Sansar Store Spotlight: The Creations of C3rb3rus

You might be familiar with this airship. It is a popular addition to many Sansar experiences!

C3rb3rus Airship.png

This wonderful vehicle, which comes in a static version for S$200 and one that follows a loop for S$800, is the creation of C3rb3rus, who has a number of interesting items in his store (here’s a link). He sells everything from vintage telephones to HazMat suits!

C3rb3rus Hazmat suit 1 Jan 2018.png

I especially love his Loki Mask, which has glowing eyes and an animated texture for the horns! It’s available for S$400, a steal for such a beautifully crafted avatar attachment.

I look forward to seeing what other wonderful and imaginative creations C3rb3rus comes up with! It’s even fun watching him create! He’s definitely an artist to watch in Sansar.

Sansar Store Spotlight: Black Business Suit by Theanine

When Linden Lab flipped the switch on the new fashion market, it meant that all the old outfits were disabled, and could no longer be used. I had gotten so used to wearing a navy blazer and khaki pants outfit, and I kind of missed it.

Well, Theanine of Theanine Design has come to the rescue with a two-piece black business suit with faint grey pinstripes. The jacket comes with a white shirt and a grey striped tie, for S$110:

Business Jacket Black 26 Dec 2017.png

The matching black pants are S40:

Business Pants Black Sansar Store 26 Dec 2017.png

So, for a total outlay of S$150, you too can look like a savvy businessman! These shots were taken at the Sponza atrium, created by Cale Flanagan. (Click on the pictures to see full-size versions.)

Looking sharp! Thanks, Theanine!

Sansar Store Spotlight: The First Rigged Head Replacement in Sansar

Theanine has put an apple head attachment up for sale in the Sansar Store. But it’s not just any old attachment, as he explains in the product description:

A silly apple-shaped head for your avatar, with a fully rigged face. Animates and moves its mouth and eyes according to your microphone speech. This is THE VERY FIRST rigged head replacement ever made for this platform. (Note: Equip it from the Clothing section in the Lookbook)

Apple Head 22 Dec 2017.png

Here’s an animated GIF showing the had in action!

Apple Head.gif

Sansar Store Spotlight: First Tintable Female Hair in Sansar

Sansar creator Snow has put up a free hairstyle for female avatars, a short bob style (it’s also available in a multi-coloured version):

Snow's Hair 20 Dec 2017

You can use the regular Sansar colour buttons or the colour wheel in Lookbook to tint this hairstyle to any colour you wish. Here I picked the deafult Sansar brown.

Snow's Hair 2 20 Dec 2017

And this is Vanity Fair in her new ‘do, admiring the beautiful Christmas tree at Christmas Night. This hair is noticeably shiny—in Second Life you would call it “materials enabled”—which is not personally my taste, but hey, you get no rights to complain about a free item! Thank you, Snow!

Snow's Hair 3 20 Dec 2017

In addition to Snow’s hair, Vanity is wearing the retro Hip and Casual Green Tunic by Whystler, which I blogged earlier.

UPDATE 5:24 p.m.: I notice that Snow has put up the same version of this female bob hairstyle, but with “reduced shininess”. It’s still free, so be sure to pick up a copy!

Sansar Store Spotlight: First Marvelous Designer-Created Clothing

A follow-up to the new Fashion Release of Sansar…

SIN has placed a men’s sweatshirt up for sale on the Sansar Store. As far as I am aware, it is the very first garment created using Marvelous Designer to be sold in the Store. And it’s free to try!

SIN's Shirt 18 Dec 2017

When you buy it, it appears in your inventory window under the Clothing slot (the little hanger tab). The item is marked with a little golden M in the upper-right corner to indicate that it is a Marvelous Designer-created item of clothing:

Look Book 18 Dec 2017

Click on the Simulate Cloth button, and you can use your mouse to adjust the garment to your liking!


Exit the avatar preview section and it “bakes” the adjusted clothing on your avatar before you can go explore in Sansar.

Note: Although you do have cloth physics when adjusting items of Marvelous Designer-created clothing in the “Look Book” avatar preview, when you are actually in-world you do not yet have cloth physics, for example, the way a skirt would naturally swing when you walk. That feature is expected in a future update to the fashion market, hopefully sometime in 2018.

Here’s what my avatar looks like in the Zen Garden experience, wearing his newly-tugged-on shirt:

Ryan Wearing SIN's Shirt 18 Dec 2017.png

Cool, eh? (Note: to “reset” the garment back to its original configuration, you simply take it off and put it back on again. Simple!)

Pick of the Day: Violin Tree (Plus a Sansar Store Spotlight: Galen’s Theremin)

Mikki Miles, my favourite musical instrument maker in Second Life (in-world store, SL Marketplace), has created a new Sansar experience called Violin Tree. In his description he writes:

Inspired by an 40.000 year old boneflute, found in a cave in Southern Germany, I built this island with musical instruments that are somehow familiar, but seem to have taken a bit weird development on this offshore place. It’s a work in progress, come back again! All music and sounds are produced by Mikki Miles.

Violin Tree 1 17 Dec 2017.png

You arrive on a deserted island. To your left is what appears to be a tall tower, and to your right is a tree. As you come closer to the tower, you realize that it is, in fact. an oversize, ivy-covered flute, which plays a somewhat mournful tune as you approach and stand before it.

Violin Tree 2 17 Dec 2017

When you come nearer to the tree, you see that it is growing violins! It also plays music.

Violin Tree 3 17 Dec 2017.png

As Mikki Miles says in his description, this Sansar experience is a work in progress, so do plan to come back to see new musical creations in future!

While we are talking about musical instruments, I also wanted to showcase a particularly clever musical instrument that Galen has created and scripted, called a theremin. It’s an electronic musical instrument controlled by moving your hands around it without actually touching it.

Here is a short video I made of me playing Galen’s theremin at his Metaverse Machines Showroom (you’ll need a VR headset and hand controllers to be able to do this):

Galen’s theremin and the script used to control it are both available for free in the Sansar Store:

Galen's Theremin 17 Dec 2017

Very cool! It certainly looks like we are going to have no shortage of fun, playable musical instruments in Sansar.

We Can Finally Sit Down in Sansar!

Sitting Down in Sansar Brighter 18 Nov 2017

We have long complained to Linden Lab in Sansar about our inability to sit down in Sansar, a feature which has already been successfully deployed in other virtual worlds such as High Fidelity and Sinespace.

SIN to the rescue! (This picture of SIN was taken in Skye Naturae Virtualis.)

The catch is, he’s not really sitting down on that stump; he’s wearing it! Everything you see below the waist is an attachment: legs, shoes and stump. The illusion is broken only when he walks around, but when he stands still, it looks like he is sitting on a tree stump!

Pick up your sitting-on-a-stump attachment in the Sansar Store for free!

Sitting on a Stump Sansar Store 18 Nov 2017