Linden Lab Offers a Preview of the New Linden Homes in Second Life

A Street of the New Linden Homes

As part of the Second Life 2019 Home and Garden Expo, Linden Lab has put up a sim where you can get a preview of the planned upgrade to their Linden Homes (here’s the SLURL to take you there).

Last year, Premium members of Second Life had their free allotment of land doubled from 512 m² to 1,024 m², and these new Linden Homes take that into account. Furthermore, the houses’ land impact is not counted in the total number of prims you can place on these new lots. The floors and interior and exterior walls of the homes can be changed to various textures, and they all have windows with working blinds or shades, which you can open or close. The yards of the houses all have walls and hedges around them to give a bit more privacy, and the lots are landscaped with lovely trees (not the dated-looking default ones). In addition to the houses, there is also a preview of the houseboats, which come with plenty of dock space for the watercraft of your choosing:

The Linden Homes Houseboats

All in all, these are a definite step up in Linden Homes, and I am looking forward to moving into one when they are released!