How to Get Help with Sansar

It’s been exactly one week now since Linden Lab opened the doors to the public in what they are calling the “open creator beta” of Sansar, and I know they have been inundated with bug reports and feature requests. How do I know this?  Am I clairvoyant? No. Because I subscribed to get a little automatic email message every time someone posts a new bug report or new feature request on their user forums, and my email in-box is just overflowing with all the automatic emails from Sansar!

I’ve also had some people comment on the Facebook postings I’ve made this past week to promote the Sansar Newsblog, saying that they were having problems with Sansar.

So this post is to tell you exactly how to report the problems you are having with Sansar to Linden Lab. I talked with both Jenn, the Lead Community Manager for Sansar, and Torley, Sansar Senior Producer and Audio Artist, today and got some helpful information that I wanted to pass on to you.

First, the best way to report a bug is to create a new post in the Bug Reports section of the community forums. In order to do this, you need to have a user account on the Sansar web site, and you need to be logged in to your user account.  If you do not have a user account yet, you will need to create your account here at this URL:

If you do not have (or do not wish) to create a Sansar user account, there is a second way to report a bug.  Jenn told me you can also just send an email to She said that it’s much better to submit a bug report to the forums, because that way, other users can join in and up-vote an item if they are experiencing the same issue as you. How do you up-vote an item?  Simple.  See the little up arrow next to an existing bug report?  (You have to click on the individual title of each bug report to see this.  Here’s an example of what an individual bug report looks like.)

See the little up arrow

If you click that little up arrow, you can “vote up” that bug report (in other words, say “me too!”).  It also works for Feature Requests.  It’s much easier to share that information around internally with Sansar team members who aren’t in the support system, Torley says.

Torley also says:

And though it seems obvious, you may want to include that (1) solid reproductions (steps to make it happen) of a bug are super valuable and (2) whenever possible, post videos and screenshots. A lot gets lost in words.

So now you know how to get help with Sansar! Now go and spread the word 🙂


Sin in Sansar: Will Design for Food

Will Design For Food Sin in Sansar 7 August 2017

Sin in Sansar (hey! now there’s a catchy slogan!) is the Australian man behind such SL brands as Zed Designz and Bella Moda.  He says, “I can’t wait to sell attachments – have so many ideas.” Avatar attachments were one of the features of the latest release of the Sansar software, released just prior to the launch of the open creator beta last week. I have seen so many inspired and creative attachments on other avatars all week, everything from masks to beards (even a companion animal!). Unfortunately, you cannot yet sell attachments in the Sansar Store, but I’m sure that this is coming soon.

Linden Lab Staff Talk About Sansar

What I’m focusing in on now is, I need performance, I need social, I need community, I need commerce. So all these things are high, high up on my roadmap.

— Bjorn Laurin, Linden Lab’s Vice-President of Product

I pulled out the quote above from a must-read blog post by Inara Pey summarizing in-world discussions Linden Lab staff had with Second Life users prior to the launch of the open creator beta of Sansar. I must have missed these sessions (were they part of the recent 14th-anniversary SL celebrations?), so I am really glad that Inara went to all the trouble of writing and organizing this post (she even went to the trouble of transcribing audio clips!). Anybody who still has questions about where Linden Lab is going with Sansar absolutely has to go and read Inara’s post. Go! Read it now! I’ll still be here when you get back 🙂

Avatar and Camera Controls for Desktop Users of Sansar

One of the common misconceptions about Sansar is that is designed only for users in virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Linden Lab has drawn up a very complete list of keyboard shortcuts for users in desktop (non-VR) mode.  I’m going to mention just a few of them here, and I hope that they will be helpful to those users who may be feeling frustrated in navigating Sansar on the computer desktop.

Moving your avatar around on the desktop (non-VR):

  • Arrow keys: Move your avatar forward, backward, left, and right.
  • WASD: Move your avatar forward, backward, left, and right.
  • F3: Toggle between first person and third person view (Note: you might have to press your F Lock key, usually located next to your F12 key on your keyboard, before you can use F3.  It took me literally weeks to figure this out!)
  • Hold the CTRL button: Select a teleport destination. A blue circle will appear. 
  • Click the left mouse button while holding CTRL: Teleports your avatar to the selected location.
  • Scroll the middle mouse button while holding CTRL (prior to teleporting): Choose the direction your avatar faces upon completing the teleport.

Moving your camera (viewpoint) around on the desktop (non-VR):

  • Hold the right mouse button + drag: Rotate the camera to look around the environment.
  • F4: Enter free camera mode when not using a VR headset (Note: you might have to press your F Lock key, usually located next to your F12 key on your keyboard, before you can use F4.  Like I said, it took me weeks to figure this out!)
    • Arrow keys: Move camera forward, backward, left, and right (free-camera mode).
    • WASD: Move camera forward, backward, left, and right (free-camera mode).
    • E, C: Move camera up and down (very handy!)
    • + (Plus Sign) on the NUMERIC keypad: Increase the camera movement speed.
    • – (Minus Sign) on the NUMERIC keypad: Decrease the camera movement speed.
    • F3: Exit free camera mode.

And an Extra Tip:

  • Hold down the right mouse button to smooth out the camera motion while walking using the arrow keys or WASD (this tip came courtesy of Sansar user Sin). If you are holding down the right mouse button while you use the up arrow key (or the W key) to move forward, you can then use the mouse to turn your avatar much more gently than the default snap 45-degree turns.

Strawberry Singh (who herself is a desktop, non-VR user of Sansar) has made a very useful short video tutorial on the available desktop avatar and camera controls.  The video I included below is just one part of an extremely comprehensive introduction to Sansar which I can heartily recommend to newbies.  This six-minute video is probably the most painless introduction to Sansar desktop commands you can find anywhere: