Ever, Jane: A Brief Introduction

Ever, Jane is a very different type of virtual world. set in the works of Jane Austen:

Ever, Jane is an on-line role-playing game set in the virtual world of Regency England and the works of Jane Austen. Unlike many multi-player games, it’s not about kill or be killed but invite or be invited. Gossip is our weapon of choice. Instead of raids, we will have grand balls. Instead of dungeons, we will have dinner parties.

The village of Tyrehampton is centered round a tree-lined village green, with houses where you may own and redecorate to your taste any available terraced home as of our Open Beta Update 3 (Released 9 December 2016). Please feel free to role-play with your friends in and around the village. Drive a carriage to explore around the town or travel to the Estate for dancing. There are several “stories” to get you started. We are busy adding many more stories, dinner parties and other features for your enjoyment.

The client software is a free download, either from the website Marketplace or the My Account page (the client was last updated in June 2018) The client did not properly recognize my screen resolution the first time I ran it, but you can set it when you restart the program. Setting up your character is pretty straightforward, although there were still some resolution problems with the display of some text:

Ever Jane 1 1 July 2018.png

I had a good laugh when I was presented with the three tutorial options:

Ever Jane 2 1 July 2018

Absolutely perfect! I did notice that the “Tell Me Everything” tutorial seemed to get stuck at a certain point.

Here are a few more screenshots to give you a general feel for Ever, Jane:

Ever Jane 3 1 July 2018Ever Jane 4 1 July 2018Ever Jane 5 1 July 2018

I didn’t encounter any other avatars in-world, but I did a little exploring. Since your interactions with other people form the basis of the game (showing proper etiquette, etc.), you pretty much have to have to group of people in-world at one time to really appreciate all that Ever, Jane has to offer.

Ever, Jane is a fun, quirky virtual world that you should visit at least once. And it’s a must-visit if you are a fan of the novels of Jane Austen.