Global Music Festivals Event at the LOVEHOTEL in AltspaceVR, 1:00 p.m. EST Sunday, June 13th, 2021

If you’re in the mood for music, you’re in luck! There’s an event taking place tomorrow, Sunday, June 13th, at 10:00 a.m. PST/1:00 p.m. EST/5:00 GMT in the social VR platform AltspaceVR, run by the Global Music Festivals (which had previously held events in Sansar).

Here’s the full text of the event from the AltspaceVR Events Calendar:


Welcome to Global Music Festivals newest event in AltspaceVR. With Mad Paddy & DJ Celeste A music fest filmed by a professional camera crew.

Our party will take place in a surprising version of the famous LOVEHOTEL, created in a collaboration by SHUSHU & MATOcolori – with two dance floors, secret romantic rooms, online cameras with large video screens – you will feel like [you are] in a live video-clip!

Global Music Festivals runs an international festival within VR and IRL featuring DJ’s, with dedicated producer and camera crew in VR. Our best DJ’s will be playing EDM, TRANCE, GOA, TECHNO, PSY, HOUSE, NU JAZZ.

DJ Mad Paddy has been in the music industry since he was 11 and performed at many festivals, also a qualified sound engineer and light specialist. With his love for music and technology it brought him into the world of VR where he has performed for many VR events. 

DJ Celeste’s unshakable love for music and performance has led her to spend nearly two decades of disciplined study and practice to the art and science of music production, DJing and sound engineering in her continuing quest to be able to take her listeners on an irresistibly exciting and inspirational, next level …She is also one of the new generation DJ’s to be at the forefront of Virtual Djing.

Join the event in AltspaceVR, or watch the event live at:

According to the producer of the event, Carlos Austin:

We have the two DJ’s and, four camera men in world there plus of course the public. Beautiful world created by Shushu and Marcello.. will be streamed to Global Music Festival twitch channel. Would you write a small post on your blog about it. We will start with AltspaceVR, then tour to other metaverses this coming year.

See you there!

Sotheby’s Sets Up Shop in Decentraland

The current boom in NFT art has led to new partnerships between bricks-and-mortar art galleries and brokers and blockchain-based platforms, such as Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and Somnium Space, where such art can easily be displayed and admired.

Venerable art auction house Sotheby’s has just announced via Twitter that they have set up a digital replica of its London galleries in the blockchain-based virtual world of Decentraland, as part of Natively Digital, an inaugural curated sale of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artworks (along with a discussion room on Clubhouse today):

Artnet News reports (this site is paywalled so use the incognito mode of your web browser to see this article):

Sotheby’s virtual gallery is a twin of its New Bond Street outpost, complete with five ground-level galleries—but instead of London’s tony Mayfair enclave, it is located in Decentraland’s prime art hub, known as the Voltaire Art District (map coordinates: 52,83).

A virtual version of Sotheby’s avuncular London commissionaire Hans Lomulder…welcomes visitors at the gallery entrance, top hat and all. 

The Observer website reports:

The NFTs that will be for sale include both the work of early, pioneering crypto artists in the field and more recent blockbuster stars; some of the names represented in the sale are Rhea Myers, Lethabo Huma, and Larva Labs. Recently, Christie’s scored a huge win with the $16.9 million sale of 9 Cryptopunks NFTs manufactured by Larva Labs, so that listing in particular is likely to score comparable dividends for Sotheby’s.

The rare face-masked alien CryptoPunk in Gallery 1 has a starting bid of US$480,000! Obviously, this is art that lies way, waaay outside my payscale!

If you want to visit the virtual Sotheby’s in Decentraland, read my step-by-step guide on how to get started, then type /goto 52,83 into chat (note that you should also be able to visit Decentraland as a guest, without setting up an account). Enjoy the art!

Ebbe Altberg: 1964-2021

It is with profound sadness that I learned this morning that Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg, a driving force behind Second Life (and Sansar) since 2014, has passed away.

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In a statement released late yesterday, Patch Linden said:

Second Life found new highs in 2020 between a worldwide pandemic taking grip, through the times of a tumultuous leadership change in the United States, and during movements of civil changes that will forever live in history books.  Second Life provides many with the comfort of a normal that continues to exist for all of us, where many use it to escape real life pressures, stressors and day to day challenges.  In Second Life we can be our ideal, our best, celebrate all that is good across the world together.  Sadly we have also seen some people go, and they will never be forgotten as they touched us, gave us their best from their hearts, minds and souls – this thing called real life sometimes knocks on our door and makes a call.   

This is one of those calls.

Ebbe Altberg started with Linden Lab as our CEO on February 5th, 2014.  He took the helm of the company and immediately went to work on reinvigorating our spirit and culture.  Ebbe brought a profound openness, and transparency in his operation which was key and that had many effects on all of us internally, and externally.  Lindens were encouraged to be part of the vibrant community in Second Life, to participate in and to cherish it as part of our daily duties.  Ebbe also worked internally on embracing all aspects of Second Life, learning about its many nuances to understand impacts of decisions we make; while being sensitive to those and utilizing all of our resources, which firstly included you, the community, and many of us who are deeply embedded in Second Life.  Ebbe’s goals for Second Life included promoting Second Life as the world’s best virtual world, community and platform.  He also sought new adventures in building next generation products.

As I am here before you today, it is with profound sadness that I share with you Ebbe passed away yesterday evening restfully and surrounded by the love of his family. 

Second Life and Sansar blogger Chic Aeon wrote:

Some of us have known for a long while that Ebbe wasn’t well, those of us in Sansar especially.  For the majority of folks in Second Life he was somewhere out there in an office helping to make decisions that changed our virtual lives; sometimes we agreed with those changes and sometimes we did not.  

But to the folks in Sansar he was someone who came in and played, chatted on Discord telling us what he was grilling that night for dinner — being very free with his comments and sometimes his language all in a sort-of-agreed-upon NDA mode. To my knowledge no one ever broke that “code”.  

It was good to see the person behind the job.  

Goodbye and safe journey. 

Ebbe was a special breed of leader, and he will be missed. I vividly remember him joining Drax and Strawberry and the rest of us on our Saturday morning Atlas Hopping adventures in the then-new world of Sansar. His trademark “Ebbe run” (his avatar running around the Sansar landscape at top speed, with both arms raised in the air) will certainly be missed.

The worlds he helped build—Sansar and Second Life—will be his legacy. My condolences go out to Ebbe’s family, friends, and coworkers.