Sansar Scene of the Day: The Vomit Comet

I haven’t posted a Sansar Scene of the Day for a long time on my blog, so I thought I would correct that oversight today. This picture was taken in an experience I had not visited before, called The Vomit Comet by Scorpion, who describes it as follows:

This place was made to provide “enhanced” VR immersion by exploiting human motion vulnerabilities. It does this well. You might wanna bring a bag. If VR motion sickness is a serious problem for you, do not go in.

Sansar Scene of the Day: Dominox

Dominox is a recently created Sansar experience by Paulo, a Linden Lab employee. It’s kind of like a musical maze, where the multicoloured dominos which make up the walls make sounds when you run into them. Charming and kind of fun, too!

Dominox 15 May 2018

Sansar Scene of the Day: The Beach

I haven’t done one of these for a while!

C3rb3rus The Beach 11 May 2018

This picture was taken by Solas NaGealai of volleyball players at C3rb3rus’ experience called The Beach. Don’t you just love the lighting in this?