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My Cross-Posting Policy for RyanSchultz.com

Since I launched the Sansar Newsblog (now RyanSchultz.com) on July 31st, 2017, I’ve received a certain amount of negative feedback from certain quarters for cross-posting blogposts to other places, notably SLUniverse and the official Second Life user forums. Some people have accused me of grandstanding and shameless self-promotion! This is a new blog with a … Continue reading My Cross-Posting Policy for RyanSchultz.com

A Weird Promotional Video for Mark Space

Mark Space is lauded in a very strange video by a YouTube user channel called BuzzStyle, promoting the company’s apartment decoration contest. Jaguar and Land Rover are among the many companies name-dropped in this video as having “cooperation agreements” with Mark Space (whatever that means). In this promotional video, read from what appears to be … Continue reading A Weird Promotional Video for Mark Space

Decorating Your Mark.Space Apartment

Mark.Space is a Russian company which bills itself, according to its white paper, “an open source platform for the creation of 3D- and VR- compatible online spaces (sites) and objects, powered by Blockchain”. Like Decentraland, another blockchain-based virtual world, they are issuing a cryptocurrency in an initial coin offering (ICO) called the MRK. You can … Continue reading Decorating Your Mark.Space Apartment