Pick of the Day: Abby’s & Monkey’s Things

Abby’s & Monkey’s Things is Sansar’s first coffee shop. Set in a clearing surrounded by trees, it’s a small, inviting rustic structure. Abby's and Monkey's Things 14 August 2017

You stroll inside, and you are greeted by the strains of an old-time tune, When The Mockingbirds Are Singing in the Wildwood, by Frank C. Stanley. The tables are set with various sorts of food, and apple-shaped chalkboard menus adorn the walls.

Abby's and Monkey's Things 2 14 August 2017

Abby's and Monkey's Things 3 14 August 2017

You can just picture a singer-songwriter performing on an acoustic guitar in the corner. Hopefully, soon we will get Shoutcast streaming so this can become a reality!


Scene of the Day: Moondira’s Home

Moondira's Experience Sansar 14 August 2017

As you can see, Moondira’s Home is a very trippy experience! I couldn’t tell if this is the pattern on the skybox, or a huge mesh construction!

As you might have guessed by the name, this experience was created by Moondira.


Sansar Newsblog Facebook Group and Google+ Community

I have decided to create a Facebook group for the Sansar Newsblog. Here is the link if you are interested in joining. I will be cross-posting blogposts to this new group.


Sansar Newsblog Facebook Group 14 August 2017

Sansar Newsblog Google Community 14 August 2017I’ve also created a new Google+ community called Sansar Newsblog. You can join that too if you use Google+ as your preferred social network. I will also be cross-posting blogposts to this community.

Sansar Newsblog: Top Ten Referrers

I was just checking out my referrer statistics from WordPress for the Sansar Newsblog. Here are the Top Ten referrer sites, the ones that drive the most traffic to my blog:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. New World Notes
  4. Google+
  5. Android apps (mostly Slack)
  6. Echt Virtuell
  7. igHome (a personalized homepage service)
  8. StrawberrySingh.com
  9. Search engines (mostly Google Search)
  10. WordPress.com Reader

Note that I’ve been cross-posting most of my blogposts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so that would explain the referrer traffic from those sites. I’ve got a ton of visitors to the blog from Facebook posts to various groups relating to Sansar and virtual reality.

The Slack traffic is due to my cross-posting blog links to the Sansar Slack channel. This is a private channel that Linden Lab used to communicate with the software testers during the closed beta test, and it will soon be shut down. Linden Lab plans to set up a public Discord server to replace it.

After the United States, Germany is the country with the second-highest number of visitors to my blog, probably due to Echt Virtuell and other German blogs and forums.