Comprehensive List of Social VR Platforms and Virtual Worlds

My avatar at the Nexus in Sansar, wearing a T-shirt I made for myself
using Marvelous Designer (picture taken Oct. 10th, 2019)

For an updated and expanded comparison chart of the features of sixteen social VR platforms, please click here (November 2019).

I will be keeping this list of virtual worlds, social VR apps, and metaverse platforms up-to-date as I cover both old and new products, as a sort of comprehensive index to my website (you can find definitions of these terms here).

You might also be interested in my new list of non-combat, open-world exploration and/or puzzle and/or life simulation games.

Platforms marked with an asterisk (*) support users in VR headsets. In some cases, VR support is experimental or still in beta.

Platforms marked with a dagger (†) support users in augmented reality (AR) headsets, such as the Microsoft Hololens or the Magic Leap One. Please note that I do not consider cellphone-based “AR” (e.g. Pokémon Go) to be true augmented reality.

Well, I figure this is pretty much the canonical listing of social VR/virtual world platforms. Have I missed any? It’s like Pokémon, “gotta catch ’em all”…if you have heard of one that I haven’t covered yet, please let me know in the comments, thanks!

AW 2 11 May 2018
A scene from Active Worlds (one of the first virtual worlds, now 24 years old)