Scene of the Day: Hunter Killer

Theyre coming for you  - Sansar

This image was taken by Flickr user Isabelle Cheren, and it is titled They’re Coming For You. It was posted to the Sansar Official photo pool.

Isabelle also posted this picture to the Sansar group on Facebook, saying:

What simply stunning graphics and no Photoshop! Why would I need to, with graphics like this.

This picture was taken in Loz Hyde’s Sansar experience called Hunter Killer.


Scripting in Sansar: Metaverse Machines Showroom

The following brief YouTube video is an in-world demonstration of some automatic door scripts created by Sansar user Galen. This was shot in Galen’s experience, the Metaverse Machines Showroom. For more information about Galen’s line of Reflex brand scripts, you can visit his web site. Galen’s scripts, with the exception of his clockwork scripts,  are available for free in the Sansar Store.

Scripting in Sansar is done using the C# (C Sharp) programming language. Linden Lab has provided some useful documentation on working with scripts in Sansar.

(Note: Please excuse the jerky “gonzo” video style. I’m still learning how to best record what I see in my Oculus Rift headset. And I need to learn how to edit video properly soon!)

Sansar Blog: VR Worlds

As far as I can tell, and as Wagner James Au points out in his metaverse blog New World Notes, I was the first blogger to write a user-published blog about Sansar. My first blogpost was actually back in January 2017, but I didn’t actually start blogging in earnest and promoting the Sansar Newsblog until Linden Lab launched the open creator beta of Sansar on July 31, 2017. (Many other people have, of course, written extensively about Sansar in their blogs, but I think I was the first to write a blog entirely devoted to the virtual world of Sansar.)

Today I discovered a video blog (vlog?) called VR Worlds. The blogger, Jay (also known as RenegadeRabbit in Sansar) says in his About page:

I created the VR Worlds Blog as a video library to help others build content and find their way around Sansar and other metaverses.

Here you can find all kinds of video guides and stories from other world builders. If you have any suggestions or tips send me an email and I can add them to the site. I prefer content that is on YouTube rather than text blog posts.

Jay has already reblogged a couple of my Sansar Newsblog videos, notably my recent video tour of the Digital Arts Gallery experience by Mad Max.

Pick of the Day: The Abandon Complex

The Abandon Complex by Ravioli 2 12 August 2017

Today my Pick of the Day is The Abandon Complex, by Sansar user Ravioli, who describes it as “old school fps inspired experience” (fps stands for first-person shooter, a kind of videogame centered around weapons-based combat in a first-person perspective). Doom and Quake are considered classic first-person shooter games. Ravioli says, “I used the old school method of making levels with Quake to start with Sansar as well with one of my experiences.” The experience has a wonderful retro feel to it.

The Abandon Complex by Ravioli 12 August 2017