Sinespace Creator Spotlight: Some Truly Gorgeous Gowns by ELL and BlakOpal Designs!

I was so impressed by the amazing ballgowns on display at the recent Formal Royal Music Event in Sinespace that I was inspired to write up a blogpost showing you just a few of the beautiful gowns available to purchase from the Sinespace Shop, either in your Sinespace client or via the website. Time to trot Vanity Fair out for some more modeling!

First up are a couple of absolutely stunning ballgowns from ELL. The first dress is called a wedding gown, and obviously it comes in various kinds of white, but it also comes in this stunning black colour with gold bodice accents!

Here’s a second look at it, under a different light, Isn’t it simply gorgeous?

All this luxury for only 100 Gold, from the Sinespace Shop, so it’s not only beautiful, but it’s also affordable! The dress comes in black as shown here, and in six different white versions, each with different colour accents: gold, plus black, blue, green, pink and red.

The second gown from ELL that I wanted to show you all is called Trina, and it is a showstopper! Trina comes in two versions, plain and glitter, and the best part is, they are tintable! You can also adjust the glossiness to go from a plan fabric to an almost latex gloss. Here’s what they look like on Vanity:

The plain (non-glitter) version of the Trina ballgown, tinted red, and with the glossiness turned all the way down
The truly stunning glitter version of the Trina ballgown, tinted gold and with the glossiness set to 50%

Check out the glitter effect in this video I shot in Sinespace! You will definitely turn some heads at your next elegant party! (Vanity is wearing a body light to enhance the effect.)

Both versions of the Trina gown can be tinted in the Outfit tab as shown (see the green arrow):

The Trina gown is available on the Sinespace Shop in both plain and glitter versions for only 200 Gold each.

The following black silk gown is called Allegro, by BlakOpal Designs (199 Gold in the Sinespace Shop).

But the Allegro gown is special in that it features working in-world cloth physics. Yes, you heard that right! The skirt of this dress drapes and flows naturally with the avatar as she moves, in much the same way as real-world cloth! Here’s a video showing you what that in-world cloth physics looks like on Vanity Fair, wearing the cream colour of the Allegro gown:

Mighty impressive! The Allegro ballgown by BlakOpal Designs comes in 10 different colours, for only 199 Gold each, or you can purchase the complete set of gowns for 1,399 Gold. You can purchase this dress from the Sinespace Shop, or from the in-world BlakOpal store (more information here).

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here). 

Sinespace Creator Spotlight: Some of the Latest in Male Fashions from the Sinespace Shop

Following up on a recent blogpost of the latest fashions for female avatars from the Sinespace Shop, I thought it was time we looked at what was new in the store for male avatars.

Our first look is for LGBTQ Pride! The Prideful tank top by Pretty Deceased comes in two versions, one black and one white, for only 1 Silver each! These absolutely fabulous, tintable, resizable wings are the Angel Wings (male) by wolfgraphics, and are for sale for either 10 Gold or 1,000 Silver in the Sinespace Shop!

The second outfit is a retro aviator look from Daz Originals. The Retro Aviator boots, Retro Aviator pants, and the wonderfully-detailed Retro Aviator jacket are 159 Gold each:

Our final, casual, contemporary look consists of the Loose Tee (male) by BlakOpal Designs (which comes in 10 colours for only 49 Gold each, or the complete bundle of 10 for 346 Gold), the Jaleano ripped blue jeans from ELL (99 Gold), and the HG Atlas Hope sneakers by Virtual Dispensary (200 Gold):

The detail on the red, white and blue Atlas high-top sneakers is amazing!

This avatar is also wearing:

Happy shopping!

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here). 

Sinespace Creator Spotlight: Some of the Latest Fashions from the Sinespace Shop

I decided it was time to bring Vanity Fair out for a fashion show! Here she models some of the latest releases from the many talented content creators in Sinespace.

The Pacifica bikini in blue lycra is absolutely perfect for showing off your curves at your next outing to the beach! It is by BlakOpal Designs and is only 69 Gold. And this bikini also comes in eleven other colours!

This beautifully textured Chinese dress by ELL is only 99 Gold, and it comes in five other colours. Vanity is also wearing the Misty ballet slipper in black by BlakOpal Designs, for sale on the Sinespace Shop for 99 Gold.

This head-turning pale blue dress with its obi sash and gold crane pattern is called Crane Over Tsunami, and it is only 144 Gold from SUPER at Seriyu Industries on the Sinespace Shop. Isn’t it stunning?

Another item from SUPER at Seriyu Industries is this lovely off-the-shoulder sweater dress, which is tintable to any colour you wish! It is also 144 Gold in the Sinespace Shop.

For our final, more casual look, Vanity is modeling three items:

The Loose Tee also comes in nine other colours (or you can get the complete set of ten for 349 Gold), and the High Heel Mules come in five more colours (or you can buy the entire set of six for 595 Gold).

Vanity Fair is also wearing:

For more information about the new Anatomy body, please see this blogpost.

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here). 

Sinespace Creator Spotlight: Anatomy (Turning Vanity Fair into a Sinespace Fashion Model!)

Yes, Vanity Fair is also in Sinespace! This is her default, “before” look.She is wearing the Tiredi dress by ELL (10 different colours, only 99 Gold each colour), plus Misty ballet slippers by BlakOpal Designs (5 different colours, also 99 Gold each). The golden Crescent Hoop Earrings are also by BlakOpal Designs, and they are only 39 Gold.

Not bad, but I wanted to see if I could make her look more like a fashion model today—really pull out all the stops!

Luckily, I was able to find a brand new content creator in Sinespace, named Gaby, whose brand is called Anatomy (website), that sells six different kinds of female mesh bodies: Classic and Curvy, both of which comes in three different bust shape options: classic, perky, and push-up:

The two types of Anatomy bodies: Curvy and Classic
The three bust types of the Anatomy bodies: Classic, Perky, Push-Up
All told, there are six different Anatomy bodies

So, I bought the Curvy body with a Classic bust (499 Gold), the Emma head shape (699 Gold), and the Emma skin in vanilla (649 Gold), all from Anatomy. I also replaced Vanity’s hairstyle with the Dream Glory hair in brown by Newsea (only 99 Gold).

The vendor recommends that before (or after) you wear any of these new bodies, that you reset the body sliders so you get a clean canvas to start with your new body shape. To do this, just go to the avatar editor (click on the Outfit button), then click on the  Body section and click on the Reset button up top:

Here is what Vanity Fair looks like after her complete model makeover! All I kept from her Before look were the dress and shoes. I kept all the default face and body slider settings after the above reset, only making her bust slightly larger and her hands smaller (for some reason, the default Sinespace avatars all have huge hands!).

The following poses are part of a single animated gesture you can buy on the Sinespace Shop, called Ladies Fashion Poses Gesture by De Landria Creations (only 75 Gold). It slowly and smoothly moves the avatar through a number of different model poses, allowing you time to take pictures. Here are just three of the poses included:

Looking good! Tools like this pose set are going to prove popular among the growing number of fashion bloggers in Sinespace, and I am very glad to see them make an appearance! Hopefully we will be getting more fashion bloggers in Sinespace to showcase the amazing work that so many talented designers are creating.

I also bought a Catwalk Linear 101 gesture from Trilo Byte Design (only 59 Gold), which is a simple model catwalk runway animation: walk to the front of the catwalk, pause, pose, and walk back. To demonstrate it, I had Vanity model a gown I had blogged about before on the official Sinespace blog, the beautiful, flowing Allegro gown in cream, created by BlakOpal Designs. This garment, which comes in 10 different colours, actually has full in-world cloth physics enabled!

Below is short promotional video from the creators, BlakOpal Designs, showing just how naturally this garment moves with the wearer (and it even includes a very useful tip on how to fix the skirt, if it should snag somewhere on your avatar).

Each individual colour of the Allegro gown is 199 Gold each, and you can buy the complete bundle of ten different colours for only 1,399 Gold.

So, Vanity Fair is finally a full-fledged model in Sinespace! Expect more reports on the ever-growing fashion market in Sinespace, for both male and female avatars.

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here).