Sansar Tutorial by Torley: How to Change the Image on a Picture Frame

Ever wonder how to put your own picture over top of another one you bought on the Sansar Store? Torley has you covered, with step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly that.

Even better, he has provided a tutorial video!

The key here is knowing which of the many materials settings you need to change. In this case, it is the albedo map you need to replace with a custom texture file.

And there you have it!

Sansar Top 5: Are We In a Painting?

On Friday, Sam and Boden (along with Torley as cameraman) led a whirlwind tour of five Sansar art-related experiences:

  1. IDIA Lab: Newton’s Cenotaph, by Mencius Watts
  2. 3D Mind Bending Reversperspective Art, by JackTheRipper
  3. Floating Temple, by C3rb3rus
  4. Valencia, by Theanine
  5. Mountain Cabin, created by Sam and his wife! (everybody had some technical difficulties trying to get into the same instance of this experience)

Here’s the livestream (I can’t seem to get it to start right at the beginning no matter how I embed the URL, so you might need to rewind it to the beginning):