BeanVR: A Brief Introduction

BeanVR was a social VR app from a Chinese company, which appears to be yet another casualty of the competitive social VR marketplace. There are a number of year-old YouTube videos about this platform, complete with fractured Chinese-to-English translations:

BeanVR looked like a fun and cheerful place, while it lasted!

In this 15-minute video, Chinese lessons are taking place on the platform:

Unfortunately, BeanVR seems to have shut down completely. There are numerous complaints on both the Oculus store and the Steam store about the app:

Absolutely Garbage. There are no players, very few rooms, 6 characters to choose from, and most of the content is in Chinese. The whole experience was buggy and unpleasant all around.

…Bean VR is a 1:1 shameless knock off of Altspace VR but at 1/10th the content and stability.

Many people have reported on the Oculus store that they were not able to get the app to run at all:

Don’t bother to download does not work!! Does not work, all you get is the logo in a dark background or an error.

Their Twitter hasn’t been used since June 2017. It seems pretty clear that the product has folded.