Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Altamura Clodet Full-Body Female Mesh Avatar

As you might have noticed, I am taking a bit of break over the holidays from blogging, but I did want to mention yet another free full-body female mesh avatar from Altamura, called Clodet. You can pick up Clodet at three vendors located behind the Christmas tree at the Altamura store (just pay the vendor L$1 and it will be refunded):

Clodet 3 28 Dec 2018.jpg

As with past freebies from Altamura, you cannot remove the head on this one, but with such a beautiful head, you might not mind so much! To my knowledge, Clodet is the first of the free mesh bodies from Altamura to have a blonde hairbase (which you can remove).

Clodet 1 28 Dec 2018.jpg

Clodet 2 28 Dec 2018

Here’s an overall look at the avatar:

Clodet 6 28 Dec 2018.jpg

Clodet 5 28 Dec 2018.jpg

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Altamura Clodet full-body mesh avatar (free)

Hair: Green Tea by Navy and Copper (free group gift; group is free to join)

Dress: Guapa holiday minidress by Altamura (free 12 Days of Christmas gift #3 under the Christmas tree at Altamura; the Altamura group costs L$25 to join during the holidays, 50% off the regular price of L$50)

Shoes: Jai pumps by Rowne (free gift at the Shop & Hop Christmas Mall; also a free group gift at the Rowne mainstore, along with many others; the Rowne group is free to join)

Body AO: Chubby Girl AO by [ImpEle] (free from the SL Marketplace)

Hands AO: included with the Altamura Clodet body

TOTAL COST FOR THIS AVATAR: L$25 (the group join fee for Altamura)


A 15-Minute Second Life Avatar Makeover: Mary Poppins!

Have you joined the Discord yet? More details here. If you love to talk about Second Life and avatar fashion, please come over and join us! We’d love to have you. My Discord is a cross-worlds server, where we can talk about any and all aspects of social VR and virtual worlds, or just chat about virtual reality and augmented reality experiences in general.

Time for another of my 15-minute avatar makeovers! This time I am starting with an alt which I created to be Mary Poppins. Here’s the “Before” shot, a classic system avatar with flexiprim clothing, and a neat umbrella I got years ago from an AM Radio experience, that opens up when your avatar flies:

Mary Poppins

Well, as it turns out, Belle Epoque is having a 50% off sale on everything in her store, including items from her gacha machines! And one of those gacha machines was selling pieces of this Mary-Poppins-themed outfit:

Belle Epoque Mary Poppins 23 NOv 2018

So… after spending L$725 to get almost all of the pieces in this gacha, here is what my Mary Poppins avatar looks like now:

Mary Poppins 1 23 Nov 2018Mary Poppins 2 23 Nov 2018Mary Poppins 5 23 Nov 2018Mary Poppins 4 23 Nov 2018

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Jenny Altamura body from the Freebie Warehouse at London City (free; more information is available here)

Hair: free Pulled Back Bun (brown) from the Library / Accessories / Hair Design Options / Pulled Back Bun folder in your SL inventory. Free, adjustable, tintable, uncomplicated.

Complete Mary Poppins Outfit (Everything Except Umbrella): Belle Poppins gacha at Belle Epoque (only L$25 per try during their 50%-off Black Friday sale, Nov. 23rd to 26th)

Black Umbrella: a free gift from an old AM Radio art experience, which sadly is no longer available in Second Life

TOTAL COST FOR THIS AVATAR: L$725 (but you might be lucky and get it for much cheaper!)

Note: I do not normally play gacha machines in Second Life, but because I already had a Mary Poppins avatar that I wanted to upgrade to mesh, I decided to break my rule. I consider gacha machines in SL to be a form of gambling, and I know that some people have problems with gambling and setting limits. Only you can decide whether or not to play gacha machines in Second Life, and play them responsibly. Take care.

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Free Altamura Estephania Mesh Full-Body Avatar for Women in the SL Frees and Offers Hunt!

*Checks his watch*

Damn it! This is all Altamura’s fault!! I was all set to take a vacation from the blog and then she issued yet another fabulous, free mesh female avatar as a hunt prize in the First Annual SL Frees and Offers Hunt, which runs from the 3rd to the 25th of November. You are looking for a beautiful golden autumn leaf in the store that looks like this:

HUNT item for SL F&O HUNT.png

When you find it, click on it, select Deliver from the blue pop-up menu that appears, and you get your hunt prize: the Estephania female mesh full-body avatar (head and body together in one package)! Estephania has a lovely darker skin tone, as you can see from these pictures:

Altamura New 1 3 Nov 2018.png

Altamura New 2 3 Nov 2018.png

In what now appears to be a trend for the company, this is another one of the Altamura freebies which does not allow you to remove the head (in order to replace it with another mesh head). This is rather disappointing, but it’s such a beautiful head that you can hardly complain (see picture above)!

Estephania is a fully-adjustable Bento body which comes with a HUD which allows you a complete set of alpha selections to make just about any clothing fit well. I have found that clothing designed for the Maitreya Lara mesh avatar body tends to fit the Altamura female bodies very well, with a minimum of fuss (and more and more designers are now creating clothing specifically designed for Altamura mesh bodies).

Please note that, like all the other free mesh bodies Altamura has put out, this body is not Omega-compatible (you have to buy a full-price version to get that feature). You get the one skin tone with this body, which is actually quite lovely. There are simply not enough free/inexpensive options for darker-skinned avatars in Second Life, and Estephania is a welcome addition!

Also, the Altamura female mesh bodies have Slink-compatible feet, so any shoe designed for Slink feet should work well (the female mesh body gift comes in three foot heights, selectable via the HUD: flat, medium, and high). The bodies have Bento hands, and (in a nice added touch) Altamura has included a hand AO which cycles through natural hand positions, which you can use with your regular (non-Bento) AO. There’s also a facial AO.

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Estephania full-body mesh avatar (free hunt prize from Altamura in the SL Frees & Offers Hunt).

Hair: free Pulled Back Bun (brown) from the Library / Accessories / Hair Design Options / Pulled Back Bun folder in your SL inventory. Free, adjustable, tintable, uncomplicated.

Eyes: brown Dream eyes by YS&YS (free gift from a previous Second Life shopping event; no longer available).

Dress: Faith gold metallic minidress by Justice (free group gift if you join the SL Frees & Offers group for free); the Maitreya Lara version of this dress fits the Altamura Jenny body well. The dress comes in three colours—gold, copper, and rose gold.

Shoes: gold Olivia heels (free gift from Ello); the Altamura Estephania body has Slink-compatible feet.


There are dozens of other wonderful hunt gifts available in the hunt, mostly for women but some for men also; here is a complete list of locations. Have fun!

UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Three Options for a Donald Trump Avatar, Including One for Less Than L$500!

“I’m the best with avatars, I have the best avatars, the news, they say I can’t do avatars, that’s wrong, they’re wrong, Fake news! I think, people, when they think about good avatars, I can make avatars, with any avatars, all the time, better than China, better than anyone…”

Every so often I get the itch to create a new avatar. I’ve been wanting to create a Donald Trump-lookalike avatar for quite some time, and today I finally did it! I was able to snag the perfect avatar name, and here is what he looks like:

Orange Cheeto 1 27 Oct 2018

Now, I wasn’t as happy with the head that came with the default body, so I removed that and replaced it with another one I liked much better from the SL Marketplace. It’s got a much more pompous expression:

Orange Cheeto 2 27 Oct 2018

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Body: Man in a Suit Complete Mesh Avatar (L$199 on the SL Marketplace; I removed the head and replaced it with what I think is a better-looking one)

Mesh Head: Male Head 2 Mesh (L$299 on the SL Marketplace; this head is completely resizable and you will need to scale it down quite a bit, then attach it to the Neck position on the avatar; I deliberately left it a little on the large size to give him a cartoon look, but you can certainly make it smaller. You can even tint it slightly more orange if you wish!)

Body AO: Chubby Girl AO by [ImpEle] (free from the SL Marketplace). This is a nice, simple, calm, free AO with no crazy movements.


If you wanted a fatter mesh body, you could pick up the Piggu Jonathan mesh avatar from the SL Marketplace for only L$700 and use that instead. I have checked and you are able to remove the default head and replace it with the Male Head 2 Mesh above. Of course, then you’ll have to find some suitable clothes for the Jonathan avatar, but there’s dozens of options available on the SL Marketplace.

If you decide to go with the Male Mesh Head 2 (L$299), the Jonathan mesh avatar (L$700), and a tuxedo made for the Jonathan avatar (L$100), you’ll spend L$1,099. Throw in a Fat Boy AO by Voir (designed for the Jonathan avatar) for another L$299 and it’ll come to L$1,398 for a fully-outfitted Donald Trump.

Now, if you really want to go all-out with your Donald Trump impersonation, Session Skins has released a Donald Trump skin applier for the Catwa Stanley Bento mesh head:

Session Skins Donald Trump 27 Oct 2018.png

You can pick this up for L$399 at the Session Skins store (here’s the SLURL).

This would definitely be the most expensive option, as in addition to the L$399 skin applier, you will need to buy the Catwa Stanley head (L$5,000), plus a suitable mesh body (Session Skins sells body skin appliers for both the Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni mesh bodies for L$299 each). The Belleza Jake body costs L$2,999 and the Signature Gianni body is L$3,500.

So you’ll be looking to spend between L$8,697 and L$9,198 for the base Donald Trump avatar, and then you will still have to go out and spend even more on suitable clothing.

However, one advantage of this most expensive option is that you can get this Donald to wear anyting (and I mean, anything) you want. I’m thinking maybe some assless chaps and nipple rings, a black leather Make American Great Again cap, and a chain collar and leash, being led around by a Vladimir Putin avatar…

Pay No Attention 16 July 2018

(Hint: Session Skins also sells a Catwa head skin applier for Vladimir Putin…)

Vlasimir Putin

UPDATE Oct. 29th: I would like to mention and thank the people on the official Second Life user forums (and the VirtualVerse user forums, formerly known as SLUniverse), for helpfully pointing out Donald Trump items on the SL Marketplace. I could not have written this blogpost without their assistance. Thank you!