Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Belle Epoque’s Summer Hunt, July 11 to August 31, 2022

Are you new to hunts in Second Life? Tearing your hair out finding an item you desperately want? Here are my top six tips and tricks for a successful SL hunt.

Belle Epoque is among my favourite womenswear stores in Second Life, featuring modern, fantasy, and historical styles of clothing. And from now until the end of August, the store is once again running a Summer Hunt, offering one-of-a-kind clothing, footwear, and accessories as prizes. Here is the legend of hunt prizes, which cost only L$10 each, a significant discount on the regular price! Some are a new colour or texture on an existing item of womenswear, while others are new designs:

You are looking for a white stuffed cat with blue eyes, as shown below:

(See the little white stuffed cat sitting in the corner?)

The cats can be small or large, and many are stuck within vendor displays, or tucked away in obscure corners of the Belle Epoque store. All the hunt prizes are of the high quality for which the Belle Epoque brand is renowned, and they come in sizes to fit Maitreya Lara or the Meshbody Legacy mesh bodies (please check the legend above for a few items which also come in the Maitreya Petite and Legacy Perky sizes; not everything does). If you have a different brand of mesh body (e.g. Freya, Kupra, etc.), I am afraid you are out of luck! Depending on the garment, you might be able to use the alpha HUD on an Altamura body to get the Maitreya or Legacy items to fit you.

To model these hunt prizes, I have called upon two of my small army of Second Life alts, Moesha Heartsong (Maitreya Lara body) and Lily Pond (Meshbody Legacy body). Yes, I am giving my main avatar, Vanity Fair, the day off! (Also, Vanity already has over 245,000 items in her overstuffed inventory, and I do not need to add to it!)

First up, we have a couple of ballgowns: Moesha is wearing the blue floral patterned Amanda gown (hunt prize #5), while Lily models the pink Allegra gown (#15). Both are quite suitable for your next elegant soirée!

Are ruffles your thing? Then you’ll love these next two dresses. Moesha models the pink Ankara dress (hunt prize #30), and Lily wears the green Juliette dress (#31):

Next up we have two patterned frocks, the more formal but still summery floral Cheryl dress (#8) and the multicoloured polka-dotted Maite summer dress (#20):

These are just six of the 31 hunt prizes, all for only L$10 each—truly a bargain! Remember the Summer Hunt ends on August 31st, 2022. Here’s your taxi to Belle Epoque. Happy hunting!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: the FREE Summer Festival Vibes Hunt at Alaskametro and the Free Dove!

I have a few blogposts simmering on the back burner, but first, a short, snappy post about a great, free Second Life hunt for female avatars, offering a generous variety of clothing, makeup, and skin gifts.

The Summer Festival Vibes hunt is one of the monthly hunts held at the venerable and recently redesigned freebie store, the Free Dove. The hunt prizes are all from Alaskametro, and all you need to do is join the Free Dove group (for free), and hunt diligently for festival passes on purple lanyards which are hidden, five per location.

NEED A LITTLE HELP WITH YOUR HUNTING? Here are Ryan’s top six tips and tricks for a successful Second Life hunt. Read, mark, and digest! 😉

Here’s the hunt legend, so you know what you are getting:

alaskmetro<3 "Summer Festival Vibes" hunt

Below, one of my alts (wearing a Meshbody Legacy body), is wearing the Arwen feather earrings, the Annika lacy top, the Eve distressed Eve jean shorts in faded denim, all covered up by this wonderfully detailed Misty fringed coverup jacket! All clothing comes in Maitreya Lara and Meshbody Legacy sizes only. The metallic body tattoo (Bakes on Mesh) is another one of the Summer Festival Vibes hunt gifts.

And in this picture, my alt (wearing a Maitreya-Lara-compatible Kalhene mesh body) is modeling one of the Karma LeLutka Evo X skins (which comes in three skin tones, including the head, ear, and body skin!), the Annika lingerie top, the Eve jean shorts in black, and the sheer Misty coverup in a black floral tone.

Add some sandals or sneakers and you’re all set for your next virtual folk festival!

Other Summer Festival Vibes hunt prizes include Bakes on Mesh/system skins (three full-body skin tones), BoM/Omega lipsticks and eye shadows, and fingernail textures for Maitreya or Slink mesh hands. Here’s another one of my alts (wearing the Chelsea head by LOGO), wearing the Kismet II Bakes on Mesh skin, along with the Crystal eyeshadow and the Backstage lipstick, along with the HUDs for the latter two items to show you the colour options (the makeup comes in both standard BoM and LeLutka Evo X versions):

The hunt ends on June 30th, 2022, so don’t wait too long to snap up these fabulous freebies.

UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: A Selection of Valentine’s Day Gifts and Hunt Prizes for You!

Here’s a rundown of free gifts and inexpensive hunt prizes for Valentine’s Day, from a number of different locations in Second Life.

Shanti is holding a Valentine’s Day Hunt, where you are looking for the “XO” hugs and kisses symbol hidden somewhere in the store or in the grounds outside. The prizes only cost 2 Linden dollars each! Gift #10 is this lovely strappy dress, and the long-sleeved pink cardigan is gift #8. Total cost for this cute outfit is only L$4!

(The heart earrings are a free gift from Beloved Jewelry at the 2022 Valentine Shop and Hop, which ends Feb. 15th! They come with a HUD with 16 different metal textures and 56 different gemstones, to match literally any outfit! Get the SLURL and see pictures of more Valentine Shop and Hop gifts here.)

Below is the Shanti hunt legend, which unfortunately doesn’t tell you which number is which gift! However, this Low Price Fashion in Second Life blogpost does link the hunt prizes with their gift numbers, which should help you out a little bit. Happy hunting!

NILSY is a store which offers a free gift each week, and this week, the gift is this red party dress, which comes in a variety of sizes to fit most brands of mesh bodies. No group is needed, just teleport to the store and slap this sign! It’s worth popping into NILSY every week to see what their weekly free gift is.

(UPDATE Feb. 12th, 2022: Apparently Saturday is the day that NILSY switches its weekly free gift; I’ve been told that there is a different red dress you can pick up as of today! Below is a picture of the new gift, a strapless ballgown.)

Maai is another Second Life store which offers a variety of free gifts (the Maai group is free to join). The store usually has a new free group gift every month, plus a number of gifts for the various freebie groups, like Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News. Their Valentine’s Day present is this beautiful red ballgown with beaded straps, which comes in sizes to fit Maitreya Lara and Petite; Meshbody Legacy and Perky; INITHIUM Kupra; and eBody Reborn.

If you’re looking for a purse to go with this gown, Mon Cheri has among its selection of free gifts the Roxxy Clutch, a fatpack with three different Bento hand poses! You don’t need to join a group, just come to the Mon Cheri store, look for the gift wall to the right of the front counter, and buy them for L$0 each.

Here’s what the three static Bento hand poses for the Roxxy clutch look like (there’s also a version without a pose); these are high-priority poses which should work with most animation overrides. The fatpack HUD offers 20 colours for the clutch, 20 different decorative gemstones, and 12 metal textures, to match any outfit. It’s the perfect purse for any occasion! Here, my avatar is wearing it with the free gown from Maai I mentioned earlier:

Finally, Palomma Casanova’s long-running Second Life freebie store, The Free Dove, has a table groaning with Valentine’s Day gifts for you! You will have to join the Free Dove group (for free, of course!) to pick up these presents.

Time for a fashion show of five of these Valentine’s Day gifts from The Free Dove! First up we have this complete casual outfit from YDEA, which consists of the red patterned tied top, blue jeans, and high-heeled sneakers:

The present from Pandamomo is this grey knit minidress with a playful cutout!

The Alloma dress fatpack, the Free Dove Valentine’s Day gift from Le’La, comes with a HUD with 15 different textures as shown below:

From VIPs Creations comes this classy Louisa Golden Flowers outfit, consisting of a dress (which comes in two versions, with or without the gold trim), plus a pair of golden high-heeled sandals:

And NILSY has a Free Dove gift for you, too! It’s this strapless red beaded ballgown with the daring side slit (paired again with the Beloved Jewelry heart earrings and the Roxxy clutch from Mon Cheri which I mentioned above):

There are many other Valentine’s Day gifts at The Free Dove, so be sure to pay them a visit if you are looking to find some fabulous freebies!

UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Scandalize And Melody Valentine’s Hunts

Scandalize and its sister stores on the same sim often hold hunts throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is no exception! So, fom February 3rd to 14th, 2022, both Scandalize and Melody are holding a Valentine’s “Hunt”. (You’ll see why I put “hunt” in quotes in a minute.)

Each hunt prize costs only L$15, which is a significant saving over the regular price! Most of the prizes are women’s clothing items in either pink or red, in keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme of the hunt. Here’s the object you are looking for, a stuffed heart cushion (a fatpack of which is also for sale in the Scandalize store if you want to buy it to decorate your virtual home in Second Life):

The reason I put the word “hunt” in quotes above, is because neither store really put much effort into hiding the hearts, leaving them lying out in plain sight on the floors (and, in the case of Melody, some hearts were put out on the roof of the store in plain sight):

No effort was made to hide anything, so to me, it’s not really a “hunt”, which is great if you hate hunting like I do (if you do have to do a harder hunt, where they actually do hide the prizes, you might be interested in my top six tips for successful Second Life hunts).

Whoever was in charge of placing the hearts around the Scandalize store looks like they got fed up, and gave up, dumping a bunch of “hunt” hearts right in the middle of one of the aisles of the store, like they couldn’t even be bothered any more!

I found a couple of hunt prizes in Scandalize which were not on their hunt legend, but almost all of the hunt prizes were posted there, so check the legend before you buy.

Also, I discovered that heart containing the Serina minidress on the Melody hunt was, in fact, a complete fatpack, instead of the red and pink versions advertised on the sign next to the store! You get a choice of thirty colours and textures.

Despite the Melody hunt legend, this Serina minidress hunt prize comes in a complete fatpack of 30 colours, not just red and pink! For L$15 this is a bargain indeed! (P.S. Check the roof of the Melody store)

Also, you should know that the three footwear prizes in the upper right-hand corner of the Scandalize hunt sign are fatpacks, and not just single colours! One of these three hunt prizes, the Darliane hiking boot, is a repeat from a previous Scandalize hunt, and I have discovered that it works just as well for male avatars as for female avatars, since you can simply alpha out your male avatar’s feet (more information here). L$15 for an insanely customizable fatpack of hiking boots is one hell of good deal, so you might want to trot your avatar down to Scandalize just to look for the Darliane boots for your avatar, regardless of their gender!

However, you should be aware that there are duplicates of many of the hunt prizes scattered about the stores, so always check the hunt legends (posted up top) before you buy, as well as your recent inventory, to make sure that you are not buying the same item twice! I don’t mind this when it’s a free hunt, but when it’s a hunt where you have to pay for the items you find, I think it’s sloppy, in my opinion. For example, I came across at least two duplicates of the Darliane boots prize. Always check before you hit that Buy button!

Here are some of the hunt prizes I found in the Scandalize store:

Kyndra tied top and T-shirt with Alisha pants (plain or cheetah pattern; the T-shirt comes with a HUD to change the logo)
Angelic Dress in pale pink
Zarihas top (with optional sleeves) and Abnersy jeans
Melange top, Susyla skirt, and Kleine shoes with socks (the Kleine shoes come in a complete fatpack of colours for both the shoes and the socks)
Cabbih top and puffed jacket with Sanara skirt
Marhia top and Cabbih leggings
The glorious Pardise coat
Elrisa laced top and Yaritza jeans
Angelic bikini
Pardise lingerie set: bra, pantie and garter

Happy hunting! Remember this “hunt” ends on Valentine’s Day, so while you might want to wait a few days until the Scandalize and Melody stores are less busy, don’t wait too long!

UPDATE Feb. 5th, 2022: I just wanted to report that, if you try to teleport into the Scandalize or Melody stores, you might be mistakenly redirected to the Vanity shopping event, which is in a huge skybox high above the sim where the stores are. If that should happen to you, wait a few hours and then try to get in later. This is, unfortunately, a problem which has happened before, and eventually, whoever runs the sim will hear about it from cranky shoppers, and it will be fixed.

In the meantime, here’s a cute picture to entertain you:

cute puppy wearing a party hat
Photo by Anna Shvets on