Apertus VR: A Brief Introduction

Apertus VR 20 July 2018.png

I got an email from Akos Hamori of the Shared Virtual Reality Research Group at the Institute for Computer Science and Control at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, telling me about Apertus VR. It’s a little different from the other products that I’ve covered in this blog, because it’s a free, open-source software engine which allows you to build your own VR/AR applications for science, education, and industry.

Their website offers numerous examples of how to use Apertus VR engine:

Apertus VR 2 20 July 2018.png

Here’s a 2-1/2-minute YouTube video showing some of the applications you can build using the software, a sort of three-dimensional mindmap:

And here’s a half-hour presentation on the project: