Pick of the Day: Beginner Yoga Session for Headset Users

Dutchie's Yoga Experience 1 21 August 2017

Today’s Pick of the Day is a Sansar Newsblog exclusive! That’s right, you’re hearing about this new experience for the first time right here. (I have cleared this with the creator beforehand; she is going to publish this experience to the Sansar Atlas very soon after I post this item to the Sansar Newsblog.)

The creator of this immersive yoga experience is Dutchie (also known as Froukje Hoorenbeek in Second Life), the owner of the well-known SL furniture store Dutchie (in-world store, SL Marketplace, blog). Dutchie has begun blogging her experiences with VR in a new blog, Dutchie in Virtual Reality.

The name of this experience is Beginner Yoga Session for Headset Users (10 Minute Workout), and it takes you right into Dutchie’s yoga studio, with mats spread out on the floor and sunlight streaming in the windows.

Dutchie talks you through a gentle 10-minute yoga workout that you can do from a standing or a seated position. This experience is designed especially for those using a VR headset (Oculus Rift or HTC Vive).

Dutchie's Yoga Experience 2 21 August 2017


Scene of the Day: Club Tectonic

Club Tectonic 20 August 2017

Today’s Scene of the Day is Club Tectonic, by SketchyBennett. A planetarium is connected via a long corridor to a separate dancefloor. Sketchy has set up sound emitters so that the two locations are playing different music streams. It’s a very effective technique!


Pick of the Day: Picnic at Mr. Darcy’s

Picnic at Mr. Darcy's 1 20 August 2017

Today’s Pick of the Day is Picnic at Mr. Darcy’s, created by Solas (who is already a well-known fashion designer in Second Life as the owner of BlueMoon Enterprise (SL store, blog) and the co-owner of Silvan Moon Designs (SL Store, SL Marketplace, Flickr). Solas takes her inspiration from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, designing a Regency-era English manor house and landscaped grounds.

You materialize in front of a large, stately mansion, next to a set of croquet equipment, all ready for play. If you are in a VR headset with hand controllers, you can actually pick up the mallets and balls, and play croquet! (Unfortunately, Sansar users in desktop mode cannot yet pick up objects in-world. Linden Lab is striving for feature parity between VR and non-VR users of Sansar, and I hope that this functionality will be added soon.)

Picnic at Mr. Darcy's 3 20 August 2017

A short stroll away is a white pergola and a picnic blanket spread out under a large tree.

Picnic at Mr. Darcy's 2 20 August 2017

Solas says of her delightful experience:

Here you can picnic as you watch the croquet match (even play), waltz to a sweet melody on the vast marble terrace, or just take a long walk to gather your thoughts.

Atlas Hopping with Drax and Berry, Episode 3

Brryn Oh's An Evening at the Ballet Atlas Hopping 19 August 2017

Caption: Bryn Oh’s experience An Evening at the Ballet

Today we visited no less than six different experiences in our Atlas Hopping adventure! Unfortunately, Draxtor Despres could not join us for most of it! Drax is currently on holidays in Slovenia and he was trying to connect to Sansar using his laptop on the hotel’s wifi, and he had a very poor Internet connection.

But Strawberry was a great hostess and she led us on a tour of the following six experiences:

  1. An Evening at the Ballet, by Bryn Oh
  2. Colossus Rising, by Sansar Studios
  3. Clockworks Club Demo, by Galen
  4. The Neighborhood, by BlackNewsMan
  5. Accuracy Training Module, by Nebulae
  6. Little Holland, by Richardus Raymaker

You can watch Strawberry’s live stream of our travels here (this YouTube video is 1 hour and 15 minutes long):