Another Fifteen-Minute Second Life Avatar Makeover: Queen Elizabeth I

At the moment I am binge-watching Season 3 of The Crown on Netflix. I love watching the intrigues and scandals of the Royal Family!

And it just so happens that I have a Second Life avatar whose actual legacy name is Elizabeth Queen (yes, I got lucky). Surprisingly, there’s nothing out there, either on the grid or in the SL Marketplace, to make her look like the current reigning Queen Elizabeth II. (Yes, I have actually identified a gap in the vast merchandise machine that is Second Life! Somebody needs to address this immediately!).

So, I decided instead to make her look like her namesake, Queen Elizabeth the First. Here is her before picture:

Not bad, but the look is a bit dated now: a classic system avatar, with system-layers-and-prims clothing. So I decided to do one of my patented 15-minute avatar makeovers (in the past, I have done the same for a nun, a vampire, an elf angel, Mary Poppins—even Santa Claus!)

And here is what Elizabeth Queen looks like now!

This avatar is wearing:


All pictures are taken in Tudor London at Jo Yardley’s wonderful Time Portal sim.


Editorial: 1867 Luxembourg, After Moving from Second Life to Sansar, Moves from Sansar to Roblox: Is This a Sign That Platform Loyalty Is Coming to an End?

In November 2018, I reported that the 1867 Luxembourg sims (also known as Pfaffenthal 1867) moved from Second Life to Sansar. This was one of the first major moves from SL to Sansar by a roleplaying community, no doubt helped along by the fact that Sansar had lots of free space available for building. Not having to pay Linden Lab for seven sims in Second Life would have been a strong incentive to move.

Well, it would appear that the creators have packed up yet again, and moved from Sansar to Roblox! Here is the trailer for the new 1867 Luxembourg:

I have explored the new Roblox version of 1867 in my VR headset, and it does have some interesting features, such as sudden downpours of rain (keep that umbrella in your backpack handy, you’re gonna need it!) and the cycling of day to night, which feel quite natural. Overall, the texturing and lighting, while not as high-quality as Sansar, is still very convincing. It’s beautiful work, and it definitely stands out among the more cartoon-like fare hosted by Roblox.

But what I don’t understand is how the project manages to hold on to their userbase! In hopping from Second Life to Sansar to Roblox, they must have lost a few users along the way. According to a comment attributed to 1867 Luxembourg community leader Hauptmann “Cyberpiper” Weyder, in Wagner James Au’s coverage of the move on his blog New World Notes:

Sansar has been a disappointment. We managed to do a whole street eventually, but had to start over because of too much lag, trying to figure out ways of more efficient texturing or building. Also Sansar had promised mobile development, which was then taken off the roadmap, a big disappointment for us.  And… we all know it… no traffic in Sansar… for now…

So we have put Sansar development on the backburner, and decided to develop our own MMORPG, starting off by developing a ‘childrens version’ on ROBLOX…. 

This is a loss for Sansar that could not have come at a worse time. It reminds me of how the MetaMovie project moved from High Fidelity to NeosVR earlier this year. Perhaps now, in our “winter of discontent” for social VR (or, as Caitlyn Meeks puts it even more succinctly, “VR Winter“), we can expect more such moves by projects in search of platforms that meet their needs better.

It would appear that there is less platform loyalty out there than before. This might even be a good thing—if the platforms losing projects get the message that they need to pull up their socks. (I’m not holding my breath. I honestly don’t expect to see any major new developments to come out of either High Fidelity or Sansar for the forseeable future, as both companies seem to be hunkering down and focusing on survival mode until we reach our “VR Spring”.)

It will be interesting to see how the 1867 Luxembourg project develops over time. Will they eventually give up on Roblox, too, if another platform beckons? You can follow the ongoing saga via their Twitter feed. And you can pay a visit to their new Roblox build here. I wish them well, and I give them one piece of advice: pick a place and STAY PUT FOR A WHILE. 😉

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Free Outfits from Roleplay Sims

Many roleplay sims in Second Life offer free outfits for men and women, to help newcomers dress to fit in with everybody else. Today, I will be showing you a selection of free women’s roleplay outfits from various sims.

Our first stop is Zerzura, a Gorean sim with an ancient Greek theme. Click on the yellow sign as shown here, and you will receive a folder of men’s and women’s outfits. (For four other Gorean sims offering free outfits, please check out this earlier blogpost.)

This is one of the women’s outfits, a flowing Greek dress which comes with a headscarf and even the hair to fit underneath it (I replaced the default black hair texture with a blonde one I already had in my inventory):

One of the Zerzura freebies is this full-permissons Greek mesh gown by Anni’s. You can tint and texture this as you desire! It’s the proper length to wear high heels with, and I could easily wear this at at a modern-day formal event. It would also make a lovely wedding dress!

Alte Siedlung is a German medieval roleplay sim, which offers you a couple of free Middle Ages gowns at the spawn point:

Teleport to Skorde Island, enter the tower at the spawn point, and you can pick up this free, full-permissions girdled fantasy outfit with hood, which even includes the hair!

But don’t leave just yet! Climb the tower stairs to the second floor, and there are another four free women’s outfits, such as this beautiful medieval gown:

And click on the purple drawer shown, and you will receive a surprise: this lovely Indian sari! (By the way, if you’re in the market for a sari, you can pick up another free sari at the spawn point of Habibi – The Middle Eastern Oasis sim, along with a few other men’s and women’s outfits.)

Our final stop of the day is Taufells, another German-speaking medieval roleplay sim. In the store off to the side are four free outfits, including this medieval gown, which comes in blue and red versions:

The tray with the golden goblets comes with an arms-only animation override, so you can use it with your regular AO. It is the latest free group gift from Antaya (the Antaya group costs L$40 to join). I am serving you up some medieval tavern wench with this outfit! Pun intended 😉

So, as you can see, if you are looking for fantasy or roleplay outfits, you don’t need to spend a penny! Happy freebie shopping!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The Snow Queen Enchantment Event and Hunt

Each round of the Enchantment shopping event in Second Life is based on a theme from a fairy tale or fantasy, and this time around, the theme is the Snow Queen! There’s also a Snow Queen hunt with free hunt gifts.

In this picture I show you the Pearl Crystal ballgown by Petite Mort, one of the vendors participating in the Enchantment event (SLURL). In addition to the pearl colour shown, it comes in blush pink, periwinkle blue, and black, at only L$230 per colour:

In addition to this stunning ballgown, my Snow Queen avatar is wearing three free prizes from the Enchantment Snow Queen Hunt:

  • The Snow Coronet crown by Spyralle (with snowflake particle effects you can turn on and off by clicking on it);
  • Frostelle snowflake earrings by MOEKO (with a HUD to change them to one of six different colours, including the icy blue shown here);
  • The Ice Crystal Swirl surrounding her is the hunt prize from Attitude is an Artform

The rest of my Snow Queen outfit is described here and here.

Here are the Snow Queen Hunt hints, and pictures of the hunt prizes (at the bottom of the web page). Enchantment runs from November 9th to December 2nd, 2019, so hurry down!

Pictures taken at the New Horizon Winter Land.