REMIO: A Brief Introduction to a Full-Service Social VR Platform

In the early days of my blog, I used to have to hunt out social VR platforms to write about. But now that my blog has been around for a little over four years, I am sometimes approached by metaverse companies who wish me to visit and/or write about their platforms. REMIO is one such company.

REMIO is a YARTVRA (Yet Another Remote Teamwork Virtual Reality Application), but it’s a little bit different from the social VR platforms which I have covered to date on this blog.

REMIO actually offers a full-service concierge-style package to businesses, including shipping standalone VR headsets to each member of the work team that you want to bring together in virtual reality:

We help distributed teams maintain a great culture with immersive team-building activities and collaboration tools. All in VR. ​

• Pre-configured standalone VR headsets.
• Delivered to each team member.
• Hosted fun team events in VR.
• Immersive collaboration & productivity tools.​
• We take care of all the scheduling, logistics, and shipping.

Actually, I’m a little surprised that nobody has come up with this idea before!

If you don’t want to join in using a VR headset, you can also connect via a web browser on your desktop computer (you can check it out for yourself here; it takes a few seconds to load).

There’s a handy menu on the right-hand side of the REMIO web client to take you to various prebuilt environments, including a conference room, a paintball arena, even a yoga room!

Here’s a one-minute YouTube video showing some of these environments:

To have a company offer a service where they take care of all the scheduling, logistics, shipping, and onboarding, so that companies can simply focus on corporate events and teambuilding exercises, is actually a pretty genius idea! Here’s a look at their pricing page, which offers one-off, monthly, and annual prices for the service:

And, if you already have headsets, there are more cost-effective options (including a free one for up to 20 users on a public server):

For further information about REMIO, please peruse their website, join their Discord, or follow them on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

So I will be adding REMIO to my popular, ever-expanding comprehensive list of social VR and virtual worlds (and yes, yes I know, I have been promising to reorganize and recategorize it for quite some time now, but the pandemic has kind of thrown a monkeywrench into those plans…please bear with me).