Vanity Goes Vintage! (As Does Moesha!)

The Reface app on my iPhone just uploaded a whole whack of vintage photographs to play with, so I had some fun tonight! Here’s what Vanity Fair looks like in Second Life:

And here is what my Vanity looks like as a vintage model! Just click on any thumbnail to see it in full size:

Not be left out of the fun is my Afro-Canadian model, Moesha Heartsong, who looks like this in her native Second Life (and whom has been through the Reface app before here on my blog):

And here is Moesha in a variety of vintage poses! Once again, you can click on any thumbnail to pull up a full-sized version.

Of course, you can then feed the Reface-d image into WOMBO, for even more fun and genre-bending, history-defying hilarity!!!

My Milkshake
Hollaback Girl

Between WOMBO and Reface, I am having so much fun! It’s helping me stay sane and entertained whilst under pandemic lockdown here in Winnipeg.

Taking Group Photos in Second Life: I’m Looking for Good Group Poses

When I take pictures of my Second Life avatars, they are usually shots of individuals, but every so often, I like to whip up a group photo! And so tonight, I dug through my inventory and found an old group pose set, and took a group shot (please click on the picture to see the full-size version over on Flickr):

Second Life Group Photo 10 May 2021
From left to right: Heath Homewood, Lily Pond, Vanity Fair, Moesha Heartsong, Valentina Vonbaum, and Morden Winkler. Heath and Morden were the first two avatars I ever created, 14 years ago!

Here’s a more formal second group shot of my most-used Second Life avatars, made using a portrait pose I picked up from a store called HotDog (once again, just click on it to see it full-size in Flickr):

My Four Main Avatars in Second Life
Back row left to right: Coupon Clip and Moesha Heartsong
Front row left to right: Vanity Fair (my main female avatar) and Heath Homewood (my main male avatar)

I’m looking for good group poses for more photos, so if you know of any that you can recommend, for 6 to 10 avatars, please let me know! Thanks. I’d also be interested to learn more about tools which allow you to make adjustments to existing poses, e.g. making eyes look in a certain direction or moving a hand slightly. Much obliged! Please feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions of poses or tools, thanks!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Blueberry Is Offering L$500 in Free Store Credit!

From May 9th through to May 13th, 2021, to celebrate the popular womenswear store’s ninth anniversary, Blueberry is offering L$500 in free store credit to all Blueberry group members! Just look for the attachment in the group notices, open it, and click on it to automatically get your L$500 credit. The store credit must be used within two weeks. (If you are not already a member of the Blueberry store group, it costs only L$20 to join.)

In addition, Blueberry is having a 50% off sale, but only from May 9th to 13th. It’s the perfect time to use that store credit, since it will go twice as far! Happy freebie shopping!

Bronze Beauty: A Head-to-Toe Second Life Avatar Makeover for Only L$197!

I still derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from styling a Second Life avatar as inexpensively as possible, but still looking like I spent thousands of Linden dollars! Here is what I was able to create today, using as my starting point a wonderful free skin I found at the COCOAMATRIX store, called Avril:

This avatar stands out in any crowd! She is wearing:

  • Head: Genus Strong Face (a free gift head from the Genus Project; includes the mesh eyes shown)
  • Body: Atenea body by LUCYBODY (a free Midnight Mania gift, more information here; requires a L$197 Bakes on Mesh applier to wear BoM skins)
  • Skin: Avril from COCOAMATRIX (this striking bronzed skin is a free group gift; the COCOAMATRIX group is free to join)
  • Hair: Raphael hair by Sintiklia (a free gift from their gift wall)
  • Outfit: Shey by Scandalize (the top and leggings are both free group gifts from the Scandalize Outlet store; more information here)
  • Pumps: Wales pumps by Essenz (I joined the Essenz group when they had a free group join period, and a fatpack of these versatile pumps were a recent group gift)

TOTAL COST OF THIS AVATAR LOOK: Only L$197! If this isn’t proof that you can pull together a polished look in SL for next to nothing, I don’t know what is.