Sinespace Creator Spotlight: Some Truly Gorgeous Gowns by ELL and BlakOpal Designs!

I was so impressed by the amazing ballgowns on display at the recent Formal Royal Music Event in Sinespace that I was inspired to write up a blogpost showing you just a few of the beautiful gowns available to purchase from the Sinespace Shop, either in your Sinespace client or via the website. Time to trot Vanity Fair out for some more modeling!

First up are a couple of absolutely stunning ballgowns from ELL. The first dress is called a wedding gown, and obviously it comes in various kinds of white, but it also comes in this stunning black colour with gold bodice accents!

Here’s a second look at it, under a different light, Isn’t it simply gorgeous?

All this luxury for only 100 Gold, from the Sinespace Shop, so it’s not only beautiful, but it’s also affordable! The dress comes in black as shown here, and in six different white versions, each with different colour accents: gold, plus black, blue, green, pink and red.

The second gown from ELL that I wanted to show you all is called Trina, and it is a showstopper! Trina comes in two versions, plain and glitter, and the best part is, they are tintable! You can also adjust the glossiness to go from a plan fabric to an almost latex gloss. Here’s what they look like on Vanity:

The plain (non-glitter) version of the Trina ballgown, tinted red, and with the glossiness turned all the way down
The truly stunning glitter version of the Trina ballgown, tinted gold and with the glossiness set to 50%

Check out the glitter effect in this video I shot in Sinespace! You will definitely turn some heads at your next elegant party! (Vanity is wearing a body light to enhance the effect.)

Both versions of the Trina gown can be tinted in the Outfit tab as shown (see the green arrow):

The Trina gown is available on the Sinespace Shop in both plain and glitter versions for only 200 Gold each.

The following black silk gown is called Allegro, by BlakOpal Designs (199 Gold in the Sinespace Shop).

But the Allegro gown is special in that it features working in-world cloth physics. Yes, you heard that right! The skirt of this dress drapes and flows naturally with the avatar as she moves, in much the same way as real-world cloth! Here’s a video showing you what that in-world cloth physics looks like on Vanity Fair, wearing the cream colour of the Allegro gown:

Mighty impressive! The Allegro ballgown by BlakOpal Designs comes in 10 different colours, for only 199 Gold each, or you can purchase the complete set of gowns for 1,399 Gold. You can purchase this dress from the Sinespace Shop, or from the in-world BlakOpal store (more information here).

This blogpost is sponsored by Sinespace, and was written in my role as an embedded reporter for this virtual world (more details here). 

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