A 15-Minute Second Life Avatar Makeover: Here Comes Santa Claus!

People, I have spent *YEARS* working on the perfect Santa Claus avatar in Second Life. This is the best I was able to do in ye olde pre-mesh days, cobbling together bits and pieces from various Santa Claus outfits I had purchased:

Old Santa 14 Dec 2018

He was a little on the skinny side, but otherwise, he looked okay. The interactive Santa’s Bag from ED Creations (which includes animations to allow Santa to reach into his bag and throw real gift-wrapped presents at people) was the perfect finishing touch!

Well, today I gave Santa one of my patented 15-minute avatar makeovers, and now he looks like this:

New Santa 14 Dec 2018.png

New Santa 2 14 Dec 2018.png

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Piggu Jonathan avatar version 2.1 (L$700)

Complete Santa Claus Outfit, including Boots and Hat: Piggu Jonathan Santa suit (L$100; available at one of the booths of the wonderful 1st Annual Piggu Mini Fair; here’s a direct SLURL to the booth, simply use the Show on Map feature in your SL client software and follow the red arrow!)

Santa Beard: Babbellotta facial hair bright white (L$225; available at the same booth as the Santa suit; this beard looks best set at full bright, so I added a free body light to make Santa brighter overall and to even out the effect)

Santa booth at Piggu Fair 14 Dec 2018.png


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!


Christmas Came Early! The December Update of Sansar Has Many New Features

Yesterday the Sansar team at Linden Lab put in a long afternoon updating the client software, working into the evening to track down and fix a software bug.

Here are some of the new features of the latest release:

Shooting Guns

This update to the Sansar client is called the Ready, Aim, Fire! release, and for good reason, according to the release notes:

Project PewPew

  • This is a whole suite of APIs and features that will allow for creators to explore gun-play in Sansar!
  • Scripts can now detect VR inputs, mouse clicks and what the player is targeting when any input is hit.
  • Even more script APIs for Ray/shape casting have been added.
  • Grab Points can be toggled to stay held when picked up (so you don’t have to hold your pewpewer the whole time)
  • Check out the new Game.Gun, Game.Target and Selector simple scripts to add these features to your scene!
  • Mouselook mode: allows desktop users to switch to a mode where you do not need to click and hold right-mouse to look around. You can instead hit the ESC key and just move your mouse round.
    • This a toggle-able feature
    • While active it will disable the menu

Here’s a short video by Jogalog showing the new features:

Sitting Down

We finally have a long-awaited feature: the ability to sit down on furniture that has sit points enabled by the creator!

Medhue and Bagnaria Sit Down 12 Dec 2018.png

Sit Points

  • Much like “Grab Points” creators can now designate “Sit Points” on object, while in Edit Mode.
  • This works with Static objects only.
  • Clicking on a sit point will teleport your avatar to the location of the sit point, and the orientation that has been set.


New Scene Settings

Scene level settings

  • Free-cam & Teleportation distance limitation options
    • Free-Cam for Desktop users can be turned off in an experience in Edit Mode
    • Teleportation (VR & Desktop) distance can be limited or turned off in an experience in Edit Mode.
  • Available in Scene Settings in Edit Mode

Home Space

There’s also a brand  new home space that appears when you log into Sansar:

Sansar Login 12 Dec 2018.png

Sansar Home Space 12 Dec 2018.png

Sansar Home Space 2 12 Dec 2018.png

Tutorials and Prompts

Also, the controls and the user interface have a new tutorial that will start in the home space when you first log in, and you will also receive one-time prompts as you visit experiences.

Visit Experience 12 Dec 2018.png

For complete details on all the new features in this release, please see the official blog post.

Looks like Christmas came early!

1,000 Blogposts!

1000 Blogposts!

I reached a significant milestone today! I have made one thousand blogposts!

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Here’s to the next thousand! And thank you to all my readers!

UPDATED: It’s Official! Sansar Has Launched on Steam

I just checked, and Sansar has now officially launched on Steam:

Sansar on Steam 5 Dec 2018.png

Here’s the new promotional trailer from the Steam page:


Linden Lab also sent out the following announcement:

As of today, December 5th, we are officially live on Steam!

We wanted to give a huge thank you to our current community who have been so supportive, and to extend a warm “Welcome” to all our new community members joining us from Steam!

You can find us on Steam as an Early Access Game, where we’re free to download. Even better, you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of Steam as a social platform for gamers including full access to our Steam Community Hub!

As reminder, as part of our effort to get onto Steam we have had to make alterations to our currency model, details of which can be found in this blog post.

We can’t wait for you to take this step with us, and we’d love your help in spreading the word!

Here are some things you can do if you’d like to help out:

  • Leave a review on Steam!
  • Host an Event!
  • Enter our Sokoban Puzzle challenges!
  • Make something to sell on the store!
  • Share videos and screenshots of you in Sansar!
  • Stream Sansar on Twitch!
  • Tell your friends!

Be sure to check out events.sansar.com – or find the Events tab in Sansar – to see what events we have coming up in December. You can also join our Discord if you haven’t already to hear up-to-the-minute announcements.  We’ve got some great events coming up, including Comedy Gladiators: A Virtual Comedy Experience (12/10) and the Grand Finals of Star Trek Trivia (12/13)!

If you have any questions, feel free to bring them to our weekly Product Meetup Thursdays at 11am PDT in Sansar!

Here is some handy documentation explaining Steam integration issues:

  • How to install Sansar from Steam
  • How to create a Sansar account using Steam credentials
  • How to log into Sansar using your Steam credentials
  • How to link your Steam wallet to your Sansar account

And there’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will I have to use a Steam account or have to launch Sansar through Steam?
      • No. If you have an existing Sansar account, it will still function the same way it always has. Additionally, you will still be able to launch Sansar from the desktop client. Even after we launch on Steam, you will still be able to create new Sansar accounts and download the latest Sansar client, from our website.
      • You can also add Sansar (downloaded from our website) as a 3rd-party program you can launch from Steam.
    • Will I be able to merge my Sansar and Steam accounts?
      • No. We are not allowing account merging at this time.
    • If I want to use my existing Sansar account, can I still login to Steam?
      • Yes! If you are logged in to Steam, and download Sansar through the Steam platform, when you launch Sansar you will be prompted to login with the Sansar account of your choice.
    • Do I have to buy Sansar dollars through Steam?
      • If you created your Sansar account through Steam you have to have to use your Steam Wallet to purchase Sansar Dollars. If you created your Sansar account through our website, we will use the purchasing information we have one file.
    • How do I request a cashout of my Sansar balance?
      • Processing credit from Sansar into your Paypal account is temporarily on hold, but will be re-enabled in early 2019. Until then, if you would like to request a manual payout, you can find instructions on how to do that here.

Have fun! Join the party!


UPDATE Dec. 6th: Inara Pey has done her usual excellent job of covering the launch of Sansar on Steam on her blog, and she adds a few details I neglected to mention:

The Sansar page on Steam includes a promotional video and a series of images from Sansar. In addition, and to underline the platform’s status, there is also a Q&A element, which addresses a number of questions, including:

Why Early Access?

“Sansar is a place where you can hang out with friends, play games, explore new worlds, and share incredible creations, but we can’t do that without you! Being in Early Access is important to us to make sure we’re hearing directly from the community on what you’d like to see and do in Sansar. Come join us!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We plan on staying in Early Access until Sansar is the very best it can be. We’re constantly making improvements, and we’re eager for your feedback.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We want Sansar to be the place where people can connect with communities and celebrate what they love through immersive virtual experiences, interactive events, customizable avatars, and easy creation. That’s why we plan to develop even more features around socialization, interactivity, personalization, and creation – elements that enrich the social experiences our platform enables. Plans will change based on your feedback, and we’re always listening and learning.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Right now, Sansar lets you host and attend virtual events, play games, explore user-created experiences, and buy and sell merchandise in the Sansar Store. Meet friends for a watch party and tailgate. Buy clothing and accessories for your avatars, or objects for the virtual experiences you build.”

The sansar.com log-in page now allows web log-ins using Steam account credentials (l). Sansar and Steam integration allows logging-in to Sansar using a user’s Steam credentials (r)

The launch blog post also has some important words for existing Sansar users (or those who have already created a Sansar account). these include:

  • Existing users can still access Sansar directly from their downloaded version of the client, and use all the capabilities with it, including creating new accounts; they do not have to use Steam to log-in.
  • However:
    • Existing Sansar users with a Steam account can add Sansar to their Steam account and launch it from there it they wish
    • Or if they are logged into Steam and opt  to launch Sansar via Steam, they will be prompted to log-in to Sansar with the account of their choice (Sansar, Steam or Twitch).
  • There will be no direct merging of Sansar and Steam accounts (“at this time”).
  • User with an existing Sansar account can continue purchasing Sansar Dollars using the payment information they have on file with Linden Lab.
    • However, users signing-up for Sansar via Steam must use their Steam Wallet to purchase Sansar Dollars.