Bay City Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary in Second Life with a Parade and Concert

Bay City, one of Linden Lab’s first planned neighbourhoods, with a mid-century (circa 1950s) theme, is celebrating its tenth anniversary today with a parade and a concert.


I was among the first people to buy land in Bay City. Here is what my avatar looked like when I first bought my land and set up my house in Bay City back in 2008:


And here is what the same avatar looks like today, as he is getting ready for the Bay City 10th Anniversary Parade:

Heath Homewood Second Life 20 May 2018

We’ve come a long way in ten years! My avatar today is wearing:

Meah Head: Daniel head by Catwa

Mesh Body: Jake by Belleza

Skin Appliers: Sean by Stray Dog (Tone 4) — Stray Dog makes the best skins for male mesh avatars, in my opinion!

Hair: Boy Next Door by Exile

Clothing: Shea shirt, jacket and jeans outfit by Belleza

And here are some pictures of the festivities today. Here is faithful Bay City booster and parade organizer, Marianne McCann:

Bay City 1 20 May 2018.png

And here is Miss Bay City herself, GoSpeed Rasere (who is also performing at the concert after the parade):

Bay City 2 20 May 2018

Bay City 3 20 May 2018.png

Bay City 4 20 May 2018.png

Bay CIty 5 20 May 2018.png

Please click on the following pictures taken during the Bay City parade and concert to see them in a larger size:

What a wonderful event! Happy birthday, Bay City!

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