Linden Lab Just Announced a HUGE Increase in the Number of Sansar Experiences We Can Create!

All of a sudden, Sansar users have a lot more space! (Photo by NASA on Unsplash)

Linden Lab has just announced that they are increasing the number of Sansar experiences you can create at each of their levels of subscription. This is big news, but the biggest news is that the number of experiences you will be allowed to create with a free subscription has been raised from 3 to 20!!!

Today we have a big announcement for Sansar, and the future of creating experiences on our platform. The whole team has mulled over this decision for a long time, and at last we have a reached a decision we can now present to you today.

Effective immediately, we are increasing how many experiences users can create:

  • Free users: Increased from 3 to 20 experiences
  • Creator: Increased from 5 to 25 experiences
  • Super-Creator: Increased from 10 to 30 experiences
  • Professional: Increased from 20 to 40 experiences

This is an unexpected, and wonderful piece of news! I can think of no other social VR/virtual world platform that offers you the ability to create up to twenty experiences (each of which can be up to 4 km by 4 km by 4 km in size) for free. That’s a lot of free space!

More details from the announcement are here:

This is a big change for Sansar, as it’s going to open up a lot of creativity for all of our users. Now there is not only greater freedom to share your experiences with others, but also more room to testing and iterate on ideas before publishing. We’ve seen so much creativity come out of community, and we can’t wait to see even more!

For users that have been our loyal subscribers, we are going to be compensating you with a USD transfer to your US$ Wallet (not your Sansar Dollar Wallet). Depending on how long you have Subscribed to our plans, this amount will be 1 to 2 months of your Subscription level.

This means that if you have been a Subscriber to our Creator, Super Creator or Professional plans for less than one month, you will get one month’s worth of US$ credit at that level (i.e. Creator = $9.99). If you have been a Subscriber for more than one month, you will be given two month’s worth of credit (i.e. Creator = 2 x $9.99).


Sansar Store Spotlight: The First Custom Avatars Have Appeared in the Sansar Store!

Well, that didn’t take very long at all! Less than 48 hours after the latest update to Sansar (which allowed you to create your own custom avatars), and the first custom avatars are already available for sale from the Sansar Store!

First up is Ravioli’s gargoyle avatar, which is FREE:

Gargoyls Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

Then there’s Fabeeo Breen’s zombie avatar, which is also FREE:

Zombie Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

And following quickly on Fabeeo’s heels was Nya Alchemi, who released a cute boar avatar, which is also FREE:

Boar Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

Also up is a Frankenstein-inspired female monster avatar called “Yolandenstein”, for sale for S$5,000 (US$50):

Yolandenstein Custom Avatar 20 JUly 2018.png

By the way, here’s a link to the new Avatars section of the Sansar Store. (Check back often to see what’s new!)

So I bought all three free avatars and went into Sansar to try them on. There’s a new section under the Avatar tab in the Lookbook which allows you to select a custom avatar:

Custom Avatar 20 July 2018.png

Just click on the custom avatar you want to wear, et voilà ! Be sure to click the Done button at the bottom to save your changes:

Custom Avatar 2 20 July 2018.png

(Note that you will not be able to wear any human clothing on a custom avatar, as it is essentially a single piece wearable. The clothing must be part of the avatar.)

Here’s my boar avatar at Nya Alchemi’s S.L.A.R.P. experience:

Boar Avatar 20 July 2018.png

Apertus VR: A Brief Introduction

Apertus VR 20 July 2018.png

I got an email from Akos Hamori of the Shared Virtual Reality Research Group at the Institute for Computer Science and Control at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, telling me about Apertus VR. It’s a little different from the other products that I’ve covered in this blog, because it’s a free, open-source software engine which allows you to build your own VR/AR applications for science, education, and industry.

Their website offers numerous examples of how to use Apertus VR engine:

Apertus VR 2 20 July 2018.png

Here’s a 2-1/2-minute YouTube video showing some of the applications you can build using the software, a sort of three-dimensional mindmap:

And here’s a half-hour presentation on the project:

Linden Lab Releases a Major Update to Sansar and Announces a New Contest!

Yesterday, Linden Lab released a major update to the Sansar software! Nicknamed the “Express Yourself” release, this release has many new features:

The biggest new feature is that creators can now make custom avatars, like you already can in High Fidelity and VRChat:

Express yourself! Custom Avatars are here in Sansar, as a complete makeover for your avatar. Much like using Marvelous Designer for clothes, simply pull in the Sansar default skeleton (male or female) into your preferred modelling program, create your Custom Avatar as a .fbx and upload it to your Lookbook or to the Store.

And for those of you already alt-tabbing out to start modelling, the Triangle cap is 40,000 tris.

Custom Avatars will not be able to equip wearables however, as a Custom Avatar is essentially a single piece wearable.

There’s a new HTTP (i.e. webpage) scripting API:

Scripters: On your mark, get set, GET CREATIVE!

This is a big API to open up to our scripter community and we are so excited to see what you’re going to do with it. With this API you’ll be able to pull in web-data where you can get it, into your C# scripts.

There’s also a whole new set of simple scripts to control objects:

Let’s break down some examples of what you could do with these scripts:

  • SimpleInteraction – The workhorse script to enable anything to be interactable. This one lets you press buttons, hit switches, etc.
  • SimpleSound – This is a simple script to trigger sound effects.
    • Combine this with SimpleInteraction in an object and choose a sound to play when you press a button. Ding!
  • SimpleMover – Perhaps the most flexible of the new SimpleScripts, enabling moving platforms, doors that open and close, and other complex movement. Objects can move between their initial position and a specified position and/or orientation.
    • Use this in conjunction with `SimpleInteraction` to make a door that opens when you press a button.

Here’s a list of the other highlights of this release:

  • You can now adjust your VR “comfort zone”. When someone gets too close to you in VR, they will disappear from your field of view. Now you can adjust that distance to your preference.
  • You can now add a Sansar Events to “My Calendar” as well as adding them to 3rd party calendars (i.e. your Google Calendar). You’ll never miss an event again!
  • When searching for users, you can now search by Avatar name or Avatar ID, and you can also search with just a part of their name (instead of typing their whole name).
  • You can now choose your Audio Input/Output in the Settings menu
  • You can use the hotkey CTRL+T to open the Chat Window
  • Several improvements to physics and the network model will mean better responsiveness with dynamic objects. For example, throwing and catching a ball

Sansar Studios has released four new human avatar outfits to your Lookbook inventory, here’s a sneak peek at two of them (please click each picture to see it in a larger size):

The complete, detailed list of all the new features in this release is available here.

Second Life and Sansar blogger Inara Pey has done her usual excellent job of summarizing and illustrating all the newest features in this release, so be sure to check out her coverage.

And to celebrate the new ability to create custom avatars in Sansar, Linden Lab is holding a Custom Avatar contest, with in-world judging to be held on August 10th. Five thousand Sansar Dollars (estimated value US$50) will be awarded to the winner of each in the following categories:

  • Best Looking Avatar
  • Funniest Avatar
  • Most Surreal Avatar
  • Most Innovative Avatar
  • Best Original Design

Here’s a complete list of contest details and other legalese.