My First (and Second) Real Sale!

Well, the free items in my store, RSVF, are selling quite well, but of course, I’m not making any profit on those!

But yesterday I had my very first paying customer! Thank you, Radioactive Rosca, for buying my men’s T-shirt with the parrot design!

I made S$5 on the sale, which works out to about a U.S./Canadian nickel, but hey, I’ll take it!

My virtual fashion empire is officially launched! Woot!! And as a thank you to Radioactive Rosca, I made a bright yellow T-shirt with the international radioactive hazard symbol, as he had asked me to do! It’s also available for sale for only S$5 on the Sansar Store:

Listing for Radioactive Yellow Men's T-Shirt 30 Dec 2017.png

…and Rosca immediately bought it, and wore it to 114 Harvest! Here is a photo of Rosca with Drax!

Rosca Wearing My T-shirt 30 Dec 2017.jpg

And that’s my SECOND real sale! I’m on a roll!!


Outfit Outlay: Nine Free or Inexpensive Tops for Male Avatars

I’ve done a little shopping in the Sansar Store, and I wanted to show you nine free or cheap tops for men. You don’t have to spend a lot of Sansar dollars to look stylish in-world! Here’s what I’ve found, with links to each item in the Store.

Remember: when you first put on a garment designed using Marvelous Designer, always press the Simulate Cloth button to make the clothing fit properly on your avatar’s body. You may also have to do a little tugging here and there, for example, to make sure that the hem of your shirt does not interpenetrate with the pants, or to ensure that the buttons on the shirt underneath your sweater don’t poke through. A few tugs with the mouse in the right places, and you’re done!

First up is this Tuxedo shirt from Agustine, which is free!

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 1 21 Dec 2017.png

Next is this free green Southwestern Poncho, also by Agustine.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 2 21 Dec 2017

This is Merry Christmas/Happy New Years sweater by Idrid, also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 3 21 Dec 2017

This Peace T-shirt by Agustine is also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 4 21 Dec 2017

What’s Christmas without an Ugly Christmas Sweater? This one is by Idrid and it is free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 5 21 Dec 2017

Here’s a sweater vest which I am wearing over a shirt. You will have to make sure you tug on the sweater a bit to make sure that it covers the buttons on the shirt underneath it! This so-called Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater is also by Idrid and it’s free!

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 6 21 Dec 2017

Whystler has put this Hip and Casual Tunic up on the Sansar Store for only S$5.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 7 21 Dec 2017.png

Here is the Starry Eyes T-Shirt by Agustine, also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 8 21 Dec 2017

And finally, we have the Lightning T-Shirt, also by Agustine (he has been busy!)

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 9 21 Dec 2017