Stereowave Music Festival in Sansar April 5th and 6th

This weekend Sansar is hosting the Stereowave Music Festival, featuring numerous deejays performing at C3rb3rus’ The Beach experience:

Friday, April 5th: 12 noon to 6:00 pm. Pacific Time

  • DJ Puddles
  • JasonBeast
  • UnrealDJ & Semiina
  • Stayawayjoe

Saturday, April 6th: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time (use this link to get to the day 2 experience)

  • Granddad & Bluebell
  • DJ Puddles
  • AurrieLynne
  • DJ Bully
  • Ryzo Rin
  • DisneyHuntress
  • Mckmuze
  • Splycer
  • OlympusMons

Here’s the most recent schedule of performers for both days:

Hope to see you there!