Pick of the Day: Happy Holidays!

This night-time winter experience was created by Boden Linden, who says:

This winter cabin is ready for the holidays!. ps this entire experience was created with items from the Sansar Store. Thank you creators 😀

It’s so dark that I had to edit all these pictures in GIMP to get the detail to show up! You’ll have to visit the experience in person to get a true feel for the darkness of a wintry countryside at night. The audio materials for the snow add to the immersion of the experience considerably.

You walk from a forested pine area past trees decorated with Christmas lights, and a couple of vehicles—a farm truck and a carriage—that you recognize from the Sansar Customs experience. Snowflakes are gently falling.

truck carriage and tree 2 28 dec 2017

A little further on, you discover a top-hatted snowman under a canopy of Christmas lights flashing many different colours!

Tophatted Snowman 2 28 Dec 2017.png

Finally, you arrive at a cheerfully decorated house, with a brightly-lit Christmas tree and pine bough garlands, plus stockings hung on the fireplace mantel. There’s a fire roaring in a small pot-bellied stove in the corner, next to a table laden with coffee cups, a bottle of wine, and a basket of food. Nostalgic Christmas music is playing, and it would seem the inhabitants of this cozy home have only just momentarily stepped out.

Inside the House 2 28 Dec 2017.png

You could consider this experience a Christmas card from Boden Linden to the rest of us. So please pay a visit soon to Happy Holidays yourself!

(The red dress that Vanity Fair is wearing is brand new from RSVF, and available for S$5 in the Sansar Store.)



UPDATED: Pick of the Day: M2D Magic Night

M2D Magic Night is another Sansar experience created by Mario2 Helstein.

Winter Night 22 Dec 2017

It’s a beautifully decorated winter night-time scene, where you are standing outside a snow-covered chalet. You can see shooting stars, and you can hear an owl hooting nearby. The snow crunches under your feet as you walk around. It’s lovely!

M2D Magic Night 22 Dec 2017

Mario2 has done a marvelous job with this Christmas-time experience!

Update Dec. 26th: Today our regular casual meetup was held here, and I added a few more shots:

Magic Night 2 26 Dec 2017Magic Night 26 Dec 2017

Outfit Outlay: Santa Outfit for Female Avatars

I put together this Santa-themed outfit and took these pictures at Aude Adored’s Christmas Night experience.

Santa Outfit for Women 22 Dec 2017.png

Santa Outfit for Women 2 22 Dec 2017.png

Vanity Fair is wearing:

Hat: Santa Klaus Christmas Hat Female by Marcus – free

Hair: Short Bob female hairstyle from the default Lookbook hair palette, tinted white

Beard: Santa Klaus Christmas Beard Female by Marcus – free

Dress: Red Blouson Dress by Debi Baskerville – S$50

Boots: Black Sock Boots by Debi Baskerville – S$25

Outfit Outlay: Nine Free or Inexpensive Tops for Male Avatars

I’ve done a little shopping in the Sansar Store, and I wanted to show you nine free or cheap tops for men. You don’t have to spend a lot of Sansar dollars to look stylish in-world! Here’s what I’ve found, with links to each item in the Store.

Remember: when you first put on a garment designed using Marvelous Designer, always press the Simulate Cloth button to make the clothing fit properly on your avatar’s body. You may also have to do a little tugging here and there, for example, to make sure that the hem of your shirt does not interpenetrate with the pants, or to ensure that the buttons on the shirt underneath your sweater don’t poke through. A few tugs with the mouse in the right places, and you’re done!

First up is this Tuxedo shirt from Agustine, which is free!

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 1 21 Dec 2017.png

Next is this free green Southwestern Poncho, also by Agustine.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 2 21 Dec 2017

This is Merry Christmas/Happy New Years sweater by Idrid, also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 3 21 Dec 2017

This Peace T-shirt by Agustine is also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 4 21 Dec 2017

What’s Christmas without an Ugly Christmas Sweater? This one is by Idrid and it is free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 5 21 Dec 2017

Here’s a sweater vest which I am wearing over a shirt. You will have to make sure you tug on the sweater a bit to make sure that it covers the buttons on the shirt underneath it! This so-called Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater is also by Idrid and it’s free!

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 6 21 Dec 2017

Whystler has put this Hip and Casual Tunic up on the Sansar Store for only S$5.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 7 21 Dec 2017.png

Here is the Starry Eyes T-Shirt by Agustine, also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 8 21 Dec 2017

And finally, we have the Lightning T-Shirt, also by Agustine (he has been busy!)

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 9 21 Dec 2017