Occupy White Walls: Gallery Videos

Since I first discovered Occupy White Walls (OWW for short) a month and a half ago, there has been a steady influx of curious new users, some of whom have constructed sprawling, stunning art galleries using OWW’s simple and easy-to-use tools.

OWW has released a couple of short “fan” videos of galleries which users have created. First is a video walk-through of an art collection curated and organized by a user named Copperpin:

The music you hear in the video is actually part of the gallery experience. Here’s another gallery by a user called Haikubomber:

And finally, a slightly longer video of the gallery belonging to AnduAbril:

As you can see, people have become very creative in designing their own art galleries!

Finally, we have a short promotional video for OWW, which shows you just how easy it is to set up your own curated art collection:

So, if you haven’t yet, why not drop by the Occupy White Walls website, download the free software, set up an account, and get started?

Sinespace to Integrate Archimatix Building Tool

Earlier I had speculated about the possibility of Sinespace using a Unity development tool called ProBuilder. It turns out things are much further along than that! Adam Frisby told me today in the official Sinespace Discord channel:

Unity bought it [ProBuilder] and released it for free, it’s part of the Unity editor, but we are looking into an in-client integration as well

But that’s not the only Unity tool that Sinespace is looking to integrate with its virtual world platform. Take a look at this very impressive promotional video for a tool called Archimatix (it’s a Vimeo link which I cannot embed in this blog). Adam says that models you upload to the world using Archimatix will be editable by end-users inside the client.

Here’s an animated GIF showing you just how flexible building can be with Archimatix! It’s like Second Life in-world prim building on steroids!!


Now, check out these clips of Adam using Archimatix within Sinespace!

Apparently, this feature is expected for the April release of Sinespace! Things are definitely getting interesting in Sinespace.

HoverDerby Thoughts and Thank Yous

HoverDerbuy VIP Lounge 9 Apr 2018.png

The VIP Lounge in HoverDerby (picture by Mijeka Munro)

Just a few thoughts this morning, after yesterday’s highly successful second official HoverDerby tournament.

First, congratulations to Syn and SaintOfMirren for winning prizes in the tournament! Well played!

Second, congratulations to Jasmine, Galen, and Drax for doing all the work involved in building the HoverDerby experience and promoting it. They have done an outstanding job! A lot of work also went into the Drax’s livestream of yesterdays event, and I was impressed by it (even with the occasional audio and video problems). Kudos to everyone!

Third, if you haven’t seen my meltdown, go watch the video. At the beginning of the show, the spectators in the HoverDerby Lounge couldn’t hear the livestream, and I was frantically trying to alert Drax about the problem. I was having some trouble getting back into the HoverDerby experience, and by the time I actually reached Drax, I was so insistent that people knew about the problem that I was literally SCREAMING over everybody else to make myself heard! It’s actually pretty funny in retrospect; I just completely lost it! And even worse, it’s recorded for posterity. I will NEVER live it down!

Finally, yesterday’s tournament had the feeling of something significant. As I milled about with everybody else in the VIP lounge afterwards, I realized that we really were all participating in something innovative, something noteworthy: a historic esports event in the early history of the metaverse! And we were having fun while doing it, too!

And I realized something else, too. I realized that I had made so many new friends among all the people who, week in and week out, have been tirelessly building Sansar to the level it is at now, where something like HoverDerby was possible. Not just possible, but AMAZING! It’s been a long road since the early days of the beta, but the future looks promising indeed, with such a dedicated group working together. Thank you to all of you for helping make Sansar the wonderful place that it is!