Sansar Top 5: A Hunt for Four Keys Hidden in Sansar

Sam's Mountain Cabin 4 Apr 2018.png

Image: Sam’s Mountain Cabin

The plot of the novel/movie Ready Player One revolves around finding three special keys. Sam and Boden have decided to do something similar for a special contest in this week’s episode of Sansar Top 5. Here are the details:

For this week’s very special Sansar Top 5, we’re doing a Ready Player One-inspired hunt:

“Four hidden keys open four secret gates. This happens now, so don’t even wait!”

Get started BEFORE the next episode (April 5 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific) — go to Sam’s Mountain Cabin and look for said literal key object, which will take you to the next experience, and so on. A clue is in the Atlas listing for each place.

There’s a fun prize for ANYONE who takes pics of themselves next to each key in ALL four experiences with keys. Tag #sansartop5 on Instagram, or if you don’t use that, just post your 4 photos in -top-5 in Discord.

Plus, the first gunter (that’s “easter egg hunter” in RPO parlance) to do this will get an exclusive honor!

The hunt is on!

So, good luck! A warning: this hunt is HARD! I hunted all over and I could not find the first key!

Sansar Top 5: Are We In a Painting?

On Friday, Sam and Boden (along with Torley as cameraman) led a whirlwind tour of five Sansar art-related experiences:

  1. IDIA Lab: Newton’s Cenotaph, by Mencius Watts
  2. 3D Mind Bending Reversperspective Art, by JackTheRipper
  3. Floating Temple, by C3rb3rus
  4. Valencia, by Theanine
  5. Mountain Cabin, created by Sam and his wife! (everybody had some technical difficulties trying to get into the same instance of this experience)

Here’s the livestream (I can’t seem to get it to start right at the beginning no matter how I embed the URL, so you might need to rewind it to the beginning):

Sansar Top 5, Episode 2!

Well, that was fun! Five experiences in half an hour, yes it can be done! Sam and Boden were very efficient and witty hosts. You can watch the YouTube livestream here, Torley was our cameraman:

Great fun! And the best news is, Sam and Boden announced that they will be doing the Sansar Top 5 weekly, every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time. See you next week!