Sansar Top 5, Episode 2!

Well, that was fun! Five experiences in half an hour, yes it can be done! Sam and Boden were very efficient and witty hosts. You can watch the YouTube livestream here, Torley was our cameraman:

Great fun! And the best news is, Sam and Boden announced that they will be doing the Sansar Top 5 weekly, every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time. See you next week!

Pick of the Day: Anu

Anu is a sprawling, sunset-light Sansar experience created by AnuAmun. It is a curious mix of the modern and the ancient.

Anu 1 29 Dec 2017.png

Off the in distance, there appears to be a highway leading to a massive construction site.

Anu 2 29 Dec 2017.png

It is all very mysterious. What is this place, with all its ancient statuary and massive ornamental buildings?

Anu 3 29 Dec 2017.png