Pick of the Day: Abandoned Morgue

Abandoned Morgue 23 August 2017

Today’s Pick of the Day is Abandoned Morgue, created by Sansar user stupidmonkey. It’s a mournful, decaying morgue room, with vines creeping in the windows and the wind whistling through the foggy pine trees outside. There’s a coffin on a gurney sitting next to the body lockers. It’s all very well done. You can almost smell the formaldehyde!

Abandoned Morgue 2 23 August 2017

Metaverse Newscast and News One

News One Website 22 August 2017

I have two exciting announcements! First, Chris Jackson of Digital Media Productions will be launching Sansar’s first television network! It will be called News One, with the tagline “News and more from the world of Sansar”.

And the second piece of news is that I will be host/co-host of a news program on News One called Metaverse Newscast! This will be a regularly-scheduled 30-minute program focused on news and events in Sansar. (The Metaverse Newscast will also take a look at what’s going on in other virtual worlds such as High Fidelity and Sinespace.)

It was Tyler Scarborough (Dynamic Evolution in Sansar) who first approached me last Friday to discuss the idea of a news show. I decided to call it Metaverse Newcast. He will be building me a news studio! We will launch in October 2017. Chris took Tyler’s original idea and decided to expand it to create a whole television station!

Tyler, Chris and I are looking for people to join us in this endeavour! In particular, I am looking for a cameraman/woman who knows how to live stream to a YouTube channel. If you’re interested, please contact me and we’ll talk. Thanks!