Some Quick Notes on the First Sansar Product Meetup Since the Platform Was Bought By Wookey

I missed this Product Meetup due to various virtual work meetings today, so I am just now watching the livestream on Twitch in order to get caught up.

Daisy Gator also livestreamed today’s meeting (thanks, Daisy!):

One of the big pieces of news is that Sansar is actually planning to work on support for mobile devices (both Android and iOS): “I think that the intent is to be a steaming service, so you’ll be streaming Sansar to your phone rather than rendering directly on your phone.” (In response to a question, Sansar is not working on support for the Oculus Quest VR headset.)

Another piece of news is that Sansar’s popular community manager, Galileo, found another job during the hiatus (with the company making the game War Dragons), and this week is his last. Lacie will be the new Sansar community manager.

Galileo left us the following thank you video:

As I expected, body sliders on the avatars is not a priority. The focus will continue to be on events: “Our plan is to get these huge events going with tons, thousands of people, hopefully, in here.”

Sansar will remain PG13; there are no plans to allow adult content.

As far as the team knows, the existing collaboration with Marvelous Designer will continue.

With respect to Sansar’s availability via Steam (which I think has been a disaster), they are currently looking at the situation. So there are no details yet on whether or not Sansar will stay on Steam.

I understand that Inara Pey was at this Product Meetup, and I look forward to seeing her usual detailed notes. When she posts them on her blog, I will link to them here.

UPDATE 4:56 p.m.: Well, that was fast! Here is Inara’s report on today’s meeting.

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  1. Yay, the distracting looking white-wash angel will be gone for good. I hope the new community manager does not choose such a style of look at me avatar.

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