ebucezam, by Tron. Third place, with a prize of an Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers, went to Horizon Maze, by Ecne.

I do have a bone to pick with Linden Lab; they still haven’t published an official list of contest entries so we can go explore them all! The following list is courtesy of Gindipple: