Metaverse Newscast Episode 4: My Interview with Second Life and Sansar Avatar Clothing Designer Solas NaGealai

I’m happy to announce that episode 4 of the Metaverse Newscast is now up on YouTube! It’s an interview with the talented Second Life and Sansar avatar costume designer, Solas NaGealai:


Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Get the Altamura Clodet Three-Ages Female Avatar Package for Only L$360!

I have an old woman avatar that I like to pull out every so often and use while visiting popular places in Second Life such as Frank’s Jazz Club, the Lesbian Teahouse, Fog Bound Blues, Muddy’s Music CafĂ©, and other spots where people like to congregate. I do this deliberately in order to demonstrate that, in a place like Second Life, where everybody seems to be young and beautiful, old age can (and should) be represented as well.

I was anticipating that Altamura was, once again, going to have a special deal for group members at the 2019 Skin Fair (here’s the exact SLURL), and I was not disappointed. You can pick up the Altamura Clodet full-body female mesh avatar package for only L$360! (You do have to join the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group for L$50 to get this deal.)

Here’s what the vendor panel looks like in the Altamura store at the Skin Fair:

And the best part is, you don’t just get one avatar. You get three! There’s a young woman avatar, a middle-aged woman avatar, and an older woman avatar. Three different ages in one package! That works out to only L$120 per full-body mesh avatar!

You use the same HUD for all the avatars. There is one mesh avatar for young Clodet, and a second one for middle-aged/old Clodet. Note that while the young Clodet comes in 8 skintones, the middle-aged and old woman versions only have 4 skintones each, which you select as shown on this diagram:

The young woman avatar looks like this, straight out of the box (I just turned off the head and ear tattoos):

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Altamura Clodet (from the Altamura booth at the Skin Fair 2019)

System Eyes: Dream eyes by YS&YS (old gift; no longer available)

Hair with Scarf: Chella hair by Analog Dog

Blouse: Cream embroidered peasant blouse by Petite Mort (from the freebie store at Ajuda SL Brasil)

Jeans: Skinny jeans by Mara’s Mysteries (old hunt gift; no longer available)

Shoes: Jumpov sneakers by Versov (free group gift; group is free to join)

This is what the middle-aged woman avatar looks like:

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Altamura Clodet (from the Altamura booth at the Skin Fair 2019)

System Eyes: Dream eyes by YS&YS (old gift; no longer available)

Hair: Aria hair by D!va (free group gift; group is free to join)

Dress: FDH 3 dress by Virtue (free group gift; group is free to join)

Shoes: Amy ballerina flats by KC Couture

Here is what the old woman version of Clodet looks like, right out of the box (all I had to do was select a skintone, tint the eyebrows to match the hair, and adjust the mouth a bit to make her smile):

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Altamura Clodet (from the Altamura booth at the Skin Fair 2019)

Mesh Eyes: Realistic eyes by Dossier (from the freebie store at Ajuda SL Brasil)

Hair and Outfit (Except Shoes): from the *LBD* Older Lady Complete 60 Year Old Avatar on the SL Marketplace

Jewelry: Daphne choker, earrings and bracelet from Beloved Jewelry (old hunt gifts; no longer available)

Shoes: Deborah flats by Baby Monkey (located in the Sales section)

The Skin Fair runs from March 8th through to March 24th, so you have plenty of time to get down there and take advantage of this special offer (right now, the sims are jam-packed with shoppers, so you might want to wait a week or two before you try to get in).

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Baby Monkey (Part II)

I had already profiled the freebies and lucky chairs at Baby Monkey before on this blog, but I decided it was time to pay a return visit. To my surprise and delight, I discovered an extensive sale section located in a skybox high above the main store on the Keraxic sim (please note: this is an adult-rated Second Life sim, so you need to set your viewer settings to include Adult content if you want to be able to visit the Baby Monkey store). Here’s the SLURL to take you directly there.

Baby Monkey Sale Section

There are dozens and dozens of older women’s clothing and footwear items for sale for only L$10 each! Every item comes with a 30- to 35-colour HUD for even more versatility. One example of a wardrobe staple is the Dillie flats, which come with a HUD to change the colour to one of 35 options:

Another inexpensive must-have is the Jana pumps, which come with a 32-colour HUD to allow you to match any outfit:

But Baby Monkey has more than just shoes! Here are a few of the outfit pieces which are available for only L$10 each. Each outfit includes a colour HUD to match Baby Monkey shoes.

Look number 1 is the Eleni T-shirt and Clair pants, with the Dillie flats:

Look number 2 is the Laura sweater paired with the Felka skirt and Jana pumps (the skirt comes in 32 different colours, and the sweater in 35):

Next up is the Cameron dress with the Jana pumps again (the 32 colour choices in the HUDs allow you to match the shoes to the dress perfectly!):

Our fourth look is the Pelia party dress with the Jana pumps:

And finally, we have the Ceci jersey minidress with the Dillie flats:

So, for a total of only L$90 (less than the cost of one outfit at most Second Life stores), you can pick up a whole colour-coordinated wardrobe! Now that’s a great deal!

Art Galleries in Social VR and Virtual Worlds: An Overview

Virtual worlds are natural homes for art galleries. Artists can design galleries and installations and reach whole new audiences using the various metaverse platforms. In this blogpost, I am going to provide an overview of art galleries in various social VR platforms and virtual worlds.

Second Life

Second Life has long been home to dozens of virtual galleries and exhibit spaces. You could easily spend the better part of a week just visiting galleries! In fact, there is an Art Galleries of Second Life website and even an in-world HUD you can pick up at any participating gallery, which allows you to teleport from gallery to gallery in-world! I have spent many an enjoyable hour doing exactly that.

MissDrag at the Fractal Insanity Art Gallery in Second Life

In addition to the Art Galleries of Second Life HUD, there is also the Arts section of the Second Life Destination Guide to explore, as well as sims with dozens of small art galleries, such as the Virtual Hotel Chelsea and the Windlight Art Gallery sim.

The Virtual Hotel Chelsea


Like Second Life, OpenSim is home to many virtual art galleries. The best way to find them is to use OpenSimWorld’s excellent directory service.

Parc Des Arts, FrancoGrid (OpenSim)

Occupy White Walls

Of course, no discussion of virtual art galleries would be complete without a mention of Occupy White Walls! This is a virtual world focusing on art gallery building and art collection curation, which already has many fans. I can recommend it highly. It’s great fun!


Sansar is already home to many art galleries. The best way to find them is simply to search the Sansar Atlas on keywords like “art” or “gallery“.

The Urban Art Experience in Sansar

High Fidelity

One of the problems with High Fidelity is that, while there is a listing of domains sorted in order of popularity on their website and in their tablet UI, it is not possible to do a keyword search for “art” or “gallery” as you can in Sansar or Second Life. This makes it difficult to find art galleries and installations in HiFi. There are a few art installations I have blogged about, such as White Moth, a High Fidelity domain created by the well-known Second Life artists Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost

White Moth


VRChat is also home to many art galleries and exhibits, including several curated by Godfrey Meyer III (a.k.a. GM3). Your best bet is to do a keyword search for “art” or “gallery” under the World tab in your pop-up user menu.


Another way to find art exhibits in many different social VR/virtual worlds is to follow blogs. One good one to follow is Travel AgentM83, who covers interesting locations (including art) on a multitude of platforms.

What about you? What art discoveries have you made while exploring the metaverse? Please feel free to leave a comment, thanks!