Scene of the Day: Egyptian Tomb

Today’s Scene of the Day is the amazing Egyptian Tomb, by Sansar Studios. According to a blogpost by Inara Pey, Sorbonne University and Insight Digital supplied a model of the ancient Egyptian tomb of Nakhtamon – TT341 in Thebes, Egypt, created as a part of a project for the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. This model was optimized … Continue reading Scene of the Day: Egyptian Tomb


Mac Users and Sansar

(Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash) I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. Some Mac users are quite upset (and quite vocal on various social media) about the lack of a native Mac client for Sansar. Let’s get one thing straight. CURRENTLY THERE IS NO NATIVE VIRTUAL REALITY SUPPORT FOR MACINTOSH. PERIOD. Right now, … Continue reading Mac Users and Sansar

Linden Lab Staff Talk About Sansar

What I’m focusing in on now is, I need performance, I need social, I need community, I need commerce. So all these things are high, high up on my roadmap. — Bjorn Laurin, Linden Lab’s Vice-President of Product I pulled out the quote above from a must-read blog post by Inara Pey summarizing in-world discussions … Continue reading Linden Lab Staff Talk About Sansar