Atlas Hopping with Drax and Strawberry (Episode Two) on Thursday August 10th

After our highly enjoyable first foray into Atlas Hopping last Saturday, Draxtor Despres has announced that he, Strawberry Singh, me, and whoever else wants to join us, are going on another Atlas Hopping adventure this coming Thursday, August 10th at 9:00 a.m. Sansar time (Pacific Time). Come join us in-world at Drax’s 114 Harvest experience, which will be our starting point for our metaverse (mis)adventures.

If you cannot join us in-world, then watch either Drax’s or Strawberry’s live streaming of the event on YouTube (here’s Drax’s channel and here’s Strawberry’s channel). We had great fun at our last Atlas Hopping event, so please come out and join us!

Update August 10th: Strawberry Singh has written a great post on her blog about this! She and Drax are now planning to do a weekly show on Saturdays called Atlas-Hopping in Sansar with Berry and Drax!


Scene of the Day: The Silence

The Silence Miki Proxima

This image is by Miki Proxima, who writes the blog Meshlogic (here’s a link to her Flickr photostream). The name of the experience pictured by Miki is The Silence, and it was created by a Sansar user known as Omiluo.

This picture was posted to the Flickr group called Sansar Experiences (Travels), where there are already 195 photos of various experiences. Well worth a browse, especially if you are looking for places in-world to travel to!

Pick of the Day: Digital Media Productions

Digital Media Productions 2 9 August 2017

Digital Media Productions is a well thought-out studio space built by Chris Jackson (here’s his web site). When you arrive in this experience, you find yourself in a lobby with several doors leading to various rooms.

Digital Media Productions 5 9 August 2017

Notice the heptagon mats on the floor? They are teleporters. When you walk to a door, and your avatar crosses the heptagon, you are teleported to either a new scene in the same experience (local teleport/blue heptagon) or a different experience (remote teleport/yellow heptagon). This is an intuitive and well-designed system that alone makes a visit to Digital Media Productions worthwhile, just to see how you can tie together various scenes and experiences into a coherent, easily navigable whole.  Bravo Chris!

There are doors to a lounge, a gallery of pictures and sculptures, an R&D workroom, a T-shirt shop (coming soon!) and a room mysteriously marked “Project X“.

Digital Media Productions 4 9 August 2017Digital Media Productions 1 9 August 2017

Digital Media Productions 3 9 AUgust 2017

There are some items in the gallery that I would love to see in the Sansar Store, like the table with the human feet! Chris Jackson has already put some freebies up for sale in the Sansar Store. I’m sure that there will soon be more creations to come from Chris.

Outfit Outlay: Highlander

You know, it’s lonely being the first (and only) fashion blogger in Sansar. Sometimes I feel like I am a million miles away from everyone else, far, far, away in the Highlands….

Highlander Vanity Fair 7 9 August 2017

As I have said in an earlier blogpost, Sansar Studios is currently the only company making and selling avatar clothing in Sansar. Here Vanity Fair is wearing the Highlands Oufit for Female Avatar (S$400) and the Highlands Hair for Female Avatar (S$100) for a total outfit outlay of 500 Sansar dollars for the look you see here. (That works out to about $6.34 Canadian/$5.00 American.)

You might not have known that the hairstyle is tintable to any shade you desire: blonde, brunette, white, black, grey, purple, pink, you name it. To tint your purchased hair, just go into avatar customization, click the little comb icon on the left hand side to bring up the hairstyles palette, then select the hair you want to colour so that your avatar is wearing it.  Click the coloured circle pointed to by the red arrow in the diagram below:

Highlander Vanity Fair Tint Hair Colour 9 August 2017

A colour chart will pop up, and you can select any shade you desire. Easy! I tinted this Highlander hairstyle a lighter brown than the default colour so that it stands out a bit more from the dark brown fur on the collar of this outfit.

Here’s a few close-ups of the amazing cloth, leather and chain-mail texture work on this garment. Check out the fur on those boots! Some poor virtual animal had to suffer 😉

Highlander Vanity Fair 5 9 August 2017Highlander Vanity Fair 6 9 August 2017Highlander Vanity Fair 4 9 August 2017

Appropriately enough, these photos were all taken in the Sansar experience called Highlands.