A List of Christmas Events in the Various Social VR/Virtual Worlds

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This is a list of the various Christmas events which are taking place this holiday season on the various social VR platforms and virtual worlds I cover on this blog. If you have an event that I have missed, please let me know and I will update this listing, thanks!


Sinespace has a Winter Festival with events running every day from Dec. 21st, straight through until New Year’s Eve! Here’s the complete schedule. (And don’t forget to take advantage of one month of free Premium membership!)

Second Life

As usual, there is so much happening in Second Life around Christmastime that it is impossible to compile a full list!

  • Your best bet is to check the Events listing under Search; you can do a keyword search, or select events using the drop-down category menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Events window in Firestorm (for example, “Live Music” to catch a live performer’s show).
  • The official Second Life Destination Guide lists eight pages worth of winter attractions to visit.
  • The Seraphim website has a list of fairs and events that you might want to check out.
  • Among many other club events happening throughout Second Life over the holidays, Bryce Sun is DJing on Christmas Day at the FMD Club, which bills itself “the premiere destination for Second Life’s sexiest and most fashionable residents”.


On Dec. 21st, Solas and Drax will host a special holiday edition of Harvest Hopping (the long-running Sansar worlds exploration event formerly known as Atlas Hopping). All are welcome!

And on Dec. 27th, there will be a Christmas Community Campfire at Witchy’s Winter, hosted by Beverly Zauberflote:

Please check the Sansar Events page for more details on these and other events during this holiday season.


Check the AltspaceVR Events Listing for all the news on what’s going on, including four separate VR Church Christmas services on Dec. 22nd: one at a time zone for Australians, a second at a time zone for Europeans, and two back-to-back services for North Americans.


The best place to find out what Christmas events are happening in the busy world of VRChat is the VRChat Events website, with an online calendar of events, and a link to join the VRChat Events Discord server.

Also, there is a brand new Winter category in the Worlds menu in VRChat, with places for you to explore!

VRChat is also home to the annual New Years Times Square, where you could run into just about anybody! It is described as a developer-made world with hundreds of posters from the VRChat community.

My source, Fionna, also tells me:

I will be hosting an event for the world builder community on New Year’s Eve as well, featuring a world made by Sentinel, which is a gorgeous Art Deco lounge.


Medra, an organizer of the NeosVR Creator Jam series of events in NeosVR, posted:

The holidays are almost upon us and the 30th Creator Jam…so it’s time for:

Creator Jam 30: 3rd Megajam & Winter Holiday Party

Sunday December 22nd
Starts at 2 p.m. EST(11 a.m. PST/19:00 UTC).

As an anniversary and Holiday celebration come hang out exchanging gifts, dressing up, and voting on Christmas trees. This will be a party and Swap Meet. NeosVR is wonderful for people unloading their inventories. What a better way to be in the spirit of giving than for people to share what they have or made. If you have a cool avatar, share it! If you have a cool gadget, please share. Pack neat Logix snippets in adult beverages or prezzies. We will be be exploring all the previous nine Creator Jam worlds in a livestream with Nexulan.

Secret Santa gift exchange will be held during this party at 2:30 p.m. EST (11:30 a.m. PST/19:30 UTC) Even if you aren’t a part of the Secret Santa gift exchange feel free to give gifts to specific people or everyone.

Everyone is welcome. I look forward to seeing all!

Somnium Space

Somnium Space is simultaneously saying goodbye both to 2019 and to the first version of their Steam client, with a Farewell Party on Dec. 30th with special guests Vivian Chazen (the host of The Hive VR) and musical artist Luke Reynolds:


AltspaceVR: A New Update Makes It Even Easier to Create and Host Live Events on the Social VR Platform

Kyle Melnick of the VRScout virtual reality news website reported today that Microsoft-owned social VR platform AltspaceVR has rolled out a new update:

In an official release sent out yesterday, Microsoft revealed a slew of new features and improvements heading to the social platform that will allow users to more easily create, share, and host their own live events, whether it be a small get-together with a handful of friends or an arena-scale festival open to users around the globe. This latest update introduces a new user interface offering a variety of pre-built event templates for ad-hoc AMAs [Ask Me Anything events], political discussions, community meetups, and nine other additional formats. 

(image from VRScout article)

As part of its new focus on user-made events, AltspaceVR will be hosting a Daily Spotlight Event every evening at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time/10:00 p.m. Eastern Time, showcasing a rotating lineup of community events for users to discover. 

As I have said before, AltspaceVR is just absolutely killing it with respect to its programming. It’s probably the one social VR platform that hosts the most live events and meetings, and obviously the company has decided to focus on its strengths in that area. (It certainly doesn’t hurt that AltspaceVR clients are available for the HTC Vive, GearVR, Oculus VR hardware, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and flatscreen desktop mode on a PC. More options mean more people can participate.)

For more information about AltspaceVR, here is their website and their events calendar. You can also follow them on various social media: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Discord.

Open Mic Night in VRChat

The long-running Open Mic Night is a popular Friday evening event in VRChat, where various users take to the stage to sing, dance, do stand-up comedy, recite poetry, or share whatever other talents they may possess with the audience.

Here’s a two-minute overview video showing you a bit of some of the many performers who appeared on the Open Mic stage last Friday night, October 25th, 2019:

According to the #openmic channel on the VRChat Events Discord:

Come own the stage at Open Mic Night! Every Friday at 10:00 p.m. EST / 7:00 p.m. PST come perform or enjoy the talents of the VRChat community as they bring you a night of music, dance, comedy, and more!

This event streams to Mike P’s Twitch channel, https://twitch.tv/TelepathicRum.

There is a sign-up sheet for performers; the link is in the description of the #openmic channel on the VRChat Events Discord. The organizer, Mike P, explains how the weekly event is organized:

Hey guys, this Friday before the show when everybody’s there I’ll take names down and form a proper list to go off of. I’ll also ask if anybody else would like to be added to the list between performances. The event will be Invite+ instead of Friends+ so that it’s only people who are manually invited by people in the instance that can join. Just as last week I’ll send out invites to everyone at the start of the event from my “Open Mic Night” account. If you’re interested in attending, add the user “Open Mic Night” in game.

For details on this and many other events taking place in VRChat, visit the VRChat Events website or join the VRChat Events Discord server.

Dr. Fran Hosts Her Weekly Salon on the Topic: Is High Fidelity a Cult?

Dr. Fran hosts a weekly salon on the social VR platform High Fidelity, where various topics relating to technology, science, art and philosophy are discussed and debated.

And this Sunday’s topic seems, well, particularly pertinent, given all the recent travails that High Fidelity has been going through:

A few weeks ago, the topic was: Why are you still here?

Is it possible that you are here because of cult-ish leanings? What makes a cult, and what would cause YOU to be part of a cult?

IN ADDITION: This discussion can touch a bit on confirmation bias, as in: I made a choice to be a member of High Fidelity, and to admit that it is a losing proposition would mean that I am wrong about my choice.

So, am I holding on because I believe in HOLY HiFi, or maybe, I don’t want to admit that I put my hopes and dreams on the wrong virtual world? Or, is it the wrong virtual world?

The salon takes place on Sunday, October 20th, at 2:00 p.m. High Fidelity time/Pacific time, at Franny. (Unfortunately, I have a real-life event happening at the same time, so I cannot join the discussion.)

Franny — the site of Dr. Fran’s weekly salon

By the way, when I popped in-world to take this picture, I was one of a grand total of six avatars in High Fidelity on this Saturday afternoon, according to the GoTo section of their user interface tablet. Now, there might be a few more who are in unpublished domains, but you have to admit, that’s a pretty depressing figure.