A Blast from the Past: Brokeback Mountain Movie Mashups

All right, today you get something completely different.

As you all know, Google+ is shutting down its social network on April 2nd. I’ve already backed up all my data, but I have been browsing through some old posts and I wanted to share with you some funny Photoshop images I had created, way, waaay back when I was a rabid follower of slash fanfiction based on the characters from the Annie Proulx short story and the resulting 2005 Hollywood movie, Brokeback Mountain.

I was simply obsessed with that movie, which had a huge emotional impact on me, for several years, and I had created these images to amuse and entertain my fellow BBM fanfic fans on various websites, notably LiveJournal. (Anybody here remember LiveJournal? They used to have some great communities back in the day.)

Anyways, here goes (and please forgive my lamentable PhotoShop skills!):

(The blurb actually was taken from something Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger had to say at some awards show! If the text is too small to read, click for a larger size in Flickr)

(If the text is too small to read, click the image for a larger size in Flickr)

(The text is how I imagined a cishet fangirl would review this movie mashup! If the text is too small to read, please click the image for a larger size in Flickr)
(mashup with the 1969 classic movie Midnight Cowboy)
(Mashup with Moulin Rouge)
(This movie mashup is my personal favourite!)
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