VR Trivia Battle: Kiss or Kill Relaunches Under a New Title

The social VR game show formerly called Kiss or Kill has now been released with a brand-new name, VR Trivia Battle, on the Viveport subscription service for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users, with releases to follow later this month both on Steam and the Oculus Store.

Here’s a brief YouTube promo:

According to the promo video, up to 8 avatars can compete against each other in trivia contests drawn from a quiz bank of over 10,000 questions.

UPDATED! Kiss or Kill: A Brief Introduction

UPDATE Oct. 11th: Kiss or Kill has been renamed VR Trivia Battle, and has been released on Viveport, with plans to make it available on Steam and the Oculus Store later this month.

Kiss or Kill 7 July 2018.png

Kiss or Kill bills itself as “the social VR game show”. From the promotional video (below), it would appear to be a mix of trivia games and boxing:

They are currently doing closed beta testing, but they plan to launch in October 2018, according to their Steam page.

Kiss or Kill 2 7 July 2018

It’s not entirely clear if Kiss or Kill is intended for VR arcade use only, or if they plan to release the software to private individuals as well.