List of Non-Combat, Open-World Exploration/Puzzle/Life Simulation Games


The games on this list meet the following two criteria:

  1. the game is not focused on combat and killing, but exploring and/or puzzle solving and/or life simulation (e.g. The Sims); and
  2. the game features an open world in which you can freely explore.

The key similarity between social VR/virtual worlds and non-combat, open-world games is that they allow you to navigate and explore freely, and interact with your environment. The key difference between social VR/virtual worlds and these sort of games is that the latter do not, in many cases. allow for multiple users in the same experience (you are alone in that world, except for NPCs). You cannot share your experience with other people.

Unlike my list of social VR/virtual worlds, this is not an attempt at a comprehensive listing. I only add items to this list as they attract my attention. The main focus of this blog will remian social VR, virtual worlds, and the metaverse: experiences which you share with others.

Games marked with an asterisk (*) support users in VR headsets.