UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals and Freebies: All the Men’s Clothing at Kauna is FREE

Kauna 28 May 2018.png

I couldn’t believe it until I actually got into the sim to check it out for myself. (You’ll probably have to use something like the Teleport Hammer to get in, because the sim is currently jam-packed with avatars picking up all the freebies!)

Kauna menswear store (Flickr photo group) is currently GIVING AWAY ALL THEIR CLOTHING AND SHOES FOR FREE. Yes, that’s right, FREE! We’re talking suits, shirts, vests, sweaters, jackets, socks, shoes and boots, tuxedos and smoking jackets and military tunics, glasses, even beards and moustaches, all mesh, all free. There are both modern and retro styles. There’s even a set of Harry Potter Hogwarts ties and a designer zombie suit!! Everything in the store is free, zilch, zippo, nada, just waiting for you to come in and vacuum it all up!

I should warn you ahead of time that all the mesh clothing comes in three standard sizes (small, medium, and large), and it is not designed specifically for popular male mesh avatar bodies like Signature Gianni or Belleza Jake.

So drop whatever you’re doing and get over here, because I don’t know how long this giveaway is going to last. You’ll have to do your shopping in-world, as Kauna does not have most of these good-quality men’s items on their SL Marketplace store.

Kauna 2 28 May 2018.png

I am loading up the inventories of all my male alts when there’s this big a deal, and I would encourage you to do the same!

UPDATE 6:27 p.m.: In unpacking some of the suits, I have discovered that they do have versions for Slink and The Mesh Project male mesh avatar bodies. So not everything is just in small, medium, and large standard sizes. And the moustaches and beards (which comes in four different styles) are designed specifically to fit the Stanley and Daniel models of Catwa heads.

Here is one of my male alts, wearing the men’s casual suit in black, with black Oxford shoes. The shirt comes in open and closed collar versions, each in tucked and untucked versions. The outfit even comes with black socks! I’m very impressed with the quality of the clothing.

Menswear 28 May 2018

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: Max Altamura avatar (free from UniHispana Crea; comes with a HUD with complete alpha controls)

Eyes: brown Dream eyes by YS&YS (free gift from a previous Second Life shopping event; no longer available)

Outfit (Shirt, Jacket, Pants, and Socks): black men’s casual suit by Kauna (free)

Shoes: black Oxfords by Kauna (free)

Hair: ash blonde Chris hair (free at the Free Dove)

AO: Daily sLife free Bento male AO (free from Tuty’s)


UPDATE May 29th: Well, the huge sale at Kauna has now made the news at both the NessMarket.com blog and the FabFree blog, so you can expect things to continue to be extremely busy at that particular sim! FabFree reports that Kauna is closing and the giveaway is only until the end of this month, so hurry down before it’s all gone!

UPDATE June 1st: Well, apparently the Kauna store is still open after May 31st! I have no idea how long the sale will last though, so you should get down here as soon as you can. A commenter named Kathryn Vayandar, who appears to be a representative for the store, said the following in a comment on the FabFree blogpost:

Thanks for the mention on your blog! 🙂 When I mentioned closing, I was just referring to the special sale, not the store. The special prices are for a very short time only. As far as I know, the store is not closing.


Outfit Outlay: Nine Free or Inexpensive Tops for Male Avatars

I’ve done a little shopping in the Sansar Store, and I wanted to show you nine free or cheap tops for men. You don’t have to spend a lot of Sansar dollars to look stylish in-world! Here’s what I’ve found, with links to each item in the Store.

Remember: when you first put on a garment designed using Marvelous Designer, always press the Simulate Cloth button to make the clothing fit properly on your avatar’s body. You may also have to do a little tugging here and there, for example, to make sure that the hem of your shirt does not interpenetrate with the pants, or to ensure that the buttons on the shirt underneath your sweater don’t poke through. A few tugs with the mouse in the right places, and you’re done!

First up is this Tuxedo shirt from Agustine, which is free!

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 1 21 Dec 2017.png

Next is this free green Southwestern Poncho, also by Agustine.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 2 21 Dec 2017

This is Merry Christmas/Happy New Years sweater by Idrid, also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 3 21 Dec 2017

This Peace T-shirt by Agustine is also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 4 21 Dec 2017

What’s Christmas without an Ugly Christmas Sweater? This one is by Idrid and it is free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 5 21 Dec 2017

Here’s a sweater vest which I am wearing over a shirt. You will have to make sure you tug on the sweater a bit to make sure that it covers the buttons on the shirt underneath it! This so-called Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater is also by Idrid and it’s free!

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 6 21 Dec 2017

Whystler has put this Hip and Casual Tunic up on the Sansar Store for only S$5.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 7 21 Dec 2017.png

Here is the Starry Eyes T-Shirt by Agustine, also free.

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 8 21 Dec 2017

And finally, we have the Lightning T-Shirt, also by Agustine (he has been busy!)

Free and Cheap Tops for Men 9 21 Dec 2017