Inara Pey Blogs the Sansar Product Meetups of Feb. 15th and Feb. 20th

Inarar Pey's Blog 27 Feb 2018.png

I had forgotten to direct people to Inara Pey’s regular comprehensive blogposts about the most recent Sansar Product Meetups. Sorry! Unfortunately, I can no longer simply reblog them, but I can still embed links to them:

Note that Linden Lab has changed the regular dates for their Product Meetups, moving one meeting to earlier in the week rather than having two meetings every Friday.


Scene of the Day: Voyage Live: Egypt

Today’s Scene of the Day is from the Voyage Live: Egypt experience, where this morning’s Sansar Product Meetup was held.

Product Meetup at Egypt 21 Dec 2017.png

In addition to Jenn (the Community Manager for Sansar), Nyx, Brett and Torley from Linden Lab were also present at the meeting to answer questions.