Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Apple Fall

I don’t usually blog about deals on items for your home and garden, but Apple Fall is having such an amazing sale that I am going to break that rule, just this once!

In a message sent out to the Apple Fall Facebook group, the store announced:

Apple Fall is having a Black Friday Sale! And guess what? Everything is L$50, or less! We are not kidding you.

The Sale has begun, and we hope you are ready to grab everything Apple Fall related, and stuff those inventories to the max.

The sim will only have 12 residents at a time due to technical difficulties, we won’t close the sale anytime soon as we don’t want any of you to miss out.

Apple Fall offers the highest-quality home and garden furnishings, buildings, and skyboxes. And yes, EVERYTHING in the store, from tiny teapots to huge houses, is L$50 (or less) each! This is such a great deal that it was worth fighting to get into the sim (as you can expect, it’s jam-packed). It looks as though the sale will continue for a while, but I would still advise you to get down to Apple Fall as soon as you can, since I don’t know when this sale will end.

So even though I have no land to place it on, I decided to buy the Harwick Manor house for only L$50 (hey, it was on sale!):

Apple Fall Hardwick Manor

I also picked up some lovely furniture from the new Fulwood Collection for my Linden Home in Bellisseria:

Apple Fall Fulwood Collection

There’s also a corner in the store with numerous freebies, including a wingback chair in three colours. Also, there are a few nice freebies on the chest table in the Fulwood Collection display in-store. So hurry down!


UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: What Advent Calendars and 12 Days of Christmas Calendars I’ll Be Hitting This Holiday Season

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This year, after several successive years of hitting as many Advent and 12 Days of Christmas calendars as I could across the grid, I have decided to scale back to only those calendars which I consider essential, those among my personal favourites.

After the NessMarket blog closed down earlier this year, there are now only two lists of Second Life Advent/Twelve Days of Christmas calendars:

FabFree’s December Advent Listing will be published Dec. 1st

UPDATE Dec. 2nd, 2019: Today I learned about two other Advent calendar listings, which I had not known about before:

Advent Calendars I Will Be Visiting Every Day

  • Firelight Hair has an Advent calendar, and last year made all the previous days’ Advent gifts available for free on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day (you do need to join the Firelight group for free). Gifts are men’s and women’s hairstyles with a mini 3-colour HUD.
  • 7 Deadly s[K]ins has an advent tree in their store, with generous gifts every day from Dec. 1st through to the 31st! You do have to join the group for L$1,000 if you are not already a member.
  • Appliqué Chic always has lovely clothing gifts for women. No group is required. New this year is a separate advent calendar for men!
  • Virtue is another calendar with beautiful clothing gifts for women. The emphasis here is on classic, modest fashion. You do need to join the Virtue group for free.
  • Entice has numbered gifts of womenswear under a Christmas tree instead of a traditional advent calendar. They also have a very handy sign nearby which shows you what each of the gifts look like! You do have to join the group for free to pick up these advent gifts.
  • Essenz has an advent calendar offering gifts of women’s footwear (the group costs L$350 to join)

Twelve Days of Christmas Calendars I Will Be Visiting Every Day

  • The Baby Monkey calendar runs from Dec. 13th-24th and is free each day, and L$10 each if you missed a day. Every year, each gift comes with a 3 colour HUD, and the all the gifts together form a complete, colour-coordinated capsule wardrobe.
  • Altamura has a 12 Days of Christmas calendar starting Dec. 12th, with a gift every day. You can pick up all twelve gifts on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Last year the gifts included Bento mesh heads for men and women, and skin appliers.
  • JUMO will be giving away gifts from Dec. 12th-Dec. 24th, as well as on New Year’s Eve. And you can pick up all the gifts at once on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/New Year’s Day!
  • The eBENTO Event has an advent calendar that runs from Dec. 11th to Dec. 25th. The calendar numbers hang high above the event space near the roof.

Clip and Save: Ryan’s All-In-One Guide to Freebies in Second Life

Here are some tips on how to save money in Second Life!
(image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay)

O.K., I am addicted to three things:

Of these 3 things, only one is non-fattening! So now you know another reason why I am so devoted to discovering (and blogging about) steals, deals, and freebies in Second Life—it’s zero calories. 😉

So I decided today to compile all the best and most up-to-date information I had about freebie hunting in SL into one handy blogpost, since so many of my tips are scattered all over this blog!

The Top Six Freebie Stores in Second Life

  1. The excellent freebie store at the Ajuda SL Brasil: if you go to only one place, go here. It has the biggest collection of freebies on the grid for both women (on the 1st and 3rd floors) and men (on the 4th floor), including the freebie versions of the Valentina and Max Altamura mesh avatars.
  2. The Free Dove: if you go to only two places, go to Ajuda SL Brasil and The Free Dove. This is a particularly good place to find lots of high-quality free women’s wear, free jewelry, and free hairstyles for both men and women. (The men’s section is not nearly as strong as Ajuda SL Brasil’s, though.)
  3. The Sexy Shoppers Freebie Market on the Grouse sim has a small but serviceable selection of freebies, mostly for female avatars.
  4. The Freebie Megastore on the London City sim has recently improved its selection, offering the freebie versions of the Robert and Jenny Altamura mesh avatars and a small but growing selection of mesh clothing, including some specifically designed for Altamura male and female mesh bodies.
  5. The freebie store at UniHispana Area offers the freebie versions of the Max and Emanuelle Altamura mesh avatars, and a small selection of male and female mesh clothing, including some specifically designed for Altamura female mesh avatars.
  6. Technically, it’s not a freebie store, but everything is free at the Kauna menswear store, tons of high-quality clothing for male avatars. It’s the best deal on the grid!

The Top Eight Stores with the Best and Largest Selection of Free Group Gifts

Most stores offer group gifts to people who join their store group, but these eight stores are notable for the number of freebies they give out:

  1. Scandalize has, without a doubt, the most generous selection of group gifts of any store on the grid (women’s clothing, shoes, and jewelry); the group costs L$100 to join, but it is well worth it (and watch for times when you can join the Scandalize group for free).
  2. Hilly Haalan operates a small group gifts store with dozens of free gifts (women’s clothing and shoes; the group is free to join).
  3. Virtue: head up to the second floor of Abiela’s store and you will find a generous group gifts section (women’s clothing; the group is free to join). Warning: the propretor of Virtue, Abiela, tends to completely rearrange her store every few months, so the location of the group gifts may change unexpectedly!
  4. COCO Designs has not one but two free group gift walls (women’s clothing and shoes; the group is free to join).
  5. monaLISA has tons of free group gifts (women’s clothing and shoes; their group costs L$50 to join).
  6. Legendaire has a good selection of group gifts (women’s clothing and shoes; the group is free to join the last time I checked, although they have charged in the past).
  7. AZUL has many women’s gowns and dresses on their large group gift wall (the group is free to join).
  8. NYNE offers 19 free women’s hairstyles (the group is free to join).

The Top Five Events with the Most Freebies

  1. Gacha Garden: join the Gimme Gacha group for free and pick up a brand new round of freebies every month.
  2. FaMESHed is another monthly event which often has freebies.
  3. The annual Second Life Hair Fair has free hair gifts at many of the participating vendor booths.
  4. Second Life has an official shopping event as part of their anniversary celebrations (usually running from the middle of June to the first week of July), and every Christmas season there is the Shop and Hop event. At these events, there will be a freebie at every store in the shopping mall, which spans five sims. Plan to attend nearer the end of the event, when you won’t have to fight the crowds and lag.
  5. Check out the yearly anniversaries of regular shopping events; quite often there will be freebies at all or most of the participating vendor booths. For example, both FaMESHed and the eBENTO event have their anniversaries in May, and the popular Uber event celebrates its anniversary every July with many freebies.

The Top Six Blogs to Follow for Freebies

  1. My own blog, of course! 😉
  2. FabFree (Fabulously Free in SL)
  3. Midnight Magpie
  4. Dancing in the Square
  5. 0L$改めLow price Fashion In Second Life (a Japanese blog)
  6. Either SL Freebies Cheapies Dollarbies Lucky Chairs Hunts or the SL Freebies Directory (both are blog feeds of freebie blogs)

The Top Six Groups to Join for News About Freebies

  1. Fabulously Free in SL: their group is free to join; here is a list of the gifts you can pick up with that group tag active
  2. Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News: their group is free to join; follow their blog to find out what gifts you can get with this group
  3. Mesh Avatar Appearance Maniacs (MAAM): it costs L$50 to join the MAAM group; here is a list of freebies you can pick up with that group tag active
  4. SL Frees & Offers: their group is free to join; here’s their list of group gifts
  5. it costs L$10 to join their group; here is a list of gifts you can get
  6. THIRD LIFE [Frees, Gifts & Hunts]: their group is free to join, although they have charged in the past; here is their blog

My Top Ten Tips for Freebie Hunting

  1. Be patient: Freebies can come and go; freebie stores like The Free Dove and Ajuda SL Brasil rotate their freebies regularly, so it’s worthwhile to visit every couple of months, just to see what’s new. It can take some time to pull together a complete look from various components picked up as freebies at different times from different stores and events.
  2. Akeruka has been giving away freebie or dollarbie Bento mesh heads (both male and female models) twice a year for the past couple of years. If you had joined the [AK] Heads News & Support group for L$150 two years ago, you would have picked up no less than eight fully-featured, fully-adjustable Bento mesh heads by now—which works out to less than L$20 per head! A truly outstanding bargain! So join the Akeruka group and watch the notices for the next announcement.
  3. Join the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group for L$100, which gives you access to the deals that Altamura offers on mesh heads and bodies at various events around SL, as well as many group gifts in the mainstore. For example, last Valentine’s Day there were two very generous free group gifts: the fully-featured, full-body mesh avatars Romeo and Juliet! Altamura also sometimes offers special limited freebie versions of their avatars, either in their store, at events, or at the freebie stores mentioned above. (I have found that clothing designed for the Maitreya Lara mesh avatar body tends to fit the Altamura female bodies very well, with a minimum of fuss, so finding clothing is not an issue.)
  4. Check out the Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies section of my blog regularly. In particular, monitor my two constantly-updated blogposts about free and inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for male and female avatars.
  5. Watch for announcements of free group join periods, and join the store group when it is free (Scandalize regularly offers free group join periods, for example).
  6. Don’t forget to check those stores which have lucky boards or lucky chairs. Some may require you to pay a fee to join their store group, though. Others require either a free group join or no group at all.
  7. Hunts are often a great way to pick up free or inexpensive items. You can check to see what hunts are currently going on using the Hunt SL and SL Hunts blogs.
  8. December is easily the best time of year to pick up lots of freebies. Many stores have Advent calendars or Twelve Days of Christmas calendars with free gifts each day. While some stores require you to visit each day to pick up that day’s gift, other stores allow you to pick up the entire calendar’s gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! Some events which usually have many Christmas gifts are Epiphany, FaMESHed, the Dubai Event, the Swank Event, the Man Cave, and especially the Cosmopolitan event.
  9. Watch the Cat Pink SL series of YouTube videos for news about hunts and other freebies.
  10. Don’t neglect your default Second Life inventory! For example, many of the newer starter avatars have good-quality hair and clothing you can reuse, mix and match to good effect. Also, check out what’s in the Library folder at the very end of your Inventory window—for example, the Pulled Back Bun hair from the Library / Accessories / Hair Design Options / Pulled Back Bun folder in your Inventory is free, adjustable, tintable, and uncomplicated. Perfect for use under hoods and hats!

Happy freebie hunting!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: 7 Deadly s[K]ins Free Group Join, Today Only!

One of Ryan’s eight rules for freebie hunting in Second Life is to watch carefully for free group join periods, and take advantage of them!

For example, I just found out that today is the last day to join the 7 Deadly s[K]ins group for free. Normally, the group join fee is a steep L$1,000, so this is an opportunity you should not pass up!

In addition to monthly group gifts, 7 Deadly s[K]ins has an absolutely amazing Christmas calendar of free group gifts, every day from Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st! You must be a group member to get all the freebies, though.

7 Deadly s[K]ins is one of those irritating store names that you cannot seem to do a keyword search for using the Search feature of your SL client software, though, so the best way to join the group is to teleport to the in-world store, and click on this Group Join button on the sign behind the front counter at the entrance:

Another group that is offering a time-limited free group join period during this Black Friday sales period is CAROL G., an avatar tattoo store. (You have until Nov. 30th to join that particular group.)