Former InWorldz Staff Plan to Start Up a Separate Grid from “InWorldz II”


The InWorldz saga continues…

Talla Adam of the blog Metaverse Traveller reports that a team of former InWorldz staff members is planning to set up their own grid, separate from Beth Reischl’s team, which is working to set up “InWorldz II”, an as-yet-unnamed replacement grid for the now-closed InWorldz:

In the wake of the InWorldz shut down, the exodus of refugees to Opensim grids and the declared aim of Beth Reischl (Elenia Llewellyn) and those close to her to launch InWorldz II, other ex-InWorldz staff members say they plan to launch a new grid as well and they intend to port the best of Halcyon code to their Open Simulator version. The grid is called Infiniti and the slogan being toyed with is “Infinite Dreams, Infinite Possibilities – Yours at Infiniti Grid”

Legion Heinrichs (John Arnolde), Lecktor, and April Chung were part of the original six founders of InWorldz along with Beth Reischl and two others who Lecktor says he has lost contact with. He said, “Over the years, Beth’s strong type A personality, managed to alienate all of us. As time went on she added David and Jim to her team as technical folks.” Neither David (Tranquillity Dexler), former CTO who left in 2016, or Jim Tarber, who says he won’t be involved with InWorldz any longer after helping to recover content, are involved in the Infiniti project.

Lecktor continued “It is with great sadness and pain that we’ve watched InWorldz deteriorate over the years and what motivates us to this project. We are all excited however with the prospect of helping the Opensim/InWorldz community heal from the hurt.”

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. I think it will be especially difficult to attract content creators to any InWorldz spin-off grid, given what has happened. As they say: once bitten, twice shy!


UPDATED: The End of InWorldz

Today was InWorldz’s last day. Grid co-founder Beth Reischl estimated that Rackspace would shut off the InWorldz servers at the end of their business day, 5:00 p.m. CST, which works out to 3:00 p.m. InWorldz time. While the main servers have not yet been turned off as of this writing, the InWorldz login server was shut down around 5:00 p.m., leaving only a handful of avatars still online on a few sims. No users can log in. InWorldz is now gone.

Over the past few days, avatars gathered at spots like InWorldz Desert Island 1 (the site of the original welcome centre) to chat and commiserate with each other:

Inworldz Desert Island gathering 27 July 2018_001.png

After InWorldz Desert Island 1 shut down (as many sims did throughout the course of the day today), people went over to InWorldz Desert Island 2, which was still up, to spend their last hours together:

InWorldz Desert Island 2 gathering 27 July 2018_001.png

Despite heroic efforts by Beth Reischl and her team to do as many OAR backups of as many sims as possible before shut-down, many people are still facing the loss of most of their inventory. Some are bitter and angry; others are resigned. Nobody is happy about this turn of events.

InWorldz was the victim of some poor business decisions and just plain bad luck. In a period of sixteen months, two of the largest and most popular OpenSim-based grids—Avination and InWorldz—have failed.

Does this mean the end for OpenSim? No. Many of the people affected by the Avination and InWorldz closures simply decided to move to other OpenSim grids, such as Kitely, DigiWorldz and the Discovery grid.

But InWorldz is officially dead, as of this evening. Now we wait to see whether a new grid will rise from its ashes.

UPDATE July 28th: After they completed doing the OAR archives of all the sims, InWorldz staff turned the login server back on. If you try to log into InWorldz this morning, you will be able to get into InWorldz Desert Island (IDI) 1, which is the only sim that is left running. Even though Rackspace has not been paid, the servers still seem to be running! Right now there are about 50 avatars chatting with each other. We have no idea how long the sim will stay up, so you might want to come and visit with some old friends before InWorldz really is gone for good!

Here’s a snapshot of us at IDI:

InWorldz 28 July 2018_001.png

Yadni Monde’s Creations in InWorldz

Among the many InWorldz sims that will be shutting down on Friday are those belonging to long-time prim sculptor Yadni Monde, who started off in Second Life and later moved over to InWorldz. Beth Reischl recently interviewed Yadni on her news show iNewz:

So I paid a visit to Yadni’s sims and took a few pictures:

Yadi 1 25 July 2018.png

Yadni 2 25 July 2018.png

Yadni 3 25 July 2018.png

Yadni 5 25 July 2018.png

It makes me sad to think that we may never see these wonderful and inventive creations again.

Yadi 4 25 July 2018.png

UPDATED! InWorldz: What Can You Do to Save Your Inventory Before the Grid Shuts Down?

INworldz GoFundMe.png
InWorldz GoFundMe page

Here are some tips for people who want to preserve as much of their InWorldz inventory as possible before InWorldz shuts down and a new grid is set up by Beth Reischl and her team.

First, if you want to support InWorldz and their efforts to start up a new replacement grid, you can donate to their GoFundMe campaign. (UPDATE: This has now been closed.) If they don’t raise enough money, there will probably be no replacement grid. They have stalled just short of their goal of US$17,000, because some people who originally thought they were paying to keep InWorldz going (rather than pay to start up a new grid) have since withdrawn their pledges. As Beth Reischl has stated:

So here’s where things stand. I asked in Discord this afternoon, once we hit our goal, then what? What about next month? After much agonizing and upset, it was suggested by the residents that we use these monies to start a new grid. We’ll be able to move OARs, profiles, groups. Inventory can only be taken that can be put in a box to be OAR filed. We’ll be opening the sandbox for people who have no region to place their items and can get them back.

If you are NOT ok with this, I urge you to please withdraw your support on the page. I do not want to take anyone’s money who is not ok with this! Otherwise, please start boxing your items up on your region or ask a friend or tomorrow I’ll be opening the Sandboxes up for people!

The best and most complete advice comes from InWorldz staff member Jim Tarber. You might want to go over and read his entire comment in full, but here’s a summary:

Okay, let’s talk instead about what we can save.  We’re in emergency mode due to the unavoidable sudden news that the servers will shut down Friday, so the “plan” has been under constant change while Elenia tries to keep you informed and yet we also try to adjust it as we learn more information.  It’s not so much something planned, as much as an emergency response.

When the servers are shut down on us, there will be no more assets. There will be no more inventories.  We have large arrays of both and the sheer size of the data means we can’t possibly copy it somewhere else in time, even if we could afford to double up the storage temporarily and pay for the very large bandwidth costs to copy outside Rackspace. So we need to plan for the loss of user inventories and assets.

There are many wonderful places to visit in InWorldz, and so saving the regions where possible is obviously a priority too. Fortunately, we can grab is an object archive (OAR) file for each region.  There’s an option to store assets which we don’t normally include, because we normally have the assets on their on servers.  We can save each region’s contents into an OAR file with assets.

Now I want to impress upon you that this isn’t an orderly evacuation, the house is on fire due to the timing of the server shutdowns and this is your chance to grab the important stuff before it burns down.  What you consider important is up to you, and how much effort you put into it as well.

To allow us to capture as much content as possible, for anything that you consider important enough to be worth your effort, please take that inventory item and rez it in a region either that you own, or one of the InWorldz Sandbox regions. If it’s not an object, rez a box label the box, and add the inventory item to the Contents of the box.

If you do not have a sim on which to rez your inventory items, Beth Reischl has just turned off the auto-return on four of the six InWorldz sandboxes this morning (you can find them by opening your map in your viewer and searching for “InWorldz Sandbox”). Use InWorldz Sandbox 1, 2 3, or 4, NOT 5 or 6. InWorldz staff will do an OAR archive of items placed on the sandbox sims, as Beth says:

OK all 4 sandboxes are opened up
I will do an OAR tonight for it
clean it off
do an OAR tomorrow night
clean it off
then another OAR
that way everybody has a chance
5 and 6 are NOT open
those are PLUS regions and I can’t touch them, they are hardcoded

Here is a picture of me rezzing out some of my items on the InWorldz Sandbox 1 sim. I have also placed a copy of some items that cannot be rezzed (such as body shapes and alphas) into a box:

Rezzing Inventory on a Sandbox.png

Hopefully, that is enough to be able to save them. But there are no guarantees here. As Jim Tarber states:

Now, I don’t know where these OAR files might get used. We haven’t tested loading them on an OpenSim region, just Halcyon servers. It’s difficult to test all the combinations of things. It’s a “best effort” in short time. There are lots of possibilities of where to go from here, everything from:

  • revive IW later (with a clean slate of servers), to
  • establishing a smaller new grid, to
  • creating an only place you can log in and access these OAR files already rezzed up in a region, to
  • just telling everyone to take them to a SimOnAStick installation or an OpenSim grid.  All of these are problematic in some way.

I prefer something in the first three, but there are all kinds of legal, financial and logistic problems with them.  I keep looking at the third case as a possibility, at least for me personally, as a favor to everyone who has been a part of InWorldz (and as the person who implemented the permissions system here!)

Hopefully, this information will be useful to you. You have to do this before Friday, which is when the InWorldz servers will be shut down by Rackspace.

Note: If you are an InWorldz content creator who does NOT want your items ported over to a new grid, you must post a message to this thread in order to request that your items are deleted from any OAR backup that is made by InWorldz.

Here’s a summary of the latest plan of action regarding OARs:

Sounds like this is the current plan on OARs: Ele (Beth Reischl) will make two OARs for each region. One will only be able to contain items you created yourself. That one can be taken to any grid you wish. The second one will be unfliltered, meaning that it will contain items you did not create but own. Those will only be able to be uploaded to the new IW grid. When they are uploaded there they will show you as owner but still show original creator and maintain all perms as you had in your inv before And any creator who wants their items to be removed from the database may do so so if a creator did that and you owned an item that one would not port to the new IW grid.

InWOrldz Rezzing Boxes.png
People rezzing boxes of inventory on one of the InWorldz sandboxes

UPDATE 12:34 p.m.: Beth Reischl has just decided to stop donations to her GoFundMe page, citing “too much vitriol” as the reason. Jim Tarber has added in the official InWorldz Discord server:

There are some false ideas rolling around, causing a lot of commotion, and even drowning out Elenia (Beth Reischl) here in Discord when she tries to show how it should not be a concern. For example the “license” stuff, the “just take content to other grids” stuff, the claims of IP violations, etc. The process hasn’t been decided but she tried to point out that we can take two OAR files, one to back up the full region (for us) and one that is filtered by creator for the user that you can take anywhere. This is no different than the previous ability to export your own creations. But that got lost in the noise in here I think. I’ve suggest she stop trying to communicate in here since there are just too many people flailing instead of listening. Post more concise summaries in the forum instead, or a new FAQ. But people, you can’t imagine the pressure this constant marathon of an AMA (ask me anything) takes on a person. Give her a bit of a break, especially considering we still have a lot of work to get done by Friday. All to try to save as much of your content as possible. I don’t know for what, but if we don’t save it now we’ll have no options.

SECOND UPDATE 8:57 p.m.: Beth has posted a schedule of which InWorldz sims will have OAR archiving done, so you can check it to see how much time to have to rezz out your inventory items. She adds:

InWorldz Sandboxes 1 – 4 will be nightly backed up and items removed for others.

After we produce the OAR file, the items will be cleared from the region and it will be taken down. This way you’ll know when the OAR file has been done. I know everyone wants more time, but we don’t have any more time to give. So by producing a full OAR, we can process them over the next week to get items filtered out and moved on to their region owners.

Jim adds:

Further clarification, by “processing the OARs”, what this means is “saving what’s rezzed in the region”.

User inventories will be lost, so to preserve desired items (I know this is often a lot and way more than can be saved, but do your best, at your discretion and desires), you can rez things from user inventory into the region and thereby include it in these content saves.

There are no guarantees here, we’re just trying to grab as much as possible before Rackspace takes down the servers, but your best chance of preserving anything from inventory that isn’t already rezzed depends on the type of inventory item:

  • Objects (with the object/box icon) need to be rezzed directly in the region (anywhere) in order to be more confident that they will be found in the saved data. Note that this includes things you might not think of as objects, such as HUDs, AOs, etc. If you aren’t sure, use the icon to determine if it’s actually an object.
  • Non-objects (textures, notecards, scripts, etc, things you can’t rez directly into a region) are safe inside a box rezzed in the region.

Note that objects/boxes inside objects/boxes probably won’t make it. Our tests seemed to indicate problems there.  So for example, if you have a rezzer of some kind that you want to preserve, and it’s not already rezzed, rez it.  That covers a lot, and for some things that are no-mod that you can’t pull out nested objects from, there isn’t really much that can be done. We will lose some things, probably a lot.  Normally a grid closes you lose everything, but we have a small amount of time to be different.  That’s why there is so much effort going on to try to save as much as possible.

Creators: it’s still just as okay to put out your objects as it was in the past, your creations aren’t going to other grids unless you take them there yourself. Any OAR files given to end users for the purposes of a move to another grid will be filtered by creator, so customers won’t be able to take your creations unless you present them on the other grid.

I’m not really sure what Ele’s plans are for rebirth here, an IW 2.0 or whatever, but at this time we’re working hard to focus on preserving the InWorldz grid data, including user accounts, profiles, partnerships, groups, memberships, friends lists, mute lists, etc.  If she can bring it back up (and she has indicated she intends to!), you should be able to log back in again with your current credentials when the time comes.

Unfortuntely keeping the Rackspace servers up is not going to happen.  Your support and encouragement to continue anyway by rebuilding, especially in the GoFundMe campaign, has encouraged this attempt to continue.  And a reminder that if you have contributed there but would like a refund, please initiate that refund request on the website and Ele is more than willing to confirm the refund for you.

UPDATE July 26th: Someone asked me to add the following note: The OAR archives will be taken whole, but they are NOT going anywhere until Elenia/Beth gets them scrubbed of any content where its creators that have requested it to be removed, and the OARs going to non-InWorldz destinations will be totally scrubbed to have user-created content only. Otherwise they won’t upload because of permission issues.

InWorldz: What Happens When a Popular, Longstanding Grid Shuts Down?

Remembering InWorldz 1 24 July 2018_001
The calm before the storm: the deserted plaza at InWorldz Desert Island

It is now clear that InWorldz will indeed shut down on Friday. Even though the GoFundMe appeal will almost certainly reach its funding goal within the first 24 hours (an amazing feat), that money will not be available soon enough to save the InWorldz grid.

Users everywhere are frantically packing up items from their inventories into rezzed boxes, in hopes that what they save can be salvaged for a new grid. (InWorldz technical staff are still working out the details and logistics. It’s still not clear how much can be saved.)

For many people who have spent years in InWorldz, this is a bitter end. I never had much of an investment in InWorldz—basically, just my Ruth mesh avatar, my hair and my clothes—so I will not suffer a loss. But to many people who invested a great deal of time and money into building homes and businesses in InWorldz, this is certainly a devastating blow. Some people are resigned; others are angry. Some are lashing out at Beth Reischl and her staff for not having the foresight to see this coming.

Where will they go? Many are choosing to keep their faith in Beth and whatever new grid she sets up to replace InWorldz. They want to stay together and try to keep some of the strong sense of community that they shared in InWorldz.

Others will no doubt choose to go back to Second Life, or to another OpenSim-based grid. Some, feeling burned, may choose to give up on virtual worlds altogether. (I hope they don’t.)

I plan to spend my last week in InWorldz visiting various sims and taking pictures. I’ll probably start with Yadni Monde’s sim, where he moved most of his wonderful sculptural creations over from Second Life. After that, I’ll just wander around, taking in as many sights as I can.

It’s sad, but it’s not the end. It’s just a new beginning, a new chapter.

I leave you with five pictures I took this evening of one of the more amazing builds in InWorldz, the sprawling Castle Marlar of the Land of Lar:

The Land of Lar 2 24 July 2018_001.png

The Land of Lar 1 24 July 2018_001.png

The Land of Lar 3 24 July 2018_001

The Land of Lar 4 24 July 2018_001.png

The Land of Lar 5 24 July 2018_001.png

UPDATED: InWorldz Is Shutting Down, But a New Grid May Take Its Place


Yesterday, Beth Reischl, one of the founding partners of the virtual world InWorldz, posted a long message to their community announcements:

I know a lot of our residents are wondering what is going on, cashouts have been frozen for 2 weeks, support has been spotty and a host of other things. So this is probably the hardest post I’ve ever written about the state of InWorldz currently. I’ll start with the history so everyone knows what has been going on, and I’ve always been as honest as possible with everyone, so bear with me please.

At this point, what all of this means is very simple: Without payment from the funds sitting in the UCC liens, RackSpace will be shutting our servers down. I’ve extended our servers out until Friday, July 27. I can not process cashouts, no payments may be sent out. For that, I’m truly sorry. The only thing I can do at this point, is the last power I have left under PayPal: to honor all disputes of monies paid to InWorldz during this timeframe. We will start the refunding process tomorrow morning, and go through as much as we can until PayPal shuts us out of the accounts. In meantime, each and every single customer can dispute the monies paid to us, and PayPal will honor all disputes on behalf of the buyer if there is no response from the merchant. It takes a bit longer, they have to give merchants 15 days to respond, however, if they’ve yanked our access, it may go faster. So whether you’ve purchased I’z or paid for your regions, please dispute them if you don’t see the refunds coming throughout this week.

Every person can download their Inventory, but realize, it will not work on any grid other than InWorldz. You can do this via your login page on InWorldz, Inventory Backup. It will make a request to our Inventory Servers to provide you with that file. If someone manages to make the Backups work on their grid, you can get your inventory there.

I know many of you will be angry over this, my heart was broken Friday afternoon, and I know many of you will have harsh words for this decision. Do know, I tried my hardest to avoid this outcome. For 10 years, InWorldz has been my bread and butter, and now I no longer have that. It’s raised my children, it’s seen many of us come together in real life, it’s facilitated a community I never thought possible. I’ve seen so much goodness pour through this community for those who needed help and I’ve seen the worst of what can happen when group negative think takes over. I’ve seen the best of creativity brought to life, and I’ve seen the absolute horrid side of cheapness and fraud and greed. I’ve watched a community that has gone through inclusion and seclusion. Through all of this though, I know many friends have been made, contacts made from around the world, loves found (and some lost), heartache over loss of community members, outpouring of charity for various causes, and even for personal members who had no hope previously. I’ve watched those with social challenges blossom and grow and find inner talents they never knew they had. And now, I hope and wish that each and every one of you finds a way to continue your path, to continue to create, to love, to grow and to be the absolute best you can be.

I’m very sorry to read this, but I can’t honestly say that I am totally surprised by this decision. As I wrote earlier, InWorldz has been having trouble for quite some time already.

If you want the platform to survive, you’d better hurry over to their GoFundMe page. I notice that 80 people have already donated over US$11,000 of their US$17,000 goal in only 13 hours! The GoFundMe page states:

As many of you know, I posted this morning about current state of affairs in InWorldz. We have decided NOT to go down without a fight! But to do so, we need your support! I refunded most payments this morning via PayPal (there are still some needing refunding), and we will apply your donations to your region tier. We need $17k to get bank balance back to normal (because we paid off LoanBuilders one payment and Chase let it go through putting us in negative) and pay the servers for another month.

I will be honest, Cashouts will be put off until we get everything organized, but all older cashouts will be held to be first paid off as things stabilize.

I know InWorldz is a home to so many of you, and I was willing to close the doors on that as I had not seen any way out of the impending doom. However, if you can donate, we can get the servers going and we’ll get a new payment system in place that is not PayPal, but still allow all of our Domestic and European customers pay! I hope I can count on you and so do your neighbors! We will apply donations that match billing records as needed, just let us know which region and we’ll update accordingly. Remember, if we don’t hit our goal, you lose nothing! Let’s hit it peeps!

Who knows? Maybe InWorldz will be able to keep running a little longer!

UPDATE 12:54 p.m.: Well, InWorldz’s GoFundMe page has now attracted US13,843 by 110 people in only 17 hours, which is quite impressive. They may actually be able to collect enough money to pay for their server costs for another month.

The Hypergrid Business blog, which has had a sometimes testy relationship with InWorldz management, has reported on the issue:

InWorldz, one of the oldest and most successful commercial grids, is shutting down this week, owner Beth Reisch announced today, citing financial difficulties.

According to Reischl, travel-related communication problems, bureaucratic mistakes and other issues resulted in the shutdown of the grid’s PayPal accounts and the calling in of the company’s business loans.

“Without payment… RackSpace will be shutting our servers down,” she said in her announcement. “I’ve extended our servers out until Friday, July 27th. I can not process cashouts, no payments may be sent out. For that, I’m truly sorry.”

However, she said she will begin issuing refunds, as much as she can before PayPal shuts all access to the accounts.

Typically, grids in this situation suspend services temporarily until the problems are resolved. It wasn’t clear from her announcement why she decided to fully shut down the grid instead.

As of May, 2018, InWorldz had more than 180,000 registered users. The last time other stats were available, May 2017, the grid had more than 1,200 regions and over 5,200 active users. However, active user numbers and region counts had been slipping.

Throughout its eight-year history, InWorldz was frequently the most popular OpenSim grid, and was one of the top grids when it came to attracting new users to the OpenSim platform. The grid has also donated code back to the open source community, both patches to the mainline OpenSim project as well as the full code base for Halcyon, its own version of OpenSim.

As the most successful grid, InWorldz has also been a target of criticism, including on Hypergrid Business. But, on balance, it was a major positive for the community, and will be missed.

Well, InWorldz may indeed be able to pull off a last-minute Hail Mary pass, but now that word has gotten out, I believe that they are going to have an even harder time attracting consumers and creators than they did before. I hate to say it, but this may be the death knell for InWorldz.

SECOND UPDATE 5:38 p.m.: Less than US$1,000 away from reaching their goal, Beth Reischl has posted an update on the GoFundMe page:

Wow! Everyone has been amazing! So here’s where things stand. I asked in discord this afternoon, once we hit our goal, then what? What about next month? After much agonizing and upset, it was suggested by the residents that we use these monies to start a new grid. We’ll be able to move OARS, profiles, groups. Inventory can only be taken that can be put in a box to be OAR filed. We’ll be opening the sandbox for people who have no region to place their items and can get them back.

If you are NOT ok with this, I urge you to please withdraw your support on the page. I do not want to take anyone’s money who is not ok with this! Otherwise, please start boxing your items up on your region or ask a friend or tomorrow I’ll be opening the Sandboxes up for people!

Every single one of you simply amazes me!

Help spread the word!

So, InWorldz is indeed shutting down, but with the money raised, Beth plans to start a new grid. The official InWorldz Discord server is simply buzzing with chatter tonight! Lots of discussion, debate, confusion and argument over the best course of action. Jim Tarber (who appears to be an InWorldz technical support person) said, “The servers will go down on Friday. When that happens, we lose all inventory and all assets. We are scrambling to save what we can before then.” This is going to be a massive undertaking!

InWorldz: A Brief Introduction


InWorldz was founded in 2009 by three people: Beth Reischl, John Arnolde, and David Daeschler. From a 2010 interview with the founders:

Q. Tell me something about the history of InWorldz.
A. It started out at the end of 2008 / beginning of 2009 with a few of us in a chat room discussing  if we could even DO a full virtual world, it was a testing phase for us. Then we had people who were actually interested in seeing if we could really pull it together, and lo and behold, we had a live world. I had the time and dedication to devote to it, so we started looking at what could be used, worked on, where it really was in grand scheme of things, and by February 2009 we started our testing, and by April 2009 we actually allowed residents to come in and take a look for themselves. We got our first paying customer that same month, talk about our celebration, we were amazed!

Q. What are your goals and aims for InWorldz?
A. First and foremost, to become a viable platform that is comparable to Second Life. Then move on to advancing that platform. This will include things that we’ve spoken about as far as physics, meshes, and so on. These are all things we’d like to tackle later on to improve the platform.

I usually lump InWorldz in with the OpenSim-based virtual worlds, although Talla Adam, in a comment to this blog,  notes that the InWorldz software has branched off from the OpenSim project:

Inworldz, by the way, is not regarded as Opensim anyway, although its roots are in OpenSim. InWorldz runs on the in-house developed Halcyon platform while OSGrid runs on current OpeSim.

InWorldz has been one of the more popular and commercially successful OpenSim-based virtual worlds, not as popular as Second Life, but an attractive, cheaper alternative for many people who were tired of high virtual land prices in SL. Many Second Life vendors set up branches of their businesses in InWordz, and other people built new businesses from scratch. The virtual world uses its own currency, called the I’z.

Unfortunately, InWorldz appears to be going through a period of some growing pains. There are reports of users leaving the platform, and some people are expressing concern. In January 2018, Hypergrid Business reported that a group of InWorldz’s content creators were concerned about the grid’s future:

“I am in InWorldz where I have a shop and we have seen a drastic decline in sales and residents,” one merchant told Hypergrid Business.

The merchant requested anonymity.  “If Elenia [grid owner Beth Reischl] doesn’t like what any of us report, then she could ban us from the grid because she has done that in the past,” the merchant said.

Residents have also complained on social media that the founders haven’t been paying attention to their concerns. Of the top managers, owner Reischl moved to Panama and founder and CTO David Daeschler has mostly moved on to other projects.

In an apparent effort to stem the flow of bad news, the grid shut down the public discussion forums a couple of years ago and stopped publishing monthly user statistics last spring.

According to the owners, there was too much drama in the forums and moderation would have been too expensive.

“Our forums have literally cost us thousands of dollars in customers,” Reischl said in a forum post in 2015.

Staff developer Jim Tarber followed up with a very confusing statement about why InWorldz doesn’t need to have a public discussion forum.

“It’s not InWorldz’ core business, we are not a social network like Facebook, we’re a software development organization providing an online service,” he wrote.

There has been some worried discussion among users about InWorldz’s future in their Residents Corner (thread one, thread two). But InWorldz, unlike many other OpenSim-based grids that have foundered along the way like Avination, keeps moving forward.

To learn more about InWorldz, visit their website or their wiki. InWorldz founder Beth Reischl also has a YouTube channel, with episodes of her show, called iNewz.