Sansar Top 5: A Hunt for Four Keys Hidden in Sansar

Sam's Mountain Cabin 4 Apr 2018.png

Image: Sam’s Mountain Cabin

The plot of the novel/movie Ready Player One revolves around finding three special keys. Sam and Boden have decided to do something similar for a special contest in this week’s episode of Sansar Top 5. Here are the details:

For this week’s very special Sansar Top 5, we’re doing a Ready Player One-inspired hunt:

“Four hidden keys open four secret gates. This happens now, so don’t even wait!”

Get started BEFORE the next episode (April 5 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific) — go to Sam’s Mountain Cabin and look for said literal key object, which will take you to the next experience, and so on. A clue is in the Atlas listing for each place.

There’s a fun prize for ANYONE who takes pics of themselves next to each key in ALL four experiences with keys. Tag #sansartop5 on Instagram, or if you don’t use that, just post your 4 photos in #sansar-top-5 in Discord.

Plus, the first gunter (that’s “easter egg hunter” in RPO parlance) to do this will get an exclusive honor!

The hunt is on!

So, good luck! A warning: this hunt is HARD! I hunted all over and I could not find the first key!


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