What is Your Favourite Sansar Experience?

I’ve been covering a lot of (virtual) territory since I launched this blog! Finding one Sansar experience per day to highlight as my Pick of the Day, and selecting a picture from a different one as my Scene of the Day, has been less of a challenge than you might expect. There’s been so much to choose from! At the moment, there are almost 700 published experiences in the Sansar Atlas.

Sansar Experiences 20 Sept 2017

Which leads to my question. What is your favourite Sansar experience? 

Please leave a comment on this blogpost to tell me what it is. (No, you’re not allowed to vote for your own!)


Pick of the Day: Through the WaterFall: Enter Another World

I’ve been meaning to cover this one for quite a while, and never got around to it until today! This is an experience created by Jasmine Moonflower Gardner (the content creator behind Sweet Tea Couture in Second Life).

Through the Waterfall 20 Sept 2017

This experience won a $2,500 prize for Best Narrative Design in an Experience in the recent Sansar Creator Challenge. Jasmine told me that there’s also a companion website called Through the Waterfall (although there’s not much there yet).

This experience can be a little disorienting at first (perhaps this is what Jasmine intended). You materialize on top of a large wooden table, where a video plays in a loop on a black card laid upon it. It quickly becomes apparent that you move from scene to scene using the special keys which you see lying around.

Through the Waterfall 2 20 Sept 2017

Each scene carries the feeling that you are witnessing a dream/nightmare or some sort of flashback. I won’t spoil the impact of Through the Waterfall: Enter Another World by going any further; I want you to visit it and experience it yourself!

Sansar Store Spotlight: Cat’s Bindi and Earrings

I just discovered this beautiful bindi-and-earrings matched set on the Sansar Store! Cat made them with an animated texture that creates a sort of shimmering effect. They come in five different colours: silver, blue, red, gold, and black. And they’re only S$99 (US$0.99 or CDN$1.21) each!

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 19 Sept 2017

They attach on the earrings slot as shown here (note that the bindi and the earrings are worn as one attached item; you cannot wear them separately):

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 2 19 Sept 2017

Here’s a shot of Vanity Fair wearing her new gold bindi and matching earrings in the Sponza atrium experience:

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 3 19 Sept 2017