Occupy White Walls: Gallery Videos

Since I first discovered Occupy White Walls (OWW for short) a month and a half ago, there has been a steady influx of curious new users, some of whom have constructed sprawling, stunning art galleries using OWW’s simple and easy-to-use tools.

OWW has released a couple of short “fan” videos of galleries which users have created. First is a video walk-through of an art collection curated and organized by a user named Copperpin:

The music you hear in the video is actually part of the gallery experience. Here’s another gallery by a user called Haikubomber:

And finally, a slightly longer video of the gallery belonging to AnduAbril:

As you can see, people have become very creative in designing their own art galleries!

Finally, we have a short promotional video for OWW, which shows you just how easy it is to set up your own curated art collection:

So, if you haven’t yet, why not drop by the Occupy White Walls website, download the free software, set up an account, and get started?

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