Pick of the Day: Felsenmeer

I first visited Felsenmeer on an Atlas Hopping tour with Draxtor Despres and Strawberry Singh two weeks ago. This experience was created by the Second Life and Sansar artist Silas Merlin, who in real life is Jean-François Le Saint.

Felsenmeer 4 16 August 2017

The lighting in Sansar is so wonderful, and Silas makes full use of it in his experience.

Felsenmeer 5 16 August 2017

Silas has installed his sculptures all around the rocky landscape. Near the spawn point, there is a large house where he displays his circus artworks.

Felsenmeer 2 16 August 2017

In particular, I noticed a charming, tiny clown balancing his tophat on his nose.

Felsenmeer 1 16 August 2017

Then yesterday, while wandering around through the art exhibit Transformations at the University of Western Australia sims in Second Life, I came across this wonderful video by Glasz Decuir that shows Silas’ creative process at work while creating this tiny clown statue:

GROW Work in Progress by Silas Merlin from Glasz DeCuir on Vimeo.

Felsenmeer is a truly inspiring experience and I would encourage you to come in-world and take a look! You can also buy Silas Merlin’s artworks on the Sansar Store to place in your own experiences.


Please Don’t Be a Troll

I have had to kick James O’Reilly out of the new Sansar Newsblog community over on Google+, block him on Google+, and mute him on Google+, for constantly posting the same “Don’t be a fool” Facebook post over and over and over again on my posts there about Sansar. Then he joined the Google+ Sansar Newsblog community and started doing the same thing there, and I’m fed up and I’ve had enough!

This is what he keeps posting: “Don’t be a Fool > Try Sansar’s VR Competitors – 12 and counting”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sansar.sl2.education.training/permalink/1110157085752322/

Please don’t be a troll! Posting this link once is okay; posting it over and over and over again is just spamming.

“The pioneers are the ones with the arrows in their backs,” Part Two

It would appear that the Strange Lights experience where we were supposed to have our in-world meetings has been taken down:

Experience Not Found 15 August 2017

Oops Error 15 August 2017

We’ve discovered something flaky with this experience’s Atlas listing. If you select it from the in-app Atlas, it loads okay. But, if you click the Copy URL button and then try to get to it from a web browser, it gives you the Oops error message seen above.

Today, the experience’s voice server and region server kept crashing on us. After the third crash, I just gave up trying to get back into the in-world meetup. I’ll post to the Sansar Newsblog if Jenn changes the location of the rest of the meetups this week.

Update: Today’s meetup (Tuesday, August 15th) was moved to the Astro Port experience. We will try again tomorrow at the Strange Lights experience.



Can You Get Laid in Sansar?

In a word, no.

There’s an interesting discussion over on the Sansar subreddit about adult content and Sansar: Can you get laid in Sansar?

This topic (adult content in Sansar) has been discussed at the daily in-world meetups which Jenn, the Lead Community Manager for Sansar, hosts.

Second Life got a bad reputation in many circles for its adult content, dating back to the infamous flying penis attack on Second Life landlady Anshe Chung while she was being interviewed (the following YouTube video is NOT safe for work):

There was also a child porn scandal back in 2007, which was a public relations nightmare for Linden Lab at the time.

You could argue that Second Life never really recovered its reputation after that. In many peoples’ minds, SL became synonymous with sex and sex only. It’s true. As a result, many people who otherwise would have been attracted to SL stayed away.

Linden Lab has made it clear that they do not intend to repeat this mistake. They said that they are NOT allowing adult content in Sansar until they have strong controls in place that restrict access to that adult content. LL is not stupid, and they know that sex sells. They just don’t want to open the gates until they’re ready.